Calamari Salad with Roasted Tomatoes & Edamame

Calamari Salad
Is it just me or are cars starting to look like dinner rolls?
It’s as if every new car, even SUVs have that round, bulky-in-the-middle, almost like baby fat thing going on these days.

Are people that impressed with the self-parking ability of new cars that they can’t see they’re driving a fucking dinner roll?


I wonder what the car purchase process is like.
Is having a car that looks like an elephant seal part of the negotiation?

Do you negotiate on the fact that you can never lock eyes with anyone ever again while you’re driving this thing.
And when your buddy tries to talk car talk with you, you just gotta keep saying “it’s what on the inside that counts”


Imagine driving in that thing.
You start your day off like Mother Teresa, nice and calm, maybe even singing to yourself a little.
Then people see you driving this fat car around.
Thing looks like a g*ddamn bus so they start cutting you off.

Four/five people do this, now you’re gripping the steering wheel and screaming at your windshield.
Trying to control the absolute animal in you that’s just waiting to come out.


The one that just makes you want to get out of your car and punch through their drivers side window like the fucking terminator.

Lift them up by the front of their shirt while saying something horrific like “If I ever see you again, I’ll beat you to death with your g*ddamn bumper.”
Then you shake them so hard both their shoes fall off.
And then you get in their car and drive away.
Is that too much?


Why am I even picking on new car owners?

I think it’s because I got cut off by one of these fat cars on my way to work this morning and it annoyed me.

But let’s get back on track, let’s get back to the Calamari.


Look I’ll be honest, this dish isn’t for the feeble minded alright?
I know it’s not visually appealing to see a lot of tentacles poking through your food, I get it.

But it’s only meant to be an appetizer and it’s really, really  good.
Like surprisingly delicious.

Another great thing? It’s versatile in that you can even serve it cold.
If you have it cold, it’s sort of like eating ceviche and everybody likes ceviche right?


And yeah I know it’s freaky, all those tentacles and shit.
It even freaked me out for a second there, so I’ll bargain with you.

If you like calamari and wanna try this, make it with just the rings.
You can leave out the tentacles.

But look the bottom line is Calamari is Squid.
If you wanna eat calamari but hide the fact that it’s a fucking squid, then continue on with the traditional fried calamari.

But really, who’s kidding who.
You’re still eating a fucking squid.

Face your fears like a (hu)man.





 Calamari Salad with Roasted Tomatoes & Edamame

What I Used

1lb Fresh Squid. 1 cup Uncooked Edamame Beans. 2 cups Roughly Chopped Basil. 1 cup Roughly Chopped Cilantro. 15-18 Grape Tomatoes.  3-4 Med Ears of Corn. ½ a lemon. 3 Thai Chili Peppers. Olive Oil. Salt. Pepper.

What I Did

Start with the corn – the calamari will cook super quick so do that last.

Shuck the corn (if needed) and place on a foil-lined baking tray.
http://ivegotcake.comDrizzle a bit of olive oil over the corn.
Sprinkle some salt & pepper over it and broil/grill for about 10 mins.

Turn frequently to ensure the kernels cook evenly.
When the corn is golden brown and slightly charred, remove from heat and let cool.
After about 5 mins or so, it should be cool enough to handle – using a knife, shave the roasted kernels off the cob and into a bowl.
Set aside.


For the roasted tomatoes:

Heat the oven to 400F.
Place the tomatoes on another foil-lined baking tray.
Drizzle olive oil on top and give a decent sprinkle of salt & pepper.

Roast in the oven for 15 mins or until the tomatoes are softened and begin to slightly char.
Remove from heat and set aside.


While the tomatoes are going, bring a pot of salted water to boil.

Add the edamame beans.

Boil for 3 mins then blanch the edamame in a bowl of ice cold water to stop the cooking process.
Drain and set aside.


For the calamari:
Rinse & pat-dry the squid.
Cut the tubes into ½in pieces, leaving the tentacles as is.

Heat 2 tbsp olive oil in a large sauté pan under med-high heat.
Add the minced red chili peppers and stir for a few seconds.
Then add in the squid pieces, all of them.

Shake in salt & pepper.
Cook, stirring frequently to ensure the calamari evenly cooks.

Remove from heat after 2 mins or when the calamari has turns translucent.
Pay attention to this part or you’ll risk overcooking it which will make the squid chewy and tough.


Drain the calamari in a colander.
Squeeze ½ a lemon over it then transfer to a large bowl.

Roughly chop the basil & cilantro and add to the bowl of calamari.
Add in the edamame.

Mix well.

Then heat 1 tbsp of olive oil in the same large sauté pan under med heat.
Add the calamari mixture to the pan and cook, stirring frequently until the basil is just wilted.
You may need to do this in batches, depending on how large your sauté pan is.
It’s also important to do this until the basil is just wilted because you want to gently heat the salad without the risk of overcooking the squid.

Add the tomatoes & shaved corn kernels.
Remove from heat.
Adjust seasoning to taste.
It should taste delicious.


non_fried_calamari_recipes Sauteed_Calamari_recipes How_to_cook_calamari_without_frying


64 thoughts on “Calamari Salad with Roasted Tomatoes & Edamame

  1. OMG that’s exactly what those cars look like. Like a teenager that hasn’t lost the baby fat yet. I can’t. I wouldn’t know anything about the car buying experience cause I’m still driving a 2004 Honda Civic so….

    Umm I want to be as brave as you. Calamari NOT fried? Bold, mama, bold!

  2. Uhhh – that looks amazing. As for the cars, I hate minivans. I can’t think of an uglier car…well, Volvos are pretty ugly (the older ones). After visiting Europe a few times, I feel this baby fat car problem is limited to North America. European cars are way sleeker. Europeans also don’t really understand our obsession with SUVs and pickup trucks. To each their own, I guess…

  3. Where do you get your seafood from?? A legit market or just your regular old Safeway? Your fish game is always on point.

    I was never afraid of tentacles even when I was a little kid I used to always purposely eat the tentacle bits of the calamari just to freak my brother out. He still skips those parts to this day.

    Danika Maia

    1. Me too, I love the tentacles but I like freaky shit in general.
      I will ALWAYS chose the stuff I don’t recognize over the stuff I do.

      As for my seafood – yeah, def don’t buy it from the chain stores except for the rare occasion Whole Foods because they’re Whole Foods and you know how that goes.
      But most of the time I pick my shit up from local seafood shops.
      They always have the best prices and a bigger selection of stuff.
      Like I’m gonna try to make Razor Clams this weekend and I can’t freakin WAIT.

  4. So funny comparing cars to dinner rolls! That salad looks totally beautiful! I don’t think I’d try calamari, but my mother was a big fan of squishy, slimy foods. As a kid she had some tiny black leggy, slippery creature in her hand that she waved before my sister saying, “look at the spider…” Taunting her. Then Mom gobbled it up! My sister screamed or nearly fainted or something. Then my mom admitted it was a teeny black squid! I don’t know if that’s better than an insect or not! She would LOVE your salad!

    xo Bry


    1. Hahaha!
      Your mom is kinda awesome for that lol.
      It’s really one of those things where you have to just close your eyes and pick up the fork and don’t open them until you’re done chewing 🙂

  5. Man, you are not afraid of the seafood. I am very picky – especially with calamari. (It’s a texture thing.)

    Have you ever bit into a nasty piece? How do you ensure that you are only getting the tasty bits?

    IDK if this is a weird question. Maybe it’s the tentacles I like, but not the body… IDK…

    1. Well see like the taste of calamari is influenced by whatever you season it with you know? Like regular seafood.
      And just like other seafood it can also be eaten raw (sashimi).

      As for have I ever had a bad piece?
      I mean…yes and no.
      No in that I’ve never had bad/rotten calamari but yes in that it could absolutely happen.
      Much higher risk of having bad calamari when it’s breaded and fried because you can identify bad seafood by looking at the color but when it’s fried up and shit – now you can’t tell, you know what I mean?

      I’m surprised you like the tentacles though, most people just stick with the rings.
      How do you like your calamari cooked?

  6. This salad looks so vibrant and summery Dana, I can see summer in your future! And I hate those cars too. I’ve always called them bubble cars but “bread rolls” is quite compelling too!

  7. The only upside I can see in regards to dinner roll cars is that one could eat them. (Well, if they were actually made of bread, preferably sourdough, delicious….but they wouldn’t last long I suppose…) Yeah, get with the program and eat a cephalopod….delicious tentacles and all, mmmm. This looks delicious Cake, the edamame and roasted corn are inspired accompaniments.

  8. I’m not hugely into calamari and I really don’t like beans, but even to me this looks good! I’m definitely going to have to start grilling veg with some olive oil and seasoning, so simple but so delicious.

    I agree with the comments above that we’re not into big cars over here in Europe – to be honest our roads are too small for that nonsense. If you’re an actual farmer and you’re driving a car so big I can’t see past it, then you’re probably an ass, and definitely in my way 😉

    1. Uh oh, that should say “if you’re NOT an actual farmer” – if you are a farmer then you have a reason to be driving a 4×4 (SUV) – d’oh

  9. Okay confession I don’t like calamari but the dish did look stunning. But I have to comment on your rant on dinner roll cars – I am glad someone else sees it – a dufus in a big black one yesterday just crossed my path as though I wasn’t even there.

  10. No offense to anyone driving luxury cars… but majority of those drivers think they own the road. Yeah, I drive a stinking mini van but cutting me off, not adhering to the right of way, driving completely oblivious of others are some of my pet peeves. Sheesh! Lol!
    And by the way, this dish is so beautiful with tentacles and all! Love it! 😍

  11. This loooooks FAB! Not too big on Calamari (not that I´ve even ever had it before, just the thought – doesn´t sit well when it comes to a wide range of sea food)
    I suck! lol
    Anyway, I wanted to tell you – I´ve stopped waiting for you emails to tell me you have a new post, now I just stalk you! Deal with it
    Are you on bloglovin BTW?
    (never ending love)

  12. Hey Dana dear, Fabulous! By the way, Calamcari is a favourite of mine. Now will try ur version as I’ve always used Indian masalas to cook them. And by the way, the whole fatty car thing you told is absolutely right.

  13. Calamari salad is AWESOME and I’m saving this one for when it gets hot out and I don’t want to cook much of anything. I never would have thought to put the basil and cilantro together so now I’m really intrigued to try this combination.

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