I’m having dinner tomorrow night with a friend that I haven’t seen since I graduated college.
I’m talking years.

Seeing that this is in some half-assed, roundabout way, a sort of college reunion, I want to dress up a bit.
I think I might wear this.


Wearing a Solace London dress via Asos & Renvy mules from Gilt. Boston_style_bloggers Boston_fashion_bloggers Boston_streetstyle brown_girl_bloggers Dana_boston_blogger

103 thoughts on “Hush

      1. That’s amazing! I had a fake ID that looked like Roseanne Barr from she devil, with the mole and everything. Bouncers used to just let me in for having the balls to show it. Ha! I loved college!

  1. Heck yes!!!! This is Fabulous! I think you should wear it, its simple and yet still sexy as hell! I love how you paired it with the sunglasses, playful and still fabulous. I want this dress, so many moods with it and it still remains FAB
    You look fabulous as ever!
    Love it
    Any plans for the weekend?

      1. awww sucks about the funeral 😦 I actually avoid funerals at any way possible, but my wishes go with you 🙂
        The weekend was crazy, I was all Holi and everything India, plus a few spanish beers here and there LOL.
        So pretty chilled really. Nothing out of the ordinary lol
        wishing you a fabulous Monday

    1. Tammy I swear I thought the same thing when I saw it but then I was like, but it’s kinda conservative…maybe I ought to give it a try.
      It wasn’t really too bad once I put it on although I agree certain angles are very vavavoom 😀
      Woohoo for Fridaaay 😀

  2. You seem to be going sort of modern vintage with your looks lately. It looks nice. I hope your friend appreciates the effort you put into your look for the reunion.

  3. Stunning! Seriously, this outfit is amazing. I am in love with mules and am glad they’re everywhere this season. These are just perfect!
    And this dress! I love the shape.
    Definitely wear this.
    Enjoy your friendship time!

      1. I’m good thank you honey just roaming out in the sand that is dubai missing london life

  4. May I just quote, ‘it’s tits on toast baby but you make it work’. Correction, werk.

    Loving the sideboob in satin!

  5. Wowee! I love a bit of side boob but in that dress I’d be convinced I had full-on front boob the whole time lol! I agree the hair and shades take it up a notch, very movie star glamourous 😀 Have a great time!

  6. Holy glamour! Do they know how amazing you look these days? If they don’t they are in for a treat. You gotta be 18 to drink here and I turned 18 partway through senior year of high school. I never used a fake ID but my little sister borrowed mine all the time. It was all gravy until one night I was out and was asked for ID when I realised my sister still had it. Bummer!

    1. Not in this case but i’m working my way to it.
      The material is relatively heavy so it stayed in place but the warmer it gets the lighter the material I’ll be wearing so I’ll be picking me up some of that there double-sided tape soon 😀

  7. You’re always so stunning. In this dress you look like some sort of escaped, 1930’s speakeasy gal with a throaty voice and a love of motor vehicles 😉 I adore it.

  8. Ok, so I tried to scan all the comments to make sure I wasn’t gonna make you repeat yourself for like the 100th time but then after the 12th comment, I was like, “ok, I get it, everyone is in love with you!” So: did you end up wearing this beauty to your little reunion? Love!

  9. The more I read your blog, the more I realize I am so inspired by your photo shots! All you need is a simple background and a great outfit and you rock it like you’re a professional!!! Gorgeous! xo- Danielle

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