Barley Salad with Spring Vegetables

Barley Salad and Spring Vegetables
Hubba hubba, what a weekend.

Todays the Boston Marathon, officially 2 years after the bombings and the city spent the weekend getting ready.

The cops are out in full force, drone cancellers are keeping the airspace clear, about a hundred security checkpoints are in place, runners are beginning to check in at the starting line and tourists are everywhere.


But even with all this nervous energy, the Boston jury found the surviving bomber guilty last week, despite all the helicopters and plain-clothed cops, the level of excitement in the air today and over the weekend is so tangible you can almost taste it.


The weekend had the sun shining nice and high, people in tank tops and bright shorts were out and about, parents were brunching on sidewalks with students, big brothers were crossing the street with an arm around little brothers.
Life was (still) beautiful you know?

Seeing white-haired old ladies walking slowly and holding hands with gray-haired old men, tourists walking with their heads together trying to figure out the route for todays Boston Marathon..
Seeing how effortlessly all this just came together, brought out my inner, inner happiness.

I even told a kid she was cute and meant it.


A colorful lunch was definitely in order.
So when I got home, I grabbed a bunch of good-looking veggies, a cup of  Barley and spent the next 15 mins making this.



Barley Salad with Pretty Spring Vegetables

What I Used.

1 cup Barley. 1 Large Carrot (3 pictured for no reason). 3-4 Small Radishes. 1 tbsp Diced Chives. ½ cup Finely Chopped Cilantro. ½ cup Shaved Brussel Sprouts. Half a Lemon. Olive Oil. Salt. Pepper.

What I Did.

Thinly slice the carrots & radishes with a mandolin.
Add the carrots, radishes, chives, cilantro, shaved  brussel sprouts, 1 tbsp olive oil, salt & pepper.
Squeeze in half a lemon.
Give things a good toss and set aside.


Add the vegetable broth, barley and 1 tbsp olive oil to a med sauce pan.
Bring to a boil over high heat then reduce heat to low and simmer, covered, for 10 mins.
Drain the barely and fluff with a fork.


Integrate the vegetable salad with barely and serve.
Eat with a book in front of you or the Marathon on TV.
Barley Salad and Spring Vegetables

58 thoughts on “Barley Salad with Spring Vegetables

  1. It’s amazing how the decisions of strangers shape your life. I vacationed in Boston for the first time the week after the bombing and you could feel the energy. It was jarring and reminded me of life after the Oklahoma City bombing. Americans are so resilient! Thanks for the recipe.

    1. Thank you Dāsha for stopping by and making this comment because you’re right.
      Our ability to get past tragedy is really remarkable.
      Hope you have a great week beautiful 🙂

    1. Thank you Amy!
      It was a yucky day out but the runners loved it. A lot of them liked that it kept them cool vs having to stop and rest from over-heating so it worked out.
      I was at work through it all though, boooo

  2. Great salad! I’ve never had raw brussel sprouts, have to try them. My oldest son was 1 mile before the finish line when that bomb exploded. We celebrate life every day. Boston Strong 🙂

      1. He graduated from BC last May. Now he is a professional cyclist in Switzerland. He has a lot of stories of Boston’s traffic while he was training with he’s bike!

    1. Aw thanks babe,
      Yeah it’s strange what you can do with grains like this.
      I’ve never made a salad like this with Barley before either. It’s much more versatile that I thought 🙂
      Have a good week!

  3. It looks stunning – and it’s probably so healthy you can still run a marathon after eating it … Not that I’d know anything about exercise!

  4. A happy shiny dish from a happy shiny sounding Cake…what, you told a small child they were…cute? You ok? I love your description of a beautiful day, after such a terrible event two years ago. Love reading a good human story.

    1. ooh, that’s painful!
      I try to hold the vegetable against the mandolin that way hold the begetable when I’m cutting with a knife you know?
      It’s kinda hard to explain without a visual but like you’d hold the vegetable so that your fingers are tucked behind your knuckles and that becomes the only body part that is in contact with the flat surface of the knife.

      This probably isn’t making a sense to you but it’s just a method of holding an item that keeps your fingers away from the blade.
      Same technique applies to a mandolin.

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