These pictures were taken after an exhaustive weekend.
I was out real, real, real late Saturday night and come Sunday I was in no mood.

The mens shirt is thrifted, my mom bought me these Ralph Lauren pants for work (here’s their debut mom) and the sports bra is just a sports bra.
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56 thoughts on “5AM

  1. SHOES – where did you get those shoes! I’ve been looking for ones just like it! please share!!! xoxox Robyn

  2. Hangover Sunday outfit requires comfort. That’s definitely one fab way to go chic when your head is thumping.

    P.S. I’m dying over those sandals. I don’t care that I’ll reach Yao Ming’s height, I’d sell my soul to get me sum o’that.
    …Oh wait, I don’t have a soul. 😀

      1. They are stunning, however I was never brave enough to order things online, especially from foreign websites. Because, A) the shipping cost here to Mordor is almost as much as the item itself, and B) my feet are very weird and I don’t even know my true shoe size. I never seem to get it right unless I try it on and see how it works on me. The two pairs of shoes I ever ordered online were a disaster so I abstain from purchasing clothing items and shoes on the web.

      1. Going great so far. Actually wore some denim shorts doing the gardening yesterday. Freedom! lol

  3. I love how you make every worker at Best Buy think they have a shot at looking as amazing as you do here. I see it now some chick is gonna show up to work with her name tag crooked her hair tousled her shirt 100% undone and be like YEAH, AND WHAT?!

    No but for real. You workin’ that look. Are you on bloglovin’ ?? Get on there!
    Danika Maia

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