I’ve been having a little too much fun with black and white colors lately.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but like 4 out of 5 of my last style posts have been centered on black or white.
And that’s fucked up because it’s Spring.


The snow has melted, the flowers are out, the grass is literally green – like it’s officially Spring.
Yet for whatever reason all I can find to wear is either black or white.
I swear I am the worst.

On the upside though, it seems that defaulting to white so much has gotten rid of my fear of dirtying it up.
Now I just wear the damn thing and keep it moving.
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Wearing a Zara jumper, an Asos trench and Nasty Gal shoes.
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84 thoughts on “Headlines

  1. Gosh, I love the back of this jumper! ❤
    I think wearing colors just because it's spring is the sme nonsense as not wearing them because it's winter – go ahead do your thing! I love your style!

    1. Becca!!
      This is gonna sound strange But I dreamt of you last night.
      I was flipping through my friends magazine and saw multiple full-page pictures of you is all these poses.
      My friend leaned over my shoulder to say how cool you were and I was like, “yeah – I even know her blog.”
      As if saying that made me an insider to you

      hahahaha – could NOT get out of bed this morning so I spent my 30 mins snooze time and dreamt of you

      1. LOL! Well I’m super flattered that you dreamt of me in a magazine and every thing! Maybe in a few years… ;P Hope the snoozing didn’t make you late for anything! Haha, I always have a hard time getting out of bed when I’m dreaming like that.

  2. Well aren´t you just lovely twin!
    Work it! I love your Jumper so much! I wonder if they have it down at Zara… pay day is around the corner. Dana, you look FABULOUS! astonishingly fabulous.
    Thank God for Thursday! bloody heck
    Anyway, Just dropping in to leave me daily dosage of love
    Have a wonderful day, 💕 x

  3. Hi Dana!

    It was great to meet you last weekend and I have to say–I love your blog and fresh style. This black and white look is killer! Hope to see you around town soon!

  4. I know what you mean, I love my neutrals too much and they never let me down lol… once again your style is so effortlessly put together and yes hunni you stay slaying ❤

  5. So, I just realised that you say jumper, we say jumpsuit! I spent a couple of minutes poring over your photos looking for a Zara jumper i.e. a sweater/ buttonless cardigan questioning my eyesight 🙂

    Love it, especially the neckline – I think it is always very flattering to the shoulders. Monochrome is so perennially chic, you have all my approval for this look. Who knows, I might even try the same formula and see if it rids me of my fear of stained whites 🙂


    1. Ooh haha!
      Sorry about that!
      Yes we call jumpsuits jumpers – sort of abbreviating the word, like we do everything else – remember when people used to say ‘babe’? Now they say ‘bae’.

      Go for the white look – wear it a few time and you’ll be like, “Oh. This is all it is? Meh – I’m over it”
      Hope you guys had a great weekend 🙂

      1. Oh, I hear you on the shortening of everything (except for ‘bae’ which annoys me endlessly). We Aussies are great at abbrev. – classic example: we have a stadium here called the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Except no one calls it that. The MCG is too much effort so it’s just the G 🙂

        Will make a white purchase soon and report back!

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