Breakfast Sandwich with Torn Basil & Spicy Mayo

Breakfast Sandwich with Torn Basil and Spicy Mayo
So once a month, my inner circle & I do this thing call Sunday Dinner and is pretty much what it sounds like.

It starts at noon or 1pm.
We all meet at Frank’s house because he has the best floorplan and everyone is tasked to bring some homemade food and something to drink.
The accumulation of all this is the ‘dinner’.

We open the front and back balcony doors, crank the music and let the magic begin.


Over the next 30 mins, everyone filters in, each over a loud cheer from those already present.

“Aayyyy!! Jordan’s here!”
Jordan marches in with a huge grin on his face.
“Jordaan!! What’s up love!”
“Jordan! Hi sweetie!”
“Damn Jordan, that’s a big hug, good to see you babe!”
“I brought my mom’s secret chicken wing recipe y’all”, Jordan yells out and we all exclaim.

“Dude your mom makes the best food.”
“Yeah she did the pesto lasagna last time right?”
“No Fabio brought that.”
“Yeah,” Fabio pipes in, “We make that in Italy, it’s very simple.”
“Fabio, so fucking goo –”
“Heeeyy Shawn’s here!!”


“You made it buddy, good to see you man!”
Shawn enters with nervous grin.
“Shawn!! Come here give me a hug!”

“Frank?” yells Kristy, “Frank!”
“Did Dana bring her pot brownies?”
“I don’t know, lemme ask.”
“Dana! Da -”


Everyone gathers around the kitchen and Sunday Dinner begins.
There’s like 5 different conversations going on but we never miss a beat.


Jordan & Colleen begin mixing cocktails, Keegan positions the selfie stick for the group photo we’ll take off and on all day.
Kristy launches into a story about Fabio who’s leaning against the counter and running his hands through his hair, right before he jumps in with an even more embarrassing story.
Frank & I hustle around each other alternating between the stove and the cutting board.
I always cook live.

I don’t know what my problem is but I can’t seem to bring already-cooked food.
I let myself lug all my ingredients, serving bowls and garnishes around in a big ass bag.
Seriously, why the fuck do I do this to myself?


About an hour and a half into things, the table is set and Frank goes “Day, you almost ready?”
I look around the kitchen counters and nod.
And as if right on que, Kristy gets a joint out and everyone filters onto the balcony to have a quick, pre-dinner smoke. 

I put all the food meant to be served hot in the oven to re-heat under low temps and run out to join them.


We sip our cocktails in between puffs and laugh at the video of me having a drunk conversation with Frank from the night before.
“…cuz I told that bitch..”
“What’d you say Day, whatchu say!”
“I said , I told her – wait what are we talking about?”
Video shows Frank nodding intensely even though I never finish telling him what I told her.

Video ends.

“Guys! Let’s eat!” someone yells.

“Yeah I’m hungry”
“Dude that shit smells so good”
“Wait till you try the shit I brought..”


We pile back in and get the food out.
40 mins, 4 group toasts, 27 group photos (thank you selfie stick) and 11 different conversations later, we push back from the table, satisfied.

“Wait so what games are we playing today?”

“I’ve got Jenga..” Frank says.
“JENGAA!!”, we all reply.


Doug & Frank begin clearing the dining room table, moving the leftover food to the center table and Jordan is back to mixing.
We’re all over the house now, spilling out onto the front balcony, with phones and cocktails, lost in chatter.

We’ve got a couple more hours of warm sunlight which creates the perfect lighting for me to stand back for a minute and watch all of this.
All of us.

Frank walks up next to me, puts an arm around my shoulder.
“Day, I’m so freaking happy we’re all here,” he says. “Just look at us.”
“Can you fucking believe we’re ll adults?” I say.
He laughs then gives me a stern head shake no.


“Let’s change the music!” someone yells, bursting the bubble.
“I got it, I got it!” Keegan responds and rushes over with his phone.
Some remix comes on and we take 10 random minutes to dance it all out.


20 mins later, another joint is lit and we settle into 3-4 rounds of games.
Teasing, laughing, tons of selfies.



This past weekend was Sunday Dinner: Brunch Edition.
We had French toast, a huge tray of roasted potatoes, bacon bacon BACON, an 8-ingredient omlette station, sweet potatoes & habanero quiches, a platter of ribs (because why the fuck not), Egg & Bacon cups, BOTTLESSSS of prosecco, 2 pitchers of Jamaican Rum Punch & of course a bottle of Bourbon because I can’t help myself.

My other contribution was this breakfast sandwich.


This really needs no recipe because it’s just a sandwich – all you do is assemble a bunch of random stuff.
But it wasn’t until I got home last night that I realized I didn’t have a post ready for this week.

So I remade the sandwich with leftover ingredients in my fridge.
Sadly no tomatoes or bacon remained.
But you go ahead and make this with bacon.
You go right on ahead.


Oh! Before I forget.
A while ago Fix’s Hot Sauce contacted me because I had made something else where spicy mayo was an ingredient.

They were like, wanna try some of our shit.
And of course I said yes.

So shoutout to Fix’s Hot Sauce.
For making this out of real thai chilies and avoiding a BBQ sauce ending.
You done good Fix, this hot sauce is fucking amazing.




Breakfast Sandwich with Torn Basil & Spicy Mayo


What I Used.

Some soft (freshly baked) bread buns. Few Slices Apple Smoked Ham. 2 tbsp (heaping) Grated Sharp Cheddar Cheese. 2-3 Strips Smoked Bacon (cooked). Couple Lettuce Leaves. 3/4 Basil Leaves (Torn). 1 Tomato. 1 tbsp Spicy Mayo (Vegan Mayo for us Lactose people).

What I Did.

Spicy Mayo:

2 parts Mayo + 1 part Sriracha Sauce.

Pre-heat oven to 400F.

Spread the Spicy Mayo onto each bun surface.
Pile the ham and cheese on top of one half.
Place in oven (both halves) for 10 mins or until cheese melts.

Add lettuce, 1 tomato slice and a couple bacon strips to the other half.

Before merging the 2 halves together, fry an egg.
Place egg on top of melted cheese.
Join the 2 halves.

You know what to do. Breakfast Sandwich with Torn Basil and Spicy Mayo
Slice it in half if you want to stay classy.

86 thoughts on “Breakfast Sandwich with Torn Basil & Spicy Mayo

  1. Ahahah fun story! I always used to this kind of day also with my friends. This made me think to pick it up again!☺️

  2. oh. my God. I just got back from lunch and I’m already hungry again. This looks AMAZING!
    And your storytelling skills are magical. Quick and to the point but still paints this wonderful picture. Sounds like a wonderful Sunday tradition. I’m a little jealous.


  3. Sunday dinner sounds like a lot of fun. I guess group photos and food are necessities at friend gatherings almost anywhere in the would 🙂

    1. Lmao! So nasty and SO RUDE!
      Sorry my love, it just slipped my damn mind. We’re doing the next one June 21st, you’re most definitely invited!
      ❤ ❤

  4. Dana, your stories give me LIFE girl!! Bringin me back to the pre-mommy days.. Lol not that it was years ago, but shit it feels like a lifetime!! Salute, keep doin your thang!!

  5. OOOOOOOOH LA LA, Way to go Dana! I´m not a fan of runny eggs but this look too delicious I may actually make the exception! And breaddddddd buns, yessss. So this explains the Jenga! JENGAAAA Rather! I love it, I love it, you da best!

  6. Oh wow, Dana! I loved this post!!! I am always laughing about the pot brownies! Beau owns a restaurant and was going on and on to some young guy customers telling them about his amazing brownies that he makes. You know how it is with chef types that talk about food with soooo much passion. He kept saying how special his brownies are. The best in the world. Well, the guys were quick to call him the next day with a big order for trays of brownies. Beau went to baking up the order and had them delivered. Oh no! The guys called him up, “Beau these brownies aren’t working! What the F…” Beau was laughing; the guys thought by the way he went on and on about his “special” brownie recipe that he was selling POT brownies! But Beau just loves to cook and just talks about food like it is heaven. His special ingredients aren’t pot; they’re vanilla and just the right balance of sugars, butter, oils, chocolates, etc… They thought he was a dealer! So funny!

    Hugs, Bry


    1. Hahahaah!
      That’s hilarious Bry! One of those cases where one person is talking about one thing and the other person hears something completely different.
      But those brownies do sound delicious. I wonder if he would share his recipe…
      *wink wink nudge nudge*

  7. You are such a great blogger I’m always so excited to read your posts, read them all the way through, and I always feel so connected to your stories! This sounds like such a great idea, I want to start doing something similar with my friends! Although I feel like it would be a lot to ask to get people excited about cooking and we’d just end up with a lot of sausages and some garlic bread. Sigh.

    Danika Maia

    1. Hahaha!! Thank you, because you may not know but I have a small girl crush on you so comment really appreciated babe.
      And you should totally do one of these!
      Everyone doesn’t really need to cook, they just gotta bring something you know?
      Can be store bought.. I mean..semantics 😀
      Shit – our first one, we just bought pizza. And you know I don’t even eat cheese like that…

      The point is just to get your peoples together and break some decent bread with them. Games & added substances will come naturally, trust me. People just won’t want to leave so they’ll come up with ways to keep it going. It may not sound like it but it’s very little work for the host.

      Do it. Do it. Do it.

  8. Girl, your stories seriously crack me up every time. 😀 But I’m so hungry right now, it was not a good idea to look at your breakfast sandwich – now I really have to go out and EAT!

  9. I think this was one of our best family dinners/brunch/Sunday Fundays yet!! The family grew and in our normal style we had a fantastic time!!

    I lobe how you captured and conveyed the day. So accurate and still effin’ hilarious! The food – of course – was fantastic! You’re breakfast sandwiches were so delish!!! I can’t wait until we all get together again.

    Imma piggy back off these other comments I just had my breakfast and some how after all the laughter of reading the post my tummy is growling and howling for more food! 😘 Love ya Day & I love ya work!! Werk!!

    1. Aww Keegaaaan!
      Thanks babe!!
      I wanted to do a shoutout to this post on IG but didn’t wanna over-sell it.
      Now I’m gonna have to 😀

      Starting a new group text to plan June’s Sunday Dinner.
      I know it’s early but you know how we are…

  10. Love, love, love this blog! I’m so freaking hungry now…but I can’t stop reading! 🙂 I love the fact that your stuff is pretty straight forward, not a lot of fuss. Good, whole food. And your sense of humor…so refreshing to just hear someone speak about all the shit that’s on their mind! Thanks again.

    1. Hell, thank YOU for stopping by!
      I’m so glad my blog communicates the realness of it all because that’s about all I put into it haha.
      Hope you’re having a good week 🙂

      1. I’m inspired to cut loose a little on my own blog and not worry so much about being the real me. Thank-you for that, too. 🙂

  11. Heya i’m for the first time here. I came across this board and I to find It really helpful & it helped
    me out a lot. I am hoping to offer something back and aid others
    such as you helped me.

  12. Why have I never seen this?? Food bringing peeps together. Got to say, one of my fave pieces of your writing ever. Felt like I was there in the room with you all. (Even if I am too old, unhip and totes uncool….lol….even more uncool now.)

    1. Woman I have no idea why you didn’t see it either!
      Nah, i’m just kidding, I’ve missed quite a few posts lately myself so it’s all good.
      Thank you for that cute little compliment, made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside 😀

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