Cod & Roasted Clams

Cod & Roasted Clams.
I know, I know – this is supposed to be a style post.
But last Tuesday, what started off as a polite cough turned into one with frequent throat-clearing interruptions and come Sat morning – my voice was gone.

Like gone gone.

Which was fucked up because if you recall Saturday was the Kentucky Derby and not only did I have a Derby party to attend, I had a bet going on against American Pharaoh (the winner) and my horse (Frosted).


If you’ve ever made an insignificant bet, then you understand how important it is to talk a lot of shit.
But all I could do was stand on the chairs and wave my arms around like I was doing some fucking rendition of ‘jazz hands’.
Pathetic, I know.

By the Mayweather-Paquio fight, I’d only made matters worse so I just went on home.

Sunday, Sunday Dinner – still no voice.
Everyone got a kick out of that.


So it’s Thursday and my voice is finally audible enough for others to make out what I’m saying.
I’ve officially reached the raspy decibel and everyone keeps telling me how sexy I sound.

But then they hear the death-rattle cough that follows and immediately get this ‘you better not have fucking SARS’ look on their face.
And I form a ‘go fuck yourself’ look in response.


Long story short, I’ve been on my ass lately, trying to defeat this weird, random ass cough and frankly haven’t felt like standing in front of a camera.

So I didn’t shoot shit.
All I’ve been doing is working and going to my spin class in the hopes of sweating this plague off.


But yesterday I made this Cod & Roasted Clam thingy because I wanted something light for dinner.

I used Cod because that’s what I had but this will work with pretty much any light, flaky fish.
Plus it takes all of 10 mins to make.

And if you can’t get roasted clams, again any clams will do.
I don’t even know how the hell I got the ones I had.
Or you can make it without clams. Who cares?


Once again I’m using the bowl my neighbor Jonathan lent me (when he brought me a sample of this sous-vide duck breast he made for dinner 2 weeks ago) to plate this.
It’s probably been 3 weeks now.

I’m such a lousy neighbor.
I’ll bring it down tonight Jonathan, I’m sorry.
He’ll probably never bring me dinner again.





Cod & Roasted Clams.


What I Used.

2-3 Cod filets. 1 Ear of Corn (cooked). 1 cup Roughly Chopped Cilantro. 3 Thyme Sprigs. 1 tsp Minced Garlic. 4  cups Clam Broth (Vegetable or Seafood Broth also works). ½ cup All-Purpose Flour. Olive Oil. Salt. Pepper. 1 cup Roasted Clams (optional).

 What I Did.

Rinse & pat dry the fish.
Lightly season it with salt & pepper.
Then dust it lightly with flour.


Heat 1 tbsp or so of olive oil in a deep pan, under med-high heat.
Place the cod in the pan and sauté until the side down is golden brown.
About 3 mins.
Flip (carefully) and add: the chopped cilantro, corn, roasted clams (shelled), thyme sprigs, garlic bits & clam broth.

Stir gently and bring to a boil.
Then lower heat and cook with a lid on, for about 5mins.

Adjust seasoning to taste and remove from heat.

Remove thyme sprigs and serve in a bowl.
10_min_cod_recipes what_to_do_with_fresh_cod
The corn brings this awesome sweet – crunchy addition to the mix that you’ll thank me for later.
If you have some toasted bread around, this is the perfect broth to put it to use.
Cod & Roasted Clams.

50 thoughts on “Cod & Roasted Clams

  1. This looks so good! It’s perfect for spring/summer. Sorry to hear about the cough! Ugh! I know how annoying that can be. Hope you’re 100% by the weekend! LOL @ the comment about SARS, and you being a “bad” neighbor. You’re so amusing! Love ya!

  2. Go get yourself some Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat tea. That shit will have your voice back in NO TIME. The lemon one is the best tasting of them. still tastes kinda awful and you HAVE to follow the steeping instructions exactly (10-15 minutes covered) for it to be worth anything. But I promise you your voice will come properly back.

    This looks so delicious. Oh man.


    1. Dude I fucking HAD that.
      Frank gave me his last 2 on Sunday. Awesome for my raw throat but still no voice.
      He gave me the ones with honey in them but I squeezed in lemon and steeped for the same time like you said.
      It’s getting better though, finally…thankfully!!
      Thank you!!

      1. Glad to hear you’re at least getting better! I would suggest vocal rest because that’s crazy helpful but… ya know… not talking is hard.

  3. oooooh you do it so well! You are really into sea food aren’t you? This looks delicious and must taste even more YUMMMM! I feel like I can actually smell the delish flavours, is that weird? My sisters and friends would appreciate your sea food selection all the way! Salivating all the way &&& I’m not that great with sea food.
    The transition from you losing your voice to gaining it back, I was gripped all the way, I couldn’t hear your voice in the first half of the post then I could, I was rejoicing with you. haha But seriously though, take it easy, get fully well and recovered (keep cooking up those meals because we got to eat), my wishes with you.

    -silent cry-
    & I’m out

  4. Cods and clams is a lovely combo! I love how light this looks. I guess in your spring is my fall and it’s dark and gloomy here today. I’ve been making soups and curries.

    I’m pretty sure it’s not your turn to get sick again. Look after yourself lady. Take some time out.

    I think I need a Jonathan neighbour too. Does he travel?

    1. Thanks Genie,
      Yeah he travels to but warm sunny destinations …. :/
      And I guess having this cough is better than being congested and fighting allergies and a sinus infection like everyone else. Ughhhh.

  5. Sorry to hear you’ve been sick! Hope you’re all better soon…this cod looks so simple to make..I love simple! Thanks for sharing..

    1. You’d think I’d be in bed taking it easy but I’m a moron who thinks working my muscles to exhaustion also does the trick.
      Although I am feeling a lot better, back to just clearing my throat so who knows…I might be onto something 😀

  6. LOL I hate getting sick. Come to think of it, people around me, hate ME when I’m sick. Yea… the much dreaded “man cold” can irritate a lot of people! BTW, food looks absolutely amazing as usual. I’m still waiting on that show on the Food Network…

    1. Yes thank you Pru!
      I have been drinking tons of water and fluids and they’re definitely working!
      Thank you so much for the well wishes love 🙂 🙂

  7. I’m so glad you made this recipe, I’ve actually never had cod because 1) I hardly eat fish and 2) when I do, its salmon, but just a few days I wanted to get some salmon but my wallet couldn’t handle that lol and there was a frozen packet of cod which was mighty cheap so I got that instead only to realise I don’t know what it tastes like and if i’ll even like it lol. Food looks mouth-watering so thanks for this recipe :)… When I get a cold, I make pepper (hot chilli) soup and my cold goes away in a couple of days 😀

  8. Sorry about the cough. Baby and I are also recovering from a bad cold.

    This my dear looks amazingly yummy. Definitely something I will try during the week. Thanks for sharing.xx

    1. Hahaha, I have it back, I swear!
      Soon as I posted this, that night I returned it.
      And like the peasant I am, I came away with something else, that once had tasty morsels in it and that is now sitting in my kitchen.

      Im operating on neighborly time.

  9. This is just absolutely frigging gorgeous! Doesn’t look like it was anywhere near a death rattle 😉

    Have being going through a slight cod obsession myself lately, so great choice x

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