Jack & Jill

Before my cough went from better to oh fuck, I managed to take these pics with my friend Jordan.

A while ago, I invited him to come play in front of the camera with me and he accepted.
So yesterday, before the sun set, we ventured out to a remote location and let the camera do what it does.


I actually have a lot of fun shooting with other people.
Everything is so much more candid, you know?
Less serious.
More ‘who gives a shit, let’s just fool around’.

I only wish I’d remembered to bring damn some lipstick with me.
Wrong purse.
Fucking hate it when that happens.
http://ivegotcake.com http://ivegotcake.com

Wearing an old ASOS dress and Schutz heels via Saks Fifth.
http://ivegotcake.com http://ivegotcake.com

75 thoughts on “Jack & Jill

  1. So dope, I love the dress and your friend seems cool as shit. I took pics yesterday and forgot my lipstick too…but the location was up the street. That’s when you wish you had a damn assistant

    1. Tell me about it!!
      I need a damn assistant like every damn day lol.
      And I hate leaving lipstick in my car especially now that it’s getting so warm because it’ll melt.
      But thanks boo – Jordan is real good. He had me up on those blocks in 3 mins flat.

  2. That gentleman certainly gives interesting spin to photos. It’s curious how he’s preppy-perfect and you’re smoking-hot, modesty and edge combined. Very Ying-Yang. Me likes.

    1. Thanks Amy!
      I think I’ve got a weird case of allergies because this kind of sore-swallowing thing doesn’t happen to me normally.
      It’s typically indicative of a cold but I don’t have any other cold symptoms.

  3. Great legs and back Gurl! Pretty interesting location too, I like the graphics and colours. Yup, its great when you can work with a friend to take shots, I normally find it hard to find peeps who want to play along! x

    1. Ha! Thank you. As for people to play along, I know what you mean.
      Gotta draw the camera shyness right lot of them then you won’t be able to get rid of them. 😑😑

  4. You look wonderful even if you forgot the lipstick and apparently wrong purse? LOL Sounds like something I do on a daily basis! You and Jordan look AWESOME regardless.
    Love the zipper dress, I want that BUT IN YELLOW. Yes, yellow!
    At least you are feeling better, no?

  5. Two of my favorite people in a series of nice, cool, stylish photos — love it! I wanna go next time! LOL

  6. This is why you can never have enough lipsticks, you stash them in every single bag you have… and yet they all end up in one purse and you STILL end up not having one when you need it. Those shoes are on point ❤

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