Spring Salad with Honey Vinegar and Bacon Bits

Spring Salad with Honey Vinegar and Bacon Bits
This is going to be a short post because I’ve got a shit ton of stuff to get to before I leave work today.
And I know it’s only Wed but I want nothing more… nothing would make me happier than if it was Friday.


Seriously though, I have a boat load of fucking work to do this week yet for whatever reason, I just can’t get my head in the game.
I get started then my eye catches something and it’s all over.

It’s been  like this all fucking week.

I feel like a g*ddamn high school senior.
Waiting for last couple weeks to graduate and so that epic summer can finally begin.


Like I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been physically reviewing someone’s document and my eyes start to wander off the page, over to my hands.
And then suddenly I’m staring at my nails wondering how long I can go before people will notice my cuticles.

I tell myself I’ve got about another week and settle back into the document I’m reviewing.
Then like 2 secs later, I’m back to my nails.


Are they too long?
Putting earrings with small backs on is starting to become a problem.
I’m typing with my nails these days too.  Also a problem.

I should just wait until one of them breaks before I cut them.
Maybe I’ll break one typing.
Dude why do my cuticles look like this?

And just like that I have moved off of work and onto Yelp to find another manicurist.


It’s like as soon as I start to actually focus, my mind does this massive u-turn and suddenly I’m thinking about the most random group of shit ever.

Like what do I want to pick up from this new farmers market that is supposed to be opening in my neighborhood next weekend.
Evidently they’re going to have more than your average farmers market with “rare gems” like white asparagus, purple mustard leaves and razor clams.


I can get that shit in like a 7/11 around here so like exactly how gem-like are these fucking things really?
Did I sign up for tonights spin class?





Spring Salad with Honey Vinegar and Bacon Bits.


What I Used.

2-3 med Radishes. Small Handful Frisee. ½ cup Cooked Peas.  Small Handful Green Leaf Vegetable (Cilantro, Arugula, Mustard Leaves etc.). ½ cup Cooked Corn. 2 tbsp Honey. 2 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar. 1 Lemon Wedge. 1 tbsp Olive Oil. Salt. Pepper. Bacon Bits (optional).

What I Did.

Roughly chop all the veggies, except the radishes and place in a bowl.
Add in the peas & corn.

In a separate bowl, small bowl – whisk together the apple cider vinegar with the olive oil & honey.
Squeeze the lemon wedge into the mixture.
Shake in a little salt & pepper.

Drizzle the honey-vinegar dressing over the bowl of veggies.
Toss well.

Lastly, thinly slice the radishes, about ¼ in thickness.
Place in a circle on a plate.

Top with the a handful of the salad.
Sprinkle the bacon bits on top.
black_girl_food_blogs Boston_food_bloggers Spring Salad with Honey Vinegar and Bacon Bits

57 thoughts on “Spring Salad with Honey Vinegar and Bacon Bits

  1. Your thought process slays me!
    I often feel that way about my nails *looks down and recoils hands in shame*
    Can you teleport that salad to me please? Thank you in advance. x

  2. im reading this on my way home and salivating all the way through it. Sincerely hoping I don’t get run down by some maniac that doesn’t obviously appreciate food!

    Did you sign up for tonight’s spin class then? I love your posts because they tinkle my funny bone in ridiculous ways, basically you make me laugh! And what you are experiencing… The prolonging of work you actually NEED to do is something I’ve faced all day! Some people call it procrastinating! Procrastination?

    Like me standing outside my front door and finishing off my comment! Yup I read this all the way home!

    1. Hahaha, I do that all the time, stand still and text/type right on front of my apartment or car door. All the time.
      And it was a little but of procrastination and a little bit of I just don’t want to fucking DO this.

  3. That’s a purdy plate, girl! So why are you reading my comment? You’re supposed to be working…. Now your thinking, I love to hate this girl on the mountain that eats Chicago grain fed beef and gets her jollys of of going to Eataly… 😉

    1. Yes.
      That’s right. I am thinking exactly that and I can’t quite find the proper word to define my feelings.
      Jealousy…? Nah, something more..
      Something stronger..

  4. This looks really good, Dana, so light and fresh, and bacon bits make EVERYTHING better, don’t they? I tended to get distracted a lot when I was writing my PhD… there ALWAYS was something more interesting and more important to do first… clean the already clean house, wash the dishes, cook, cook, cook, and cook some more… anything but the damn thesis I absolutely had to finish as soon as possible!

    1. Exactly.
      I just need a break.
      Over here, if you don’t work for the city or the government, it’s typical not to have any holidays from Jan till like the end of May, for Memorial Day.
      Unless you take time off for vacation, it’s awful😖😖

  5. Babe – you are a food artiste!! Everything looks delicious, as always. My mom gave me a shit ton of radishes this weekend so I will put them to good use, thanks to you.

    Oh! I feel your pain. Try reviewing vaccine statements written by doctors and scientists who only interface with computers. I would rather read stereo instructions from the early 80s. Sigh. My cuticles are particularly fabulous today….hahaha….

  6. I seriously have the same problem I have some deliverables that are due in a couple weeks but I just can’t focus😩 but the thing that I think most about is food😂

  7. Super pretty, summer on a plate. You probably only read the first word of this comment and then got distracted by your own belly button/a piece of lint on your desk/a freckle/a dewy spiders web glistening in the sun….

  8. LOL! I can definitely relate. You’d be surprised at just how many things I can accomplish while avoiding doing the very thing I should be doing. I can clean the entire house, deliver babies, cure diseases, alphabetize my spice cabinet, and catch up on my favorite TV shows just to avoid a simple task that will probably take an hour at the most. Yep. It’s strange how the mind works isn’t it?

  9. Oh, I have the spring fever in a bad way so I understand all of this and I’m glad I’m not the only one feeling it!

    This salad is as lovely as ever–light, refreshing, elegant. It’s a good reminder to eat radishes more frequently–I like them a lot but I never think to pick them up because I can’t decide what to do with them.

  10. I’ve got my exams coming up soon and a bunch of assignments to work on and i’m going the same thing, can’t keep a book open for more than 5mins without going through my phone, asking google how to stop procrastination while i am procrastinating, like what I’m doing now, typing this when i should be working on my assignment hehe… on another note, i wanna join a spin class now lol, i want some salad too 🙂

  11. I wonder Dana if it’s the energy of this week because I started freaking out cause I’m so darn frustrated with needing more time to accomplish my goals. I gotta finish this novel I’m writing and other responsibilities. So I understand you! The salad looks as delicious as ever. I am still thinking about that fish soup in your previous recipe post. I really want to get it together and make that first. I hope your throat is better now and you feel good.

    xo, Bry


    1. Hey Bry love!
      Yes, Throat and voice are back to normal, thank you for much for the love – I feel it all the way from here 🙂
      I know it’s gonna be tough but I hope you can make time to finish your novel, staying in the moment is always the hardest thing 😦

  12. My life story!! I open up a doc to work on a report and then I’ll get an idea about what real estate looks like in Texas and I’ll just jump unto a google black hole and then remember that I was doing my assignment and go back and write two sentences and then think about a good song then go find that – it’s a nightmare especially now during finals!

    Danika Maia

  13. Well I’m sure you’re might glad Friday is here! I think mind wandering at work is a must, I mean if you think about it, an office job is Mon to Fri, 9 to 5- that means most of our lives are spent at work, so sometimes that life enters work via our daydreams/mind wanderings. I did freelancing for years in my 20s and now I work in a school and do my fashion work on side. It hit me that- OMG, I have only 2 days to get my shit done, well really 1 day as everything is shut on a Sunday. Who the hell made that rule?? I.e a week was to be 5 days and a weekend 2. I believe in a 4 day/3 day split. Have a gd wkend hon! X Ps hope you get your cuticles fixed. PPS Scrummmy looking salad!

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