Remember Sunday Dinner?
K, well the Jordan in these pics is the Jordan I referenced there, ergo one of the inner circle crew, ergo we hang pretty often.


On the long route to another great dinner last week, we were fooling around and got the idea to take a few snapshots before the sun set.

ButΒ I mean who’s kidding who, these pics are all about Jordan.
This is just me exercising my new-found ‘blogger workshop’ photography skills and jumping in the pictures every now and again. Boston_streetstyle_blogs Boston_style_Bloggers

65 thoughts on “Fri-Yay

  1. ahhhhh I see what you guys did there! Fantastic! I wish I could wear a crop top that way, argh, Me and my ridiculous shy self – but only sometimes, especially when it comes to cropped tops- But I am loving your pair, with the jeans and JordanΒ΄s take on the red pants. Love the framing on your photos as well.
    Fun & playful
    wishing you the best!

    1. Thanks twini!
      You got this, wearing a crop top – ain’t nothing to it πŸ˜€
      I didn’t do any framing on the pic though…
      *side note: how does one frame photos?

      1. hahaha haha I dunno! LetΒ΄s just say some people -stares glaringly at you- are just born with it! ahah -hair flip-

  2. Aaaaaaah, super casual. If Friday had an image, you’d be it.

    Love your matching garments (red crop top and red jeans) but my most favourite part is that piece of parental clothing hanging from that glorious ass of yours. Love the mom jeans!!! (better yet, currently obsessed by them)

  3. Dana! I’m liking this…I’m liking this. Red and blue. Such a great color combo, but so underutilized these days. And ANOTHER Sunday dinner where I’m nowhere to be found?!? Something is very wrong here…HA! πŸ™‚

  4. Hey Dana!
    These shots made me smile – I’m loving the colours and your abs are giving me life!
    I need to get my ass to the gym! *hangs head in shame*
    I’m with Abrielle, we should just started calling you ‘The Body’
    Have a great week girl x

  5. I like the way you are flexing yr photography muscles! I left my good camera in London and I cant WAIT to get back to it. I really want to UP my photography on my blog too. You chose a fab backdrop, that blue just POPS!

      1. Haha – no no! I’m sure he already knows! LOL! Anyways – keep the awesome pics coming. Going to put that tripod of mine to good use. You’ve inspired me so much!

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