So let me throw a question out there because I need some serious help here.
When you’re transitioning your wardrobe from spring to summer – where do you begin?

Keep in mind you’ve already packed most the sweaters and shit away.
I’m talking when you’re going from it being kinda warm outside, to like really, really warm.
What’s that changeover plan like?


Do you swap out the leggings for short shorts?
Do you just stop wearing lightweight sweaters with everything?
Do you just go out and buy a bunch of dresses?

How do you even know what to buy?


It’s starting to get warmer and I’m ready to have a mini closet-overhaul because I’m only digging some of last years warm weather stuff.
But I’m having trouble figuring out what I want to replace them with.
Like tank tops and shorts only go so far.

What do you guys do?
What’s your gameplan for these sort of transitions?

Wearing Asos top, thrifted shorts and old Zara shoes.

96 thoughts on “Issues.

  1. Here it already got pretty warm. I saw people wearing tank tops and short shorts already, but some are still wearing clothes that seem more fit for a autumn-cold or rainy day.

    I transitioned slowly: i started from the bottom:
    first i changed my boots for sandals
    then long pants for pants reaching below my knees
    sweaters got replaced by thin long sleeved tops, and then tshirts.

    Now i can comfortably wear tshirts with shorts and sandals or flip flops/ or equally light footwear.
    I never look at what others are wearing: they’re misleading. before deciding what to wear i go on the window to get a feel of the outside temperature. [i live in an apartment building]
    I usually buy something new if i decide i can’t wear anything at all, lol.

    is this helpful?

    1. Yes, SUPER helpful!
      I like your thought process too of starting from the bottom up.
      I’m frequently confused when people are in shorts or short dresses, but then are wearing knee high boots.
      I can never tell what’s going on when that happens.

      So thank you so much for the feedback!
      Hope you have a great day 🙂

  2. I start changing my shoes. I go out and buy new casual shoes, tennis and start looking for sandals. I also then buy short sleeve shirts and new pants but I always keep my lightweight sweaters and cardigans.Some places over compensate for the heat. If you want to buy a bunch a dress go right on ahead, while this weather is so turbulent with the rain and the drop in temps, its perfect to have your summer wear already together .

    1. Yes, i’m with you on having your summer wear ready to go.
      I think I’ll also keep a couple lightweight sweaters out for the places that like to crank the AC. My job is INFAMOUS for this *smh*
      Thank you so much for the feedback!

  3. Hi there
    Now I have NEVER transitioned my wardrobe, never ever changed from season to season – so very unfashionable I just stop wearing opaque tights!
    So need to learn this world of wardrobe and nice clothes or even considering what I wear to be significant –

    1. Hahaha!
      You do what works for you though. Like if you’re in a place where there’s not much of a difference in season, then swapping out your wardrobe may be unnecessary you know?

      Alternatively, you could just have a LOT of closet space and not need to move anything at all 😀

  4. I agree with the gals above…shoes first…replace boots & winter shoes with flats, flip-flops & sandals..then all my heavy pants get packed away (even most of my jeans) and all the capri’s and light jeans come out…heavy sweaters away but I leave light sweaters out all summer (because I always get cold at night or in restaurants)…I have fun tossing what I didn’t wear and replacing it with something new each season…Good luck!

    1. Hey Linda,
      You know I’m so glad you guys are so responsive because it has never occurred to me to start from the bottom up.
      I also just jump straight to dresses and tops, shoes & flat sandals were always last – but it makes perfect sense for them to be first.
      Thank you guys for helping me out like this 🙂 🙂

  5. I slowly transition everything that won’t keep me cool. I am more of a dress, skirts and shorts kind of girl so if it doesn’t fit in those categories your out of my closet by the start of June!

  6. I live in Michigan so I can never pack away winter clothes. The weather here is a fucking nightmare. For instance, it was 82 on Monday and a high of 50 yesterday. So I guess when summer hits, I pull the skimpy stuff to the front but I always keep my jeans and warmer attire for the random chilly day/night. It’s sort of a cluster…lol

    1. Oh jeez…
      Yeah we see a lot of wavering weather but not as bad as that and normally only in the spring, like now.
      Last night it went from mid-70s to low 50s and my heat kicked on.

      But come mid-June…it’s hot and STAYS hot.
      And then we forget what winter was like and start bitching and moaning about the heat.

      We’re the fucking worst.

  7. I love bohemian, feminine, flowy style dresses. I just think they are lightweight for the dog days of summer and you can eat as much as you want and still look pretty. I wear shorts but I hate them. They are always riding up and getting stuck on the back of your legs. Ugh….I like to feel free especially now that I’m knocked up 🙂

    1. Hahahahahaha
      I don’t know why you saying ‘knocked up;’ makes me blush because I find it hilarious.
      Maybe I need to get into flowy dresses. Experiment with them a bit.

      Maybe you can show me how… *hint hint wink wink*

  8. With the weather the way it is in England, warm clothes can never be too far away. I mean, a few weeks ago I was wearing shorts and light cardigans outside and for the past week I’ve had to pull my winter coat back out it’s gotten so cold!
    When I do truly transition, shoes change first, then trousers and Ts. 🙂 I usually buy a lot of new items in the summer season, too.
    Hope you figure out your game plan.

    1. Thank you!
      I typically just jump right in and buy new dresses and tops but then something happens (probably when i’m transitioning back to winter) and i give them all away and the cycle begins next year.
      I guess that’s how I keep myself from being a hoarder 🙂

  9. If only I could have such a clear distinction between my winter and summer wardrobe!
    The weather in England is as changeable as a chameleon lounging on Joseph’s technicolour dream coat!
    It could be warm today and raining like God and all the angels got a bad wax job in heaven. I try never to leave home without an umbrella in my bag and some sort of jacket / coat / scarf / shawl.
    Having said that, I’m a huge fan of dresses and cute cardigans when the weather cooperates. Your post almost made me reconsider shorts……almost..

    1. This right here, “…is as changeable as a chameleon lounging on Joseph’s technicolour dream coat!”
      -I’m gonna find a way to use that in all my meetings today.
      Cracked me up!

  10. I love these photos of you, Dana. I like the easy, natural feel and look. As far as how to transition… I wish I was organized. I just throw everything on the king size bed and push it all over when I want to sleep. I certainly need a game plan, but I need a lot of help with a lot of things 😉 Someday I hope to get it together.

    xo, Bry


  11. I’m at exactly the opposite side of most of the gals that commented up until now. I never start at the bottom – if my feet are cold, I’m cold, too, and chances are I’m really gonna get sick so no open toe shoes for me until June. The first clothes I get out when transitioning are dresses and skirts because I can dress them up or down according to the temps. If we’re not talking dresses – first I get out the light jersey long-sleeved tops with the sneakers, chucks and ballet flats, then the t-shirts, then the knee-high shorts, and last the booty shorts and the tube tops/strapless tops/ summery tops, etc. with the open-toe shoes.

    1. Oh shit you wear booty shorts!?
      Damn bitch, good for you!!

      I know you’re like, “out of all of that all she read was booty shorts! This bitch!” but i swear I read everything else too 😀 😀

      I’ve never started from the bottom up but I might have to try that this year. Especially because I want to get all the cute shoes before they’re sold out for the season 🙂

      1. Well I’m not the very best booty short material, I’m starting to notice hints of cellulite and all but I’m all like, “so what, I’m fit and slender, and I’m only 27, way too young to give booty shorts up. I really don’t have issues with my own body so I don’t shy away from showing some extra skin. At least for now, that is.
        And one can never have enough shoes. Go for them, gal! Looking forward to seeing you bragging with your new sweet soles.

  12. I agree with starting from the bottom of the top. More importantly, I would encourage you to assess your own personal needs and take it from there.

    For example, I have so many skirts, dresses and shorts, so I really just need a few tops.

    I will be waiting until it gets HOT to buy a couple of t-shirts, and I am always buying shoes regardless of the season. I have big feet and I never want to miss out on good shoes!

    Happy shopping!

    1. Thanks girl,
      I did like you and assessed my closet and I’m delinquent in pretty much everything except winter boots, sweaters, thick dresses and turtlenecks.
      But that’s my bad because when I swap out from summer to winter, I give away a lot of stuff.
      So now I need every fucking thing but i’m trying to figure out what to keep and what to stow.

  13. Arizona goes from 0 to 100 real quick, so I forgot how I used to transition in Chicago. The weather is so bipolar there that I still had to keep some light weight winter clothes out. Here we go from a trench to a swim suit…I miss seasons lol

    1. Hahaha!
      I used to be so jealous of you in a t shirt and a pencil skirt in January while I’m in a goddamn snowsuit but you guys do get the hottest summers though…
      I miss seasons for you 😀

  14. Well Dana, depending on what you like, get a few pieces you can mix and match for this season. and keep closer the ones you can layer up with ones the weather gets colder, that happens unplanned around here.
    Buy pieces you love so you can enjoy your purchases.
    Take care of you and happy shopping whenever you go out to shop
    Cheers, Mojisola

  15. Ooh, I have the same problem! added issue, I just started a new job that has a dress code that is killing my closet. So I need to shop for stuff that fits both work AND play. Ugh.

    I always start a closet transition with a clean-out of last year’s stuff. Anything that I’m not digging, is in meh condition or whatever, i either toss or donate.

    When it comes to weather specific wear, Chicago’s got some crazy ass weather that means I keep light sweaters and leggings and stuff in my closet all year round. I have literally no other option because sometimes it decides to drop into the 50s in July and if my sweaters are all put away, I’m screwed. So that stuff is just a year-round deal.

    Otherwise, I start with tops. I get hot super easily. So anything with long sleeves immediately goes away not to be heard from until like Thanksgiving at the earliest. Jeans and slacks can stay for work purposes. heavy sweaters were booted around March. I swap out the stuff that I know I just cant handle wearing first and lighten as the weather allows.

    1. First off – CONGRATULATIONS on the new job!!
      Story of my life when it comes to dressing for work and non-work, largely because my job likes to blast the AC like we’re in the goddamn Ice Age.
      Don’t even get me fucking started on work wear but I also seem to keep my yoga-like leggings in all year round.

      1. THANKS!
        Dude, mine is all about that AC, too. I just keep a sweater at my desk now so I don’t boil alive heading to work but don’t freeze while at work.

  16. You know me I’ve been wearing “warm weather” clothes all winter and fall with a sweater and/or jacket on top. My transition simply consist of shedding those outter layers to reveal my scanty-dance-your-face-off-until-dripping-in-sweat under layers that I stay building up year round.

    1. Hahaha, yup!
      I know EXACTLY what you mean because I’ve raided your closet on seeeveral occasions and it’s all t shirts and tanks.
      I’m like, “but…it’s 34 outside..” and you just give me that look, that look like when a kid is just about to cry and then shake your head like, “well what are you going to do then?”
      And I just glare at you because we both know I don’t wanna coat check..

  17. It’s especially hard during spring in copenhagen because it can go from sun to rainstorm to hail in a matter of hours and I’m always either under dressed or sweating my ass off! My favorite thing is midi dresses and skirts with a tied up tshirt and sandals and bring a jean jacket AND scarf with me wherever I go. It’s a struggle.

    Danika Maia

    1. The struggle is definitely fucking real.
      I’m into sleeveless midi dresses with really wide arm openings this summer.
      Now where can I find those or did I just make that trend up.

      Probably the latter..

  18. Do what I do..wait until the last minute, panic, throw all of your clothes into piles on the floor, drag out the rollable flat storage packs to do the ‘summer to winter swap’, then leave them lying around in the bedroom for a few days until the husband complains. Works every time. 😳

  19. We have cool springs and hot hot hot summers here. So it ends up being more of a transition from winter to summer (mind you are winters are much milder in comparison).
    But if there is one thing Melburnians know how to do, it’s to layer!
    A summer dress with sandals (or thongs, which mean a very different thing in Australia) paired with a leather jacket and a scarf will get you from cool to scorching without losing any hotness. It also helps with the cranked up aircon in buildings.
    A classic shirt dress wouldn’t go astray either.
    I personally tend to go with cropped pants and tees in the spring or skirts/dresses with socks under footwear. Summer here is about ‘sun’s out, skin’s out’ so the smaller, wispier, tinier the better 😉
    If I had a better body, I’d probably subscribe to this a bit more strictly.

    Looks to me like you’re working it just fine! Per usual 🔥

    1. Ha!
      Dude i need to get out to your city.
      I wanna subscribe to all these policies 😀
      But I really like your tip about cropped pants and having a classic shirt dress.

      I can’t bookmark this comment but I can sure as shit do a screenshot for later reference.
      ❤ ❤

      1. I’ll do you a deal – come out to my city and if you cook for me a la your blog, you’ll have a comfy bed, a personal tour guide/chauffeur and the choice of anything in my wardrobe that fits/tickles your fancy!

  20. We don’t really have any storage so I only have one “wardrobe”. I wear the same clothes in summer and winter, the only difference is that in the colder months, I add a coat or jacket to them or I might add thermal underwear too. Layers. Oh and chunky scarves. I love those. I guess I’m lucky that Auckland is pretty mild. It doesn’t get super hot here by world standards and it doesn’t snow in winter. Same shit, different day.

    1. Well shit, no wonder you can get away with having one wardrobe.
      Leave it to you to live the dream year round and for me to get ‘HISTORICAL, RECORD BREAK SNOWFALLS’

      1. I share a small wardrobe with my man child. All his clothes are larger than mine so 2 of his jackets already take up a third of the wardrobe. We have one chest of drawers and a beside cabinet each. My clothes do not fit. We have to have 2 loads of washing drying at a time because if we didn’t they would be in piles on the bed instead. I dream of having a walk in wardrobe. If we had snowfalls, maybe I’d be more deserving of that walk in.

  21. Hi Dana! Great post as usual. I usually only pack away my winter coats( downs and wools). I tend to incorporate most of my pieces in my outfits year round. This way I’m only just losing layers as the weather gets warmer. Hope this helps you in anyway. xo

  22. When you’re transitioning your wardrobe from spring to summer – where do you begin? – I go out and buy a bunch of dresses like I got money to spend! ARGH! TBH I just don´t even transition, I kind of leave the closet as it is and then add more stuff. LOL. Maybe I should pick up a tip or two and just sort the closet out per season? But I´m far too lazy Dana!

    Okay so you should definitely replace all your sweaters! Do it, summer doesn´t do sweaters even when it gets randomly chilly. Stock up on shorts, dresses, crop tops, heels with everything!(AS IF I wear heels everyday!) But seriously I do just dresses and skirts,, shorts deffo!
    But I know you will figure it out!
    Wishing you the best!!!

    1. Thanks Dana love!
      And I don’t got all that closet room to keep adding to it so sorting shit out is an absolute fucking MUST hahaha.

      But I got some great tips from you guys so I’m ready to shop 😀 😀

  23. Enjoying all my fellow Europeans commenting along the lines of “what are these mysterious seasons you speak of?” – we just have an unpredictable mess all year round 😉
    I also start at the bottom and swap boots for flats, then start to wear thinner layers on my top half. I’ve been a little obsessed lately with long skirts for summer wear, I have a very light maxi and a heavier midi that get a lot of use in the “summer”

    1. Hahaha!
      So that’s why some comments are they way they are.
      I get it now lol
      What are your ‘summers’ like though? Like what kind of mess are they?

      I really like the idea of a maxi and a crop. That’s kinda what I need right now 🙂

      1. Summer is just the same as the rest of the year, but on average slightly less cold, haha! Basically, in Nov we got dumped with a load of snow, Dec and Jan were the nice part of winter, lovely crisp sunny cold days. Bit of snow again in Feb, then for some unknown reason Mar/Apr was summer – as hot as it ever really gets. And May has been a mix of mild sunny weather with random hail showers 😦 ugh. I just take it as it comes, I stopped watching the weather forecasts years ago because there’s just no point! I’m going to Atlanta in Oct so the thought of some decent heat is getting me through 🙂

  24. Hi Darlin, great question! As like many of your readers, I start from the bottom up. I mean who doesn’t love a great sandal or my summer crush is a great wedge heal. Then I go through my closet to see what’s gonna stay, what can go & what my needs are to fill in the gaps. My current favorite trend is a-symmetrical wrap skirts or wrap skirts with box pleats & a flower petal look with a small slit in the front. Look into it! Other than that, goodluck & lemme know if you need help going through your closet. Me & a bottle of wine are ready & willing! Xoxo

  25. I’m totally the weirdo in the short dress and knee high boots. In my defense, I live in Northern California however where the weather is always pretty confused. Microclimates everywhere! I’m living in long skirts right now. If it’s warm(ish) I can feel a little cooler without having my legs directly exposed to the wind. Plus, I don’t necessarily have to shave my legs which is a major bonus in my book.

    1. Hahaha, I hear you about shaving the legs lol. I could get away breaking that rule a lot in winter.
      Now though, Boston summers are just too hot for boots but I’ll be mimicking you come fall 😊😊

  26. It was already quite hot here this spring, but currently the weather has regressed to winter…like, are you kidding me? I was wearing shorts and a tank top already and now I’m bundled up in jeans, jacket and a scarf again!
    But you asked about transitioning your wardrobe – I usually start to “lighten” my layers – I go from jeans to maxi skirts (still warm enough if it’s breezy and they cover up my milk-white legs), from sweaters to t-shirts with a light cardigan. I haven’t transitioned to sandals, but I swapped out the boots for ballet flats or other lightweight slip on shoes. And then as it gets hotter, my bottoms get shorter 😉 I do love dresses in summer though, I’m dressed so much more quickly than in winter, when I have to decide on what goes together and what doesn’t! 😀

    1. yes got to love how easy and quick it is to get dressed in the summer! I got to get into the maxi skirts.
      I’m so glad I asked you guys this question because I just launch straight into a short dresses haha.

  27. Good question here. I can’t give any advice because I always seem at a loss. I keep my boots and sandals both out. I also keep a jacket for layers. I’m learning from your commenters! Nice bod you’ve got on you!

  28. My solution for the spring to summer transition is: two closets. My warm weather closet consist of dresses, cotton pants, and light weight blouses. I have a couple lightweight sweaters and jackets too. If you can’t have two closets, I suggest pairing down your wardrobe or packing away seasonal items.

    Side note, I don’t need two closets for my clothes, I just happen to have an extra closet. Ordinarily, I would keep all items in one closet and go through it often and get rid of stuff that I no longer want/need.

    1. Hey Asa,
      I don’t have to closets either and I do exactly what you said your last paragraph :).
      Now I just need to figure out what new stuff I want to add in because I just purged.

  29. I totally feel you on this. I did really great transitioning from winter to spring but summer has me on a bit of a stump. My plan is getting a couple of really good “timeless” sandals (black/white). Over the knee (yes, over) skirts to wear with crop tops and just lighter/skimpier tops in general and short shorts to wear with t-shirts and kaftans (I really believe in balance: bare top, covered bottom, bare bottom, covered top). Light, flowy slip dresses in basic colors (really obsesses with slip dresses lol) and sun hats and really trendy caps. And that’s it. Now on to put it together all aka shop! lol.

    1. this comment is awesome in so many ways but can I just say I am already in love with your style from just reading it.
      I love the way you balance out the look – when you say showing skin on top keep it covered on the bottom and vice versa. Thanks for the great tips and I can’t get enough of slip dresses either 😁😁😁

  30. My transition game is week. Living in Canada is so bone-chilling that I’m always wearing tons of layers. I know the weather is getting warmer when I start peeling off said layers until I’m left wearing a tank top and skirt. Sigh. So – do you take all of your pics with a tripod and use the timer on your camera? Genius!

    1. Ohhh yeaaaah, yeah Canada sucks :p
      And not all of them.
      It really just depends on when I can get out, who’s available, whether its an impulse shoot or not and how much time I have.
      But I ALWAYS keep a tripod in the car. Always 🙂

      1. Hey – back off Canada, eh?? I don’t know what your talking abooot. LOL! ;o)
        Smart advice. I will start doing that. Got a little Go Pro tripod too. That thing is hilarious. It looks like a spider and you can attach it to trees and stuff and shoot away! It was well worth the cost! xoxox

  31. You pose a great question. Hmmm… let’s see. Well, I agree with you, sometimes when you pull out your summer wardrobe from last year, you definitely are NOT into some of the pieces. However, that thought last for about a second as I’m overcome with joy that it is indeed warm enough for shorts. My advice? Bite the bullet, throw on the clothes and rock it for everyone’s eyeballs. Trust. You’ll be glad you did… and so will everyone else. Gorgeous pictures BTW. You and shorts go well together 🙂

  32. I put away all my warm coats and bring out my kimono’s, mini and pencil skirts, sundresses and of course shorts, for me it’s very easy to transition since i just wear neutral colours so they pretty much suit every season 🙂

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