Vegetable Salad with Torn Pancetta

Edamame Salad
I wish I could have been creative enough to spin some kind of recipe for memorial day for you.
But I ran out of food and didn’t feel like grocery shopping so –


You know what I realized when I’m running out of shit in my fridge?

Whenever my fridge is low on food to the point I’m sifting through the doors of the fridge, I just grab whatever’s left that doesn’t smell bad or hasn’t turned brown, and make a salad.

Fucking pathetic, I know.
But what can I say, I’ve been busy mis-managing my time.


I once read somewhere overheard a conversation that since 40 is the new 30, your 20s are where you should get all the partying out of your system so that when you get into your 30s, you can focus on starting a family.


And now I don’t agree with all that because god knows I fucking work my ass all the way off.
But really I just can’t see myself as a parent.

Just the entire lifestyle shift that has to happen when you have a kid.
Even the little shit.

You know that shit when you’re lying in bed and your kid walks in.
You’re dreaming of an obscene phone call then you realize it’s some toddler panting beside your ear going “mom…*pant pant* mom,  are you up yet?”


That’s why if you’ve ever offered to babysit for a weekend or even a night, parents give you that look like, wait a min – for real?
“Yeaaah sure no problem,” you reply. “I can take care of little Billy Badass and Annie cant-keep-her-pants-up.”
You’re sure?
“Yeah I’m sure! You guys take the night off, you deserve it.”

If you’ve ever offered that, then you’ve know that look I’m talking about.

They have that same look in their eyes as like, a hooker does.
Where it’s not a joke. They will fuck you.


I offered to baby sit my friends kids once and it was an absolute shit show.
I kept asking how I got myself into this situation.
It’s like once again, doing something nice for someone was a bad idea.

And I mean, let’s face I could never get a kid to eat this salad.






Vegetable Salad

What I Used.

A handful: Arugula. Roughly Chopped Cilantro. Roughly Chopped Parsley. Broccolini (blanched & stems cut off). 1 cup Cooked Peas. 1 cup Cooked Edamame. 3-4 strips Pancetta. 2 tbsp Honey. 2 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar. 1 Lemon Wedge (seeds removed). 1 tbsp Olive Oil. Salt. Pepper.

What I Did.

Gather all things green and place in a large bowl.
In a smaller bowl whisk the honey, apple cider vinegar & olive oil.
Squeeze in the lemon wedge.
Shake in salt & pepper.
Whisk again.

Pour the honey vinegar dressing over the bowl of greens and mix.
Tear the strips of pancetta into pieces and add to the bowl of greens.

Give a good toss and serve. Edamame Salad

42 thoughts on “Vegetable Salad with Torn Pancetta

  1. This salad looks beautiful and I hear you re kids. The way you put it is hilarious. I’ve been thinking a lot about this topic lately. I will say, LOL re the babysitting and the look the parents give you. But i’ve been told that you give a lot more attention to other people’s kids than you would to your own if you were in the same situation.

  2. No babies for me either. Glad I found a man who already had that phase of his life. I babysat my nieces and nephew when they were babies (now having babies of their own). They my grown children. I need no more!

  3. That salad looks pretty good for crap you found in the bottom of your fridge!
    And the look I give when someone offers to babysit is a reflection of three thoughts:
    A) Yaaaaaay! Give this person a medal!
    B) Where does one go out to? I can’t remember what stuff is open after dark.
    C) I haven’t worn high heels since 2002…

  4. I love your fridge! Mine looks somewhat less healthy, once I’ve cleared out all the obviously edible stuff.
    And did I hear that right, you’re offering to babysit my two for a weekend? That’s absolutely lovely (no desperate, raised eyebrows here. Just plain gratitude. And a good view of my backside as I head out to grab them before you change your mind)

  5. Now that’s a fridge salad Cake. My lads would eat the peas, the lemon, the prosciutto, the broccolini…but only if they were all seperate on the plate. In others words, not this salad. Sigh, guess no babysitting for us either. 😪

  6. I’m not sure about babies either Sister! Love kids but I love my life the way it is. My grandma used to call it shipwreck when we eat all the leftovers and random items in the fridge. This salad would’ve perfect for a shipwreck meal!

  7. I only tend to make salads right after I’ve done a grocery shop, when everything is crisp and fresh. When I’m running low on stuff and things are looking a little sad, I make soup.

    I hear you on the kid front. Other people’s kids make me tired. I’m in my 30’s and I feel tired enough without kids. I once read a quote that went something like “I’ll have children when I’m sure there’s absolutely nothing else I want to do with my life”. I do like the idea of adult kids though. Maybe I’ll adopt some adult children to take me out to lunch when I’m in my 50’s.

    I’ve never had to look after a baby but babysat for a friend’s kid once. ONCE. Funny thing is, that kid wouldn’t eat what I call “kid food”. He wanted a raw broccoli and raw cauliflower which he ate without any sort of dipping sauce or dressing. It was like having a rabbit. That kid might eat your salad.

  8. Dude.. I’m so scared of kids. I love the idea but I grew up as basically an only child (older brother 10 years older than me) and all of my other experiences with little kids have been less than successful. I never babysat as a kid, not even my own cousins really, and now that you got me thinking about it I’m totally not ready!! Maybe it’ll be natural instincts you know? Maybe… ahhh…

  9. Yum, yum. Now I fully admit that I can’t cook worth sh*t, but… I can make a salad.. kind of LOL. This salad looks like it could be something I could make and not poison everyone…yea! Oh…and the kid thing…yea, I like babies cause they are mostly cute and they don’t say much…and you don’t have to hold them. When they cry, you can send the baby and the parents packing! It’s a 2 for 1 deal! Ha!

  10. It’s amusing that in the UK, cilantro is called corriander and arugula is called rocket!
    Those name changes alone confused my friend no end when she came here lol.
    As for the child thing, I hear you. However, I’m African so will be expected to procreate at some point 😛

      1.’s confusing for me when I’m in the states!
        To answer you question though:
        “In the us, you have a different name for the seeds and leaves of the same plant. The seeds are corriander and the leaves, stems and even roots are called cilantro. Here in the UK, it’s all called corriander”

  11. Man. I was reading about salad. Then the post went sideways and in my head I was standing talking with an old colleague I hadn’t seen in years explaining how there would be “no adopted babies” in our household (you know… Being as that’s the only way my hubby and I will ever get those little rug rats and all). And then? There was salad again!!! Crazy!!! Oh. And yeah…. That Sunday evening empty the fridge into a bowl thing? Around here we call that refrigerator salad. We’ve also been known to do “Sunday soup” as well… All the leftover stuff from the week…. It’s kinda like a “week in review” for food! Love reading your posts!!!! http://Www.Duanescottblog.Wordpress.Com

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