…And A White T

The first full week of work after a shortened holiday week is the just the worst.
It’s like, “Oh God, I have to work ALL week??”

And I know I should have a more upbeat start to my week, I know.
But it’s Monday morning and it’s been dark and rainy since Sunday morning and it’s expected to continue pouring down cold rain until Wed morning.


Being that we typically shoot on Sundays, I had to dig into the archives for todays post since yesterday was a wash.
Pun NOT intended.

These are a couple old ass pictures from a day when my weekend uniform was still black and white and things were much drier.
Note to self: Build up your picture archive.
http://ivegotcake.com http://ivegotcake.com

56 thoughts on “…And A White T

  1. oooooh I´m totally digging this look…. Monochrome is soooooo you! I love your excitement towards Monday, perfect similarity to what I experienced this morning and what is worse that today is a bank holiday in the country I live in but can´t have the day off before I work for a country that I left… Politics! Loving your shoes
    Hopefully your excitement pipes up a bit, mine shot up 30mins ago because I now go home!
    haha wishing you the best regardless, xoxoxo

  2. Loving the lace up shoes, very bad ass and toughen up the look! Its always hard to get back in Work Mode after a short break but I know YOU CAN DO IT!!! (Imagine the last lines shouted in typical cheerleader mode!)

  3. Okay! First, those shoes are amazing! #Fire Second, you look stunning as always. The backdrop really brings out the ensemble. Third, that’s great advice- having extra photos for weeks like this. The weather can be your friend and your enemy. Now, back to those shoes…what size are you? LOL.

  4. I love that we got to lurk your archive today. It was storming here in Orlando today, too. But that’s kind of typical this time of year (like every afternoon). I totally have a archive of food pics I haven’t posted – but I actually hate that I haven’t gotten the recipes out lol

  5. Dude it’s raining where you are too?? I’ve been SO PISSED lately it’s just been pouring down and it is not ok. It’s supposed to finally clear up tomorrow but this has been the coldest and rainiest may ever!

  6. I absolutely LOVE black and white – especially white t’s. So easy to dress up or down.
    Your whole ensemble is giving me life. Let’s have a moment of silence for those killer heels *bows head*
    Note to self: create an archive! My blog is going through a dry season (unlike the damn weather here) because I have no images!

    P.S. Totally random but I love the simplicity/intrigue of your post titles – something I’ve taken note of over time

    1. Wow, thank you so much!
      This is such a nice comment, I’m really flattered.
      Especially because my post titles are so far in my head that I end up hoping people don’t remember them once they click on the post haha.
      Thank you ❤ ❤

      1. You’re welcome.
        I thought it was an odd comment but I’m glad I shared now.
        Keep doing what you do and know that it’s appreciated – at least by me and the tonnes of other people who comment / creep your blog lol 🙂

  7. Wow you’re sooo pretty! Black & White outfits are always classy, but the shoes took it to another level xx

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