Wild Rice

Wild RiceI have been SO uninspired lately.
I like seriously had to google dinner the other night.


This is a quick post because I have a lot of shit to do today but here’s an easy recipe to make brown rice exciting again.
Because not only is brown rice seriously underrated but we’re still working on that new years resolution, right?





Wild Brown Rice

What I Used

3-4 cups Cooked Brown Rice. 1 Habenero Pepper. 8-10 Med Portabella Mushrooms. 1 cup Diced Pancetta or Bacon. 1 Handful Shredded Cabbage. 1 Egg. Olive Oil. Salt. Pepper.

What I Did

Cook the rice, according the instructions on the bag/box.
Meanwhile chop the mushrooms and dice the habenero pepper.
In a large skillet, add the pancetta bits and the mushrooms.
Cook over a medium flame, stirring often to prevent any bits from sticking to the bottom of the pan.
When the mushrooms are almost cooked, about 8 mins, add the habenero pepper and shredded cabbage.
Cook, tossing often, until the cabbage is wilted.
Season with salt & pepper.

When the rice is cooked, add it to the skillet and drizzle some olive oil on top.
Integrate the rice into the mixture, adjusting the seasoning as needed.
http://ivegotcake.com http://ivegotcake.com

Lastly, create an open space in the middle of the skillet and add 1 tbsp olive oil in it.
Crack an egg in the center of the pan, letting it cook for just a few seconds, before mixing it in the rice mixture.

Serve immediately.
How_to_make_healthy_wild_rice Wild Rice
So good. So good.

57 thoughts on “Wild Rice

      1. Now I know why I used to get this wrong… I’d do the egg much earlier! (before rice) DOH lol
        I suppose if I’d looked up a recipe it could have highlighted my foolishness but where’s the fun in that?!
        Thank God for your blog eh? Enlightening / saving enthusiastic novices like me across the globe

  1. We all get in that rut! I’ve been in it myself lately, though I think I may be coming out of it now (thank God!). Even if you don’t feel inspired you inspire me with this post. That rice looks fantastic!

    P.S. Is that a Jamie Oliver mortar and pestle?

  2. Aw man, un-inspriration eats balls. I feel like getting my ass over there to give to a hand (and a drinking buddy – wine-spiration can help in these desperate times).
    Nice looking salad. brown rice is my shit!
    Email me that challenge posting date would ya x

  3. Yum!

    I Google dinner all the time. Not just when I’m feeling uninspired. Just a weird habit.

    I love these kinds of recipes that can be mixed and matched. I bet shiitake mushrooms and Chinese sausage would be pretty cool subs in this too.

  4. imaginative – YES, I would totally do this if I hadnΒ΄t sworn off rice completely! those mushrooms though!!! Salivatingggggggggggg. Anything with mushrooms is a win win for me! Gosh, I LOVE MUSHROOMS.
    I like this though Dana, the recipe, quick, easy and tasty. And IΒ΄ve googled dinner half of my blogging life… soooo… yaaay to googled dinners!
    Looks delish!

    1. You can substitute with any vegetable; carrots, cucumbers, zucchini…
      Or if you want the emphasis on meat, then add some sausage or shredded (roasted) chicken.
      Shiiiit – I’m making myself hungry just writing this.

  5. You, uninspired- I cant and Wont believe it!
    Food looks seriously yum, apart from the egg part. I hate egg…
    Well you have inspired me, you and one other food/fashion blog I read to take cooking lessons this summer when I’m in Berlin. i have a mate who is a chef. I could totally learn on my own via YouTube etc but i need a push…I hope I get it!

      1. You know what? That is genius! Getting myself a bunch of pretty ass stone mortars and eating out of them lol. Gonna need 50 servings to fill up but it just looks so good!!!!

      1. Hahaha yes! The funny thing is I don’t actually like eggs… whyyyy?!!! 😦 sadness!! I wish I did, but I’ve never liked them ever since I was a little girl. Still cook them for him though! lol

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