Duck, duck, duck…Gooose
Yesterday I met up with my buddy Keegan to do a lil exploring around a secluded subset of the North Shore.

For like 3 months he’s been telling me about this beautiful coastal landscape, cornered on the eastern edge of Massachusetts and I kept saying I was gonna check it out.
So yesterday, I said fuck it – let’s go.

Can I just say, exploring… fucking underrated.

We came across this dope fishermans shed that I immediately fell in love with.http://ivegotcake.com

And because we don’t give a combined shit about safety, we headed over to the rocks.
Boston_street_style http://ivegotcake.comBoston_style_bloggers
We’re sitting on these giant rocks like Lois & fucking Clark, feeling like we’re in the middle of nowhere and it was absolutely gorgeous.

Seriously, at some point this year, you owe it to yourself to grab a couple friends, a smaller cooler of food and booze, maybe a couple joints and like… just go somewhere.

Go discover some shit.
Boston_fashion_bloggers Black_girls_who_blog

Wearing an ASOS jumper, Tommy Hilfiger loafers and a Calvin Klein sunhat.

74 thoughts on “Duck, duck, duck…Gooose

  1. I cannot even begin to explain how much fun this whole experience was. We need to — no have to shoot again! Love ya boo! ❤

  2. I love the poses (first & last picture)! You look so relaxed and gorgeous! This was the perfect location for your ensemble. It’s amazing what you can discover when you just get up and go. I love finding hidden treasures in my area. Have a great weekend love! Xoxo

  3. Yes! Get out and discover some shit!! I love it! I’m coming up there one day. I want to start in Maine and work my way down!

    p.s. you are redeeming yourself from the maxi dress. FAB!! 😉

  4. Damn, girl! You look like “wifey” right here. These pics are everything – absolutely breathtaking. I wish had the body to wear this jumper. *Getting there

    Goals… fucking goals… Everything: GOALS.

    *Sorry: Sometimes I rant like a crackhead – I am so damn excitable. And, for the record not on crack. Never done crack – but I wonder if it feels this good. This blog is crack sometimes… At work, just got paid, totally checked out mentally…Have a good weekend!

  5. This ALMOST made me miss New England, which I didn’t think was possible. 🙂 Seriously though–amazing pho.tos as usual and I’m obsessed with that jacket.

  6. Oh cool all of those things hanging from the shed are painted like different Scandinavian flags! That makes me want to get out and go explore Denmark some more this weekend!

  7. Since you’re getting down with your photography, this location must have been very inspiring. Largely- I Dont Do Nature- but I do like to appreciate it from afar! Well, I’m going to live in Berlin over Summer and its there I normally break my rule and do at least one ‘nature thing’, so I’ll be taking your advice!

  8. LOLs.. major LOLs. I feel like I MUST go somewhere over the weekend just because you said so! I need to explore more all of a sudden, like I should get the flip out of my chair, leave the office, screw it all and just run off somewhere to discover life! I am LOVING what you are wearing, that lace jumpsuit is EVERYTHING! I see why you LOVE that fisherman´s shed, I´m sure I would have tried to find ways in which I could take it home with me. Just because…

  9. I wish I could rock a straw hat like that. Whenever I put one on, I look less like a sassy tourist, and more like the ladies who sell fruit at the market. Beautiful post, lovely outfit, and I just wanted to thank you for liking my first post on my own blog! Means a lot.

      1. Aww, thanks Dana. So sweet of you to say. There is a park/lake next to our old place so we did all of the photos there. Now that we moved, I have to brave up and take pictures in more public places. 😁

      2. Oh God I know!
        I’m still working on overcoming my phobia of taking pictures in public places. I always feel I’m in peoples way – especially cuz they’re rude as fuck here in Boston.
        So am I but still :p

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