Although I have a massive headache right now, I am ridiculously happy it’s Friday.

I swear, the most amazing thing in the world is being so focused that when you finally come up for air, your week is actually over.


What are you guys doing this weekend?
Who’s pool are you gonna crash?
Any plans for dad?
It is Father’s Day this Sunday…

Juuuust saying.
Wearing an old H&M coat, H&M White T, F21 short shorts and Jeffery Campbell shoes.

94 thoughts on “Bronzed.

  1. You look fabulous and the shorts make your legs looks so long and lovely. Jealous of long legs. Mine are so stumpy. I’ll be spending the weekend the same way I always do. But with the added bonus of trying to get over whatever bug I’ve had for a week.

  2. You’re looking great, Dana, as always! And if that’s with a headache, you’d probably blind us if you were at the top of your game 😉

  3. Oh…hello! You are looking very, very scrumptious in those short shorts. I too suffer from bad headaches…sinus headaches no less. Two words. One medicine. BC Powder… it’s like crack. No really. I had to take some at work one time and people seriously thought the white powdered substance was cocaine LOL. Sadly, it wasn’t ha! On a serious note, it’s the only thing that works for my headache and it works fast. I think its because it dissolves on your tongue… or something. Stay flawless.

    1. LOL @ sadly it wasn’t.
      I know right? Womp.
      On that tip though, what is BC Powder? Now I gotta google that shit because I have never even heard about it.
      Hmm, lemme find out…

  4. Looking good!! Killing those shorts!!
    Well, I just came back form Dragon Boat racing (it’s a Chinese holiday and there’s a boat race involved). My arms feel like spaghetti =/ Currently in the process of bribing my friend to cook for me tomorrow. No plans for father’s day other than calling him since we’re billions of miles away. What are your plans for father’s day? Hope your Saturday’s going well!

    1. Oh I love Dragon Boat racing! So cool that you participated in that girl!
      Yeah I’m gonna call my pops too since he’s currently traveling 😦
      Happy Weekend lady love,

    1. Haha, yeaaaah, I guess I should huh?
      LOL, I actually never even though about that but I guess that would be an interesting thing to post.
      I’ll work on that, thanks for giving me the push to do so 🙂
      ❤ ❤ you!

  5. I agree with Lety C, those legs!!!, pls share your secrets lol hopefully your workouts aren’t too hard because i am Lazy with a capital L lol girl can’t even run for 5mins without sounding like someone in labour 😦

  6. Dear Lord, thanks for reminding me its Fathers Day, I totally forgot! My Pa pretends not to buy into all that Ish but he loves it when you make a fuss!
    Very Cool Summer Fresh outfit hon, I dont know why but I just hear SWV’s Right Here when I see it! And good legs too! x

  7. Hey – I have the same name as your mom, with the same spelling (Jeanne)!

    I just got back from a 36 hour trip to NYC Fat Fashion Week. I am wiped out.

    I’ve been shooting Flonase up my nose to ease my sinus inflammation, and it’s working out so far.

    Have a great week!

    1. Oh damn girl. Yeah you need a break to just recover.
      How was fashion week?

      And yeah, no wonder I like you so much, your my mom’s namesake!

      You peep how she be tryna call me out on my own damn blog?

  8. Legs. For. Days! You look fabulous!
    I wish the weather was nicer over here – grey skies all weekend *womp*
    I had the headache from hell on sunday which morphed into a migrain and back into a headache. I lost 9 hours of my life 😦
    Anywho… I hope you had an awesome weekend? ❤

  9. omgahhhhhhh you look HOT! And your legs are just amazeballs! And you´re taller than me- Grrrrrrª LOL But you look fantastic,. I want to have this entire look for summer. Have I mentioned just how fabulous you loooooook!
    i can´t!
    Its toooo much,

      1. We did – went away to our family cabin in the mountains and had a triple-father’s day party weekend… (my dad, my brother and my husband) – filled with canoe rides, biking, hiking, eating (tons) and of course, drinking! How ’bout you? 🙂

      2. oh wow!!
        That’s AWESOME!

        I got my Fathers Day wishes out to my dad on Sunday but the overall flow of the weekend was celebratory.
        Because it’s Gay Pride here in Boston & Providence and this weekend was Providence pride parade – so things were bananas

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