I finally got through the rest of our pictures from that time when we went exploring.

We found this clearing of sand and all I wanted to do was go barefoot.

So we spent a long time there.
http://ivegotcake.comIvegotcake http://ivegotcake.com


Wearing ASOS jumpsuit, F21 Coat and a Calvin Klein sunhat.

65 thoughts on “Hooky

      1. I hear you on the water front – it’s very soothing.
        Sadly there are no natural beaches or expanses of water near me (they’re all man made) so I tend to just explore inner city London and find little hideaways while discovering awesome architecture. I like sitting in quaint parks too.

      2. lol! I do so by myself as I’d be too embarassed to share the experience and oftentimes I’ll zone out and conjure up stories for the people I’m watching. Might be a little weird doing that with someone next to me!

      1. Please don’t! I’ve made a vow not to buy any clothes this summer because I literally have to shove them up my gorgeous ass as my closet is stuffed like hell. I’ll save your photos for DIY sewing inspo if I have the bug and decide to recreate it.

  1. beautiful pictures!! this makes me want to run out to the beach right now 😉
    instagram: the_ch1ara

  2. I was just thinking this location would be a fab place to shoot a swimwear collection or perfume ad. I can just see the man and girl frolicking about like they do in all those ads…lucky you to have discovered such a gem spot! Loving the Old Glamour Hollywood feel of your look, THAT HAAAAAT!!x

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