ECCO x IveGotCake
Shoutout to my girl Danika Maia though.

Danika, in another life you’d be wifey and not because you’re fine as shit.
But because you’re constantly looking out for your girl.


About a month ago, Danika emailed me like,
“D, your blog is on and poppin’, do you wanna get in on sampling this unreleased line of sneakers?”

Can’t wear high heels every damn day.
Seriously, even if you tried to – you’d only be upright for a few hours, I mean who’s kidding who here.

So a couple days ago, I got a new pair of ECCO kicks that are currently under limited market release via their ECCO INTRINSIC #PartOfMyWorld campaign.


Now that I have them, all I can say is I 100% understand why people will go OFF if you step on their sneakers.
They’re comfortable as fuck and have an inseam that fits effortlessly around your ankles, kinda like an ankle sock.
But besides all that, what I really like about them is that they don’t ruin the shoe with a giant ass label on the exterior.

To check out more from ECCO, click here.

Not gonna lie, I’ve worn them almost every day since I got them.
Boston_style_bloggerseveryday_bostonBrown_girl_bloggers_bostonhttp://ivegotcake.comBoston_street_styleWearing ECCO Instrinsic sneakers, H&M high-waist shorts, thrifted top and and an Aldos bag.


94 thoughts on “ECCO x IveGotCake

  1. Those sneakers are AWESOME! As American would say to each other “DOPE”. (i hope that´s not racist) AnyHU! Can you get me a pair of those? real ask! haha I love them, you look awesome in them, you might have small feet me thinks. I love how you paired them with denims. LOVE LOVE LURVVEEEEEEEEE It all. xxxx

      1. In that case then, we got matching feet. Size 39 ere ere. There´s a huge difference in UK and American sizes, how am I a size 6 in the uk AND size 8 in the US. Some cray cray shiiiiiiiiiz 😀
        anyhu, we have literally the same feet, so…. yay

  2. Yay!! They look SOOO good on you, that’s the same pair I got and I never understood the hype about white sneakers either until I got them and now I’m like obsessed with wiping them down and keeping them clean. Thanks for the shoutout – you’re my boy blue!!

    Danika Maia

  3. Love the sneaks and love the denim on denim! And I love the close up photos!!! I cannot wait to wear cute shorts again, you keep inspiring me to kick ass after this baby comes!

  4. Those look insanely comfortable and super cute! I absolutely love the white sneaker trend, I’m just terrified that they’ll get filthy within a single wear. Because city dirt.

    1. Dude they really are.
      They’ve got this inner bump that support your fucking comfortable.
      And I’m paranoid about keeping them white.
      But I mean – that’s life right?
      Shit is meant to be worn…

      1. ooh, arch support is a major selling point for me. This dancer has crazy high arches and crazy arch problems (plantar faciitis anyone?). So anything that has arch support IMMEDIATELY becomes a top on my shopping list.

      2. ooh yes. Nothing better than a good roll out with a tennis ball after a day of heel wearing.
        Yeah! ballet and contemporary mostly.

  5. Dana, how do you make everything look so effortless? These do look so comfortable and I love a pair of clean white sneakers!
    P.S. It looks like the weather was nice when you shot these – not too hot I’m guessing?

    1. Hey girl, haaay!
      Yeah the weather here is awesome, Summer has officially landed, thank JESUS.
      It’s been in the mid-80s are here these past few weeks and the forecast for the holiday is the same.
      You guys still on the beach?

  6. Those are so cute, even a heel lovin’ old lady like me would wear them! Size 8 in case there a pair with my name on them. Need to spread the word in Canada!

  7. Gurl stop it! Nobody looks THAT good at a bus stop (except for maybe me… HA!). Denim dreams indeed. PS – love the sneakers, I have a bit of a um… sneaker fetish myself 🙂

  8. That’s so cool that you got to try Ecco sneakers, as far as I know, they are from Austria and I think their headquarters is in the same city where I go to university 😀 Small world!

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