Red Apples

Well I certainly enjoyed myΒ 4th of July, my little funtime in the sunshine…
Getting drunk during the day, parties at night.
I did alright.
How was your holiday?

Did you get some sun?
Have a nice little tan going, maybe even a decent bikini line?
Did you go to a cookout or have people come to your place?


I’ve been bouncing between pool parties and cookouts since Friday and I fucking love it. I loved every minute of it.

I ran around the 5th of July in this and a blue jean jacket that I either left in the car or around my waist.
boston_street_style boston_street_style

Wearing Zara top, Zara leggings and ECCO shoes.

82 thoughts on “Red Apples

  1. Happy 4th July Cake! Bet you caused some fireworks wherever you went looking so totes adorable! The colour of those leggings is mad, mad I tell you!

  2. Speechless. Actually no, not speechless because I obviously still can write but words fail me.

    How you be doin’ that, simple always does you so well!

      1. I’m really trippin’ on shit gets hairy πŸ˜€ with my morning coffee, it’s a great laugh!

      2. And P.S. I really can’t dress simple. It’s really not for me. I don’t know where everything goes and how it combines with you-name-it so I always end up overdoing simple and say ‘ah fuck it’ and do my kitschy thing instead.

      3. Yeah but it also means I’m a simple-dressing handicap. For real, minimalism is so unnatural to me that I feel like an alligator in a Paris boutique. My mother is the perfect minimalist and she dresses really simple but it suits her. I’m obviously missing these genes. πŸ˜€

  3. Nice run around outfit. I had a pair of ECCO boots once. They cost a fortune even though I only paid half price. I wore them travelling across Asia, where you have to take your shoes off when you come inside. One day, drunk, I left my shoes outside our accommodation and they were gone on the morning. Gutted!

  4. Wait a minute, WAIT A MINUTE!! so will I look this good if I wear leggings with a short top?! I never considered this look, but I LOVE leggings. I always thought you cover your booty when wearing leggings, but where is the fun in that right? I love your posts lol.

    1. Oh my god this comment is so fucking funny!!
      GIRL, lemme tell you, leggings are everything. Everythiiiiing.

      You could most DEFINITELY rock the hell out of this look !
      Because to your point – yeah you gotta dress in a way where you feel comfortable but do you gotta cover your tush EVERY time???
      ❀ ❀

  5. Love it! We did very little this holiday weekend and it was GREAT–we managed to make our way across the harbor to watch fireworks at our friend’s place because they have a balcony, but otherwise we were lumps very much in need of rest.

    1. I hear you on that, rest and slumming around are sometimes the best ways to spend your holiday.
      I was just saying above that I passed out at 10p of Friday (the 3rd).
      I was just worn out.

  6. A belated Happy 4th of July to you!
    Perfect outfit for comfortably bouncing between parties and gives room for stomach expansion because that’s super important at cookouts! Lol
    And I concur with the comment above, you’ve definitely got cake girl!

  7. I had a nice 4th July, i’m in Berlin not the States so we don’t go all out like you guys do…i did have a party to celebrate the launch of my tv show…it was fun but stressful. I love the idea of a party but the build up is always a bitch for me! Glad you had fun flitting and floating between parties and cookouts! x

    1. Oh congratssss!!!
      That’s right boo, congrats on the new TV show.
      I only freak out about parties that I host but any other party – I’m turned up lol.
      Are we gonna see pics of your TV show launch?

      1. Oh, it was just a lil party with friends, if I had, had it in Nigeria it would have been more industry based but for me its so much more stressful to do stuff there, so I was like- Fuck that!! i do have lots of pics, but its fashion wk next wk and am out every night and just making it through the day!I’ll put them up sooooooon! x

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