Tuna Sashimi & Seaweed Salad

Tuna Sashimi & Seaweed Salad
Alright so here’s something I’ve never ever tried making.
Seaweed Salad.
And to be honest, it’s not my best plating either.


My girlfriend was over and I asked her to cut the tuna in thin slices.

While she did indeed slice against the grain, she missed the part about angling the knife at a 90 deg angle against the grain, not the fish.
This would have prevented the fish from separating so much.

But she made me a grey goose martini immediately after I saw the pieces and I stopped giving a shit.
Semantics, you know?


So this is the outcome.
The recipe is dope and the flavor is un-fuckingreal, just like in the restaurants.
But the ONLY thing I didn’t like about the seaweed I used, is that it wasn’t that bright green seaweed that you normally see when you go out for sushi.

You know what I’m talking about right?


That like flourescent green seaweed salad.
That no asian restaurant has ever fucked up.
Like they could fuck up everything else, but that seaweed salad always comes out correct.

That’s what I wanted.

Because I like pretty food.
And I was seriously caught off motherfucking guard when I opened the Wakame Seaweed bag.

Um…no but seriously like what the fuck with this shitty green color!?
The fuck is that about??

It looks like it came out of my back yard.
And I don’t even have a g*ddamn yard.


But I’m trying to get back to eating healthy again so I said whatever – let’s do it.

Because God knows over the holiday and this past weekend, I ate like an absolute animal.


On the 4th, like the actual holiday, I went to this cookout and the BBQ was so fucking good you could smell it before you got out your car.
I told my friend to grab me a drink and immediately got in line.


What, did you think there wasn’t a line?

I just told you this BBQ was so g*ddamn impressive you could smell it before you even got out of your car.
Of course there’s a fucking line.


So I get in line right because I know this is gonna take a while.

But the line starts moving and I see they actually have a menu board, listing what’s on the the grill.
Pork shoulders. Ribs. Wings.
Fucking love my friends.

My jaw starts working and I tell myself to select only one item and then do cardio all week.

Line gets closer.


I get up there and the BBQ is RIDICULOUS..
I’m standing there going, “Dana, let’s just pick one meat,” but the demon, that sugar/salt addiction running through my veins says, GET ALL THREE.



Back to eating light.
Because I left feeling like an overcooked hotdog.
Like I was gonna explode if I even put a seatbelt on.
And I don’t wanna be that guy.

So I’m back to eating light.


But the thing with sushi, excuse me sashimi, is that you’re hungry like 3 hours later.
And now I want a g*ddamn pizza.






Tuna Sashimi & Seaweed Salad

What I Used

1 Fillet Sushi-Grade Tuna (I used Yellowfin). 10 oz Wakame Seaweed.  2 tbsp Rice Vinegar. 2 tbsp Sugar. 2 tbsp minced Ginger.  2 tbsp Soy Sauce. 1 tbsp Sesame Oil.  1 tsp Fresh Lime Juice. 2 Green Onions (sliced longwise). 1 tsp Sesame Seeds. 1 tbsp Thinly Sliced Habenero Pepper (optional).

What I Did

Empty the seaweed in a bowl and cover with warm water for 5 – 10 mins.
http://ivegotcake.com http://ivegotcake.com http://ivegotcake.com
It will smell like the ocean in your kitchen.

Drain and rinse thoroughly squeezing out excess water.
If wakame is uncut, cut into 1/2-inch-wide strips.

If your wakame is salted like mine, really rinse it.
In multiple changes of water.


Whisk together rice vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil, sugar, pepper flakes & ginger in a small bowl until sugar is dissolved.

In a larger bowl, add the seaweed & sliced scallions, tossing to combine well.
seaweed_salad_recipeDrizzle the sauce over the seaweed combination and mix lightly with a fork.
Adjust seasoning to taste, adding salt as needed.

Add the habenero slices (optional) and squeeze the fresh lime juice on top.
Again – if your wakame is alreday salted like mine was, you shouldn’t need any salt.


Finish by sprinkling the salad with sesame seeds.
REALLY wish I hadn’t forgotten this last part.
That grey goose martini immediately, boy I tell ya..
Tuna Sashimi & Seaweed Salad http://ivegotcake.com

58 thoughts on “Tuna Sashimi & Seaweed Salad

  1. Cake, that BBQ sounded epic. (One of my kids current fave word.) I am hearing you on the ‘consume delciious raw fish hungry later’ scenario. Kudos on the seaweed salad, I have never made my own.

    1. Epic, now there’s a fun word, haven’t used that in a while haha.
      Thank you kindly though, the seaweed salad was incredibly easy to make.
      I 100% will be making it again 😀

  2. Bruh!!! Bless this post! Cuz I feel stupid when I go out and ALL I want is seaweed salad. I guilt buy “the rest” of dinner… seaweed salad for three…ahem I mean one from now on! 😂😂🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

    1. Hahahaha!!!
      That’s hilarious! I freakin LOVE seaweed salad.
      I tell my friends/lunch buddies, “no you guys go ahead and get the seaweed salad. I’ll eat it if you don’t want it.”
      They’re like, “huh? why don’t we just get something we want in that case?” And I’m like, “No no no, trust me, get the seaweed salad!”

  3. Hahahaha sad I missed that BBQ but then again sounds like I saved myself some guilt from overstuffing my face. I won’t lie I was kinda surprised by the color of your salad but it still looks Y U M M Y! And like always when I get to my desk in the morning and read your food post my stomach starts to howl like a wolf in heat!

  4. You eat seaweed. Like regularly. My fairest reaction would be “EEEEWWWWW” but then again I never imagined I’d visit Greece and eat dandelion salad with my calamari. It was a surprise side dish, and lemme just tell you, to that moment there I thought dandelions are nothing better than regular weed in your garden, and I never even got my mind close to the subject of eating weeds. Blergh but then again – it was de-lish!

    So you’re eating seaweed? How’s that like?!

    P.S. I fucking love tuna. YUM!

    1. Seaweed salad is DELICIOUS though!
      It’s hard to explain the texture of it but according to legend (Wikipedia), there’s a shit ton of health benefits to it so you may as well give it a try.
      Can’t be worse than Dandelion Salad, hee hee!

      1. The dandelion salad was delicious, too. And I would give the seaweed a try. If I could find some, that is, because Mordor. (I don’t even know where should I look about those stuff.)

      2. Yes, maybe a tiny store in the capital which lies across the country 😀 I’m telling you, I really live in Mordor. But there’s an itty-bitty possibility that the local department stores maybe have an Asian food section. Will keep you posted on that.

  5. The closest thing I’ve ever tried to this is salmon locks… I always wanna be that scene bitch eating cool looking shit like this – maybe one day! I have tried seaweed salad, though… I prefer dehydrated – textures…

  6. Yum! I’m not mad that your seaweed isn’t fluoro green. Kind of makes me wonder what the heck they put in restaurant seaweed. Same with ginger actually. I read that ginger shouldn’t be crazy pink but a pale pink so now I’m suspicious of bright pink ginger. Maybe it’s the same way with seaweed?

    I always get so hungry after light meals like this. Have a miso soup handy. It will help.

    What did you dot your tuna with?

    1. Good point, especially on the ginger.
      I thought it was bright pink because it was pickled ginger. But then I never eat the ginger that comes with sushi anyways so what do I know :p

      Tuna was dotted with Spicy Mayo.
      I’m making Miso soup next. That shit is delissssh

  7. Grey Goose Martini? You had me at “Gr” 😜
    The food looks amazing regardless of your ‘evil eye’. Don’t worry, I have one too…
    Your friends sound awesome, no wonder they’re friends with you!

  8. I love seaweed salad. That’s my appetizer before I dive into the sushi, miso soup, and sake. The “demon”….hahahaha. You’re too much! Eating light is good, but sometimes you need something to stick to your bones. 😉

  9. I was wondering how that ‘meal’ filled one up till i got to the end of your story!! It looks fabulously light but a meal for those pretty Disney birds you see that braid the Princess’s hair…that BBQ sounds hella good and I looove the part about yr mate cutting against the grain- I dont even know what that means, tot it only applied to clothes, anyhoo I can just see your face changn from seeing what she cut (wrongly) to your face beaming up when she poured you the drink! ha!

    1. Hahahaha! @ “Disney birds that you see that braid the princess’s hair”

      And you got my facial expression perfectly!
      By the time I turned around she had slice damn near the whole tuna and I was like, “ummm…*stank face* yeah soo….”
      Her: “And I also made this Grey Goose martini – what do you think Dana?”
      Me: “Oh alright!! Yeah…yeah this good! Good job boo!”

      1. LOL, I wish I could tell you I’m calm and collected in this here dojo of mine but……
        Yeahhhh……yeah no.

        You know what?
        You’d have to tell me from the get-go that this is just us fooling around in the kitchen, nothing else.
        That’ll put me in the ‘well fuck it then, let’s shoot the shit’ mode an everything will be aiight 😀

  10. Yum I Love seaweed salad! I always have prided myself on eating the “weird” things at restaurants that other kids would never dream to touch like seaweed salad and the tentacle part of calamari. Because I’m sooooo refined and sophisticated (that’s me as an 8 year old thinking that). Looks damn good though.

    Danika Maia

    1. Yes! We’re very similar in that I love eating the weird shit too!
      I’d be perfect for that food show, Strange Foods or something with Andrew Zimmerman.
      Bring it on 😀

  11. You’re allowed, grab all the offerings of meat candy you can get your hands on… living or not 😉 That’s what this delicious seaweed salad is for! Well done m’lady, looks awesome! And, the plating is gorgeous!

  12. Ok, that bbq sounds amazingly delicious!! Like, now I want some ribs dripping with bbq sauce all over them 😋😋
    I’ve always been curious to try seaweed salad but can never mustard up the courage. I think mainly because of the most of the restaurants here aren’t know for doing Sushi well…I live in the Canadian prairies after all! lol!

    xo, jackie

    1. Ahhhh, well then yes, I undertand your hesistation 🙂
      Do some quick googling on the best sushi joint near you and then go try their seaweed.
      Because unlike fish, you can’t really get seaweed poisoning the way you can get food poisoning due to bad fish.
      It’s much easier to store and preserve than fresh fish.

      If you do get around to trying it, let me know!

      1. There are only two places here in the city that I will eat sashimi at because of that very reason. Lol!! I will try seaweed salad this summer😀 and if I don’t like I will blame you! Kidding!lol

  13. That martini sounds great right now! I would love to go to a BBQ like that. Sounds like you had a wonderful feast. The sashimi looks beautiful and exotic. I might like to try something like that. The sauce seems delicious. I bet I would like it in an experimental delight. Wonderful post! I actually did my first food/recipe post. Have a fantastic weekend!

    xo, Bry


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