White Flag

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Wooooo, it is hot out though..


Last weekend we headed to Castle Island because every summer, without fail, tourists pile into Boston and jam up all the traffic for this g*ddamn place.

So we thought we’d head over and see what all the fuss was about.


I guess it used to be some sort of fort back in the late 1700s/early 1800s, when some war was being fought because someone wanted to control someone else’s property.
You know how that shit goes.


I thought my head was gonna fall back like a newborn when she asked if we wanted a tour.

I’m off to greener pastures, lady.
To this thing called a big ass pool.
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*eyebrow wink*
Wearing an old Topshop dress, old Nasty Gal platforms and an Aldos hat.
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77 thoughts on “White Flag

    1. I’ve been trying for like 30 mins, unsuccessfully, to put a witch’s cackle in words but it’s just not coming out right.

      I’ve sent my flying monkeys to Oz to get help on this 😀

    1. Oh yes! I have to enjoy the hell out of this summer, especially after the winter we just had and the one coming *crying silently*
      Even though I’m whinning about the heat, I loooooove summer 😀

  1. “I’m off to greener pastures, lady.
    To this thing called a big ass pool.”

    This line cracked me up. It’s stinking hot here too, I know I should be looking at historical buildings or hiking or being cultural but I’m typing next to the pool and jumping back in every ten minutes.

    I do really dig the back of that dress, I love low cut backs, you look great (as always!!!)

  2. Girl this sun in España is no joke!! The sun doesn’t go down until like 10:30 pm…i wish I had that dress for this heat, smh. Those poor people in the tour didn’t get to gaze at your beauty…hence, they were probably dozing off like a milk 😵 drunk newborn lol.

  3. LOOOOOVE!!! I love those shoes, I love all black, I feel I haven’t done a full summer all black look yet. I wish my boobs could fit into a dress like that, dammit!

    1. This is my mom everyone…

      Yes mom, late 1700s/early 1800s.
      I can’t help what it looks like, I don’t make the rules, I’m not some kind of centurion.

      And leave my dress alone, you’re hurting its feelings by calling it ‘odd’.

  4. The fort near you is a much better backdrop for photos than the fort near me, although mine has the added mystique of lots of cannons and seagrasses blowing ominously in the wind. Also–SO MUCH STAR-SPANGLED BANNER.

    I hope you got yourself to a swimming pool shortly after taking these fab photos!

  5. Wooooo, it is hot out though..INDEED. Mehn I am wearing the lightest fabric with open back and might as well be practically be naked! It´s 7AM and I am hot, sticky and sweating like an OX. It is that hot! I am dreading African trip in a few weeks, I think I might melt away perhaps?
    Let´s talk about your dress though! LOVE IT! Open back is a thing that I´ve always loved, i love the playfulness of your dress! I think I am now over analyzing things! HAHA but I do really really really like it.

    I heard about Castle Island and its tourists, you simply MUST take me once! Only way to sum up castle history – ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ I totally get that! Me in Montpellier and what´s worse is I was in a freaking tour group. Worst decision of my entire life! Loving the hat. the shoe, the dress and the girl!
    I want to say something spontaneous like WORK IT! But I know that´s not me, any.hu WURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRK IT!

  6. Haha! u make me laff, ‘head falling back like a newborn baby’…and your To The Point history lesson is priceless. Thats one hella sexy old Topshop dress, i love the look- just perfect for a festival actually. I’ve been lkn for foorwear like that with that rocknroll thick ankle detail….THATS how to wear an all black outfit gurl. lOVE!!!

  7. You’re bringing casual black back on the menu. Bare backs suit hot weather well, ya know.

    Brb while I’m lusting all over those platforms.

  8. Those shoes!!!! ❤ ❤ Now YOU know I'm on a 90-day shoe challenge. Stop posting things like this! LOL. You look good as usual! That second picture needs to be in a magazine. That pose is flawless. #WURK

    And yes, it is too hot!

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