Sauteed Melon & Icecream with Port-Balsamic Sauce
I spent the weekend getting older.
And celebrating it accordingly with one of the best weekends I’ve had in years.

Friends who were out of town came up and friends already in town came out.
The combination of these two groups –> time of my life.


Celebrations kicked off Friday night and lasted the entire weekend, ending with one of the best Sunday Dinners ever.

It was one of those weekends where everything we did, we did together.

Every event, every picture, every wink, every laugh… everything I fucking ate, was thanks to and because of them.
I seriously won the jackpot when it comes to my circle of friends.


They let me out of their sight for a couple hours Sunday afternoon and I used that time to do laundry.
But that was about all I had time for.

Which brings me to this recipe.


Inspired by Eric Ripert and conceived because of the insane heat wave we are in, plus the fact that I never made it to the grocery store.





I turned 29.
Let’s just go on and get that out of the way..





Sauteed Melon & Icecream wih Port-Balsamic Sauce

What I Used

Half stick Unsalted Butter. 1 med Cantelope. 2 cups Port. 3 tbsp Balsamic Vinegar. 1 pint Vanilla Icecream.

What I Did

And I know what you’re thinking.
You’re thinking why the fuck would you want to saute fruit on a hot ass day??

Because I’m a moron.

No but seriously, I thought the same thing.
Then I figured it’s simple enough so I can afford to play around with it.

Shit came out INCREDIBLE.

The balsamic in the port sauce is a surprising compliment to the icecream and goes sooooo well with the melons.
Even if you just do the sauce, you have to try this.


Make the sauce:
Combine the port & balsamic vinegar in a small sauce pan.
Bring to a boil then lower heat to med flame and simmer.

Simmer until it is reduced to about 1 cup, about 20 mins.
Then add in 1 tbsp butter, shaking the pan to incorporate.
The sauce should be shiny and clear.
Remove from heat and set aside.


For the melon:
Heat 1 – 2tbsp butter in a large saute pan, allowing the butter to brown slightly.
Then add in the melon slices.

Saute until the side down is lightly browned.
Try not to move them around too much in the pan while they’re sauteing or they won’t carmelize well.
Flip and brown the other side.


Serve with a scoop of icecream and a couple spoonfuls of the port sauce. eric_ripert_recipes
4 helpings later..
heat_wave recipes

98 thoughts on “Sauteed Melon & Icecream with Port-Balsamic Sauce

  1. Happy Birthday girl. I’ve never seen anyone do that to a cantaloupe. Watermelon, yes. But oh my God it looked delicious. So glad you had an amazing weekend. Cheers to the Years!!!

  2. Happy birthday, Dana! I’m also a birthday girl today (but sooo much older than you 😉 ). Yay. Sauteed melon… OMG, never seen that on this side of the Atlantic, and I might be burned for heresy if I dared try it, but it sure sounds AMAZINGLY delicious.

  3. Wow! This looks great. I have never tried anything like it. I have a big sweet tooth so I bet I would love it–too much! Here I was worried you were away somewhere depressed, but no no, you were out living the life! Yay! Happy birthday! I’m guessing your are either a Cancer or a Leo. Hmmm… Have a fun day!

    xo, Bry


  4. Happy (29, ha, I know it’s all relative but seriously? Just kidding, we all carry our own ‘age pain’, but better that than the alternative?) Birthday you gorgeous girl. I detest cantaloupe/Rockmelon. (I have tried to love it but I just can’t, I do get why others do.) But your treatment of it, on a scorcher of a day is rather fantastic. I love fruity, alcoholic desserts. (I also love how your write about your friends.) Friends, (like bread) are another staff of life.

    1. Friends are indeed another staff of like and it wasn;t until I was like 24 that I realized that.
      Shame, I know.
      Rockmelon huh?
      Never heard it called that but totally get why heehee 😀

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Dana, my beautiful, sexy, awesome Boston Blogging friend!! Wishing you another year of peace, happiness and health! ❤

    I don't do melon, but David would probably love the hell out of this dessert.

  6. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had an absolutely wonderful time with your friends and great food too..the stuff of life, my friend! 🙂

  7. This sounds simple and delicious!! So happy you enjoyed the crazy Birthday weekend (shit was fuuuuuuun) oh and not to mention a touch of #escandalo! LOL Much live can’t wait to see the next post!

  8. Looks amazing!!! I love grilled fruit so I think sautéed fruit would be up my alley! A very kick ass birthday to you Sister!!! I am so glad to have found you and connect. Its such a treat to read your words and I wish you only amazing adventures in the year ahead!! ~ Sheena

  9. Wow, that looks awesome! Well done m’lady. I love the caramelized melon, with the balsamic glaze and ice cream. Reminds me of a desert version of melon & prosciutto I had the time I spent in Italy. Food is memories, love it!

  10. Happppppy birthdays baby girl! YAAAAAA #29! Loves it, I hear its like the beginning of Life or something, being 29! hehe. Hope you had a fantastic weekend and a fantastic day, wishing you many many more birthdays with happiness and love forever! to come of course!
    And this dessert is ogasmic! I love the look of it, and ICE CREAM OMGOODNESS! All the great things together. Got the melons, the ice cream and the sauce! Looks delicious, looks like I want it for LUNCH BREAKFAST AND DINNER. In that order! haha
    wishing you a fabulous week,

    1. It kinda is like the beginning of life, it’s funny you say that 🙂
      Only because I am perfectly content right now, you know?
      Dream job, personal life on 10, work life on 10, shoe collection getting bigger, parties keep coming..I think I’m alright at 29, heehee 😀

  11. Happy happy birthday beautiful Dana! Wish you all the best and happiness in your life! And this recipe! GOSH! Looks so good even though I would have never thought of trying it. Great job!

  12. Happy, happy belated birthday! So glad you had a great time! I’m spending today getting older too! The dessert looks fantastic, what a great idea to sauté the melon. I’ve grilled, poached and roasted fruit before but never sautéed! Very clever.

    1. Thank you babygirl!
      It was delicious!
      I vaguely remember us devouring this icecream when we got home from the club on Friday because we were so hungry and it was all I had lol.
      There were like 7 spoons in this bitch lol.

  13. Happy birthday Beautiful! Sounds like you had the perfect bday weekend!
    I love grilling fruit! I’ve done everything from plums, peaches, pears, mango to watermelon but I have never thought to try cantaloupe. Need to add this to my list because it looks so delicious 🙂

    xo, jackie

  14. Happy belated birthday Dana!!! ❤ ❤ So glad you had enjoyed your b-day weekend! Good friends are hard to come by nowadays. 29? Wow! I remember those days. #GoodTimes That looks sooooo good! #RestaurantWorthy

  15. Another year young, that’s my girl. Thrilled to hear you had the best celebration. Here’s to a year of good eats & lots of dranks. Cheers, my friend!

  16. AAAAGGH, this looks so flavoursome! Like if i had a mouthful, my tastebuds would go loco as they wldnt know how to deal with all the assorted flavours….HAPPY BELATED BIIIIIRTHDAY! Happy you spent it with your amigos, thats one of the best feelings, you know, when you can look around and beam with pride! never tot you cld have balsamic vinegar in a dessert….gives me food for thought, see what i did there, hahahaa…..Ok, I’ll go away! X

    Sounds like you had the perfect weekend. I’m praying for the same as mine is a couple of weeks and I’ll be turning the same age (although I don’t have plans yet but I’m remaining optimistic) xx

    P.S. I hope cake was involved at some point?!

    1. Thanks boo!!
      And you’ve got some time to make plans, so make sure they’re well deserving of all you accomplished between 28 & 29, heehee.

      Without question, Cake was indeed involved 😀

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