Backdrop- updated with link

Boston_fashion_bloggersThis look is one from the more recent archives because buttercups over here got herself a new job.

That’s right.

After all those years of school and over 8 years building my career, I finally get to do what I’ve had in my vista since I was 14.
You know that shit you say when you’re a kid like, “I’m gonna discover ___” or “I’m gonna be the first one to invent ___”

Yeah, this is that kinda dream.

Working as the principal design engineer with a team solely focused on creating a minimally invasive surgical robot from conception through FDA clearance and into hospitals worldwide.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay meeeee!!!!


Here‘s an idea of what I’m creating.
It’s a robot performing a hysterectomy surgery. 
Note: That’s a video from our competitor, Da Vinci. and it’s very graphic.

I’d be breaking all sort of rules and NDAs if I showed you what ours looks like but you get the idea.


So between the birthday madness and settling into this new role, I haven’t had time to get out and shoot anything new.
I’m beating the heat with backless dresses like this and my hair constantly up. Dana_fashina_style
Wearing a ASOS dress, ECCO shoes and an old ass bandanna.


  1. Congratulations Dana, that’s wonderful!
    Even in this soft, pink and playful dress (which looks amazeballs btw), your strength shines through. Keep smashing those glass ceilings x

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