Claire Huxtable
Oh God.
I am unintentionally drifting back into the Bodycon zone and there is nothing I can do to stop it.

I found this nude number after only 15 mins of being trapped in the Instagram rabbit hole.
You ever do that?

Click on one thing in someones page that takes you to another page?

So then Β you click on something in that page and that takes you to another page and another after that and another and another…

You just keep going until you are so down that fucking rabbit hole thatΒ when you finally look up you’re all alone, hungry and have to pee.

That’s basically how I found this bodycon dress.

I used to hate wearing tight-fitting shit but I actually really like this dress.
It’s very light and surprisingly airy.

Perfect for the summer heat.
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Wearing a Shop Chriss Zoe dress, NastyGal platforms (sold out) and a F21 hat.
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99 thoughts on “Claire Huxtable

  1. There are only like 10 people in the world that could get away with this dress and you are one of them! Wow!! Love the navy hat and shoes with it. I would look like a naked camel wearing that…

  2. Understated, extremely cool nude look photographed against a backdrop of nudeish corrugated iron. Yes I agree with Debbie, you are probably one of ten people in the world who can rock it. And you do. Love.

    1. Damn you guys…I can’t take all this flattery πŸ˜€
      I was actually worried that the red backdrop would flush me out so I’m equally pleased at the turnout, heehee
      ❀ ❀

    1. hahahahahaha!!
      I checked NastyGal real quick but they’re sold out.
      They may be on other sites like Zappos or 6pm.
      Thanks for checking my blog out, hope you’re having a good week!

  3. I can’t even with your body, I don’t care if that sounds creepy, I want to go cry in a tub of ice cream but these pics are saying “get your ass to the gym now so you can look like this”. GORGEEEEEEOUS DAHLING!

    xx Cara

  4. Yesssss!!! Dumps in the truck
    Thighs like what?
    Ain’t nann girl got more booty in the butt…(in my Trina voice) slay boo!

  5. You look amazing in your bodycon dress and the colour is fab!
    So, I do the same thing on instagram and sometimes I get so far down the hole that I can’t even remember why I was on there in the first place…damn rabbit hole!lol

    xo, Jackie

  6. I loooove that colour- biscuit brown, sandy, beige, nude..- whatever, it goes so well on your complexion, gives that illusion of ‘hey i’m not naked, but in a way, i so totally am!’ Especially with that second-skin fit Gurl, Brava! Ps I am not on Instagram, I know….The Shame, tsigh…x

  7. I get into those spirals, but for me it’s usually Wikipedia-induced. That’s how I ended up watching an early-80s documentary about Best Products stores (i.e. one of those stores that had catalog “showrooms” for reasons I still don’t understand).

    This dress is bonkers–you look fabulous in it, and I love the hat and the shoes with it. Who knew bodycon could feel light and airy?

  8. Dana! Whew… gurl. Now, you know good and well that many a reader are going to try and replicate this whole look with disastrous results because they don’t have your curves or bone structure or personality or… well, let’s just say they won’t have a whole lot of the fab things that YOU have going on in these pictures. That dress with the hat and the shoes looks positively STUNNING on you. All you need now is a man-accessory. Mmm Hmm…

  9. haha it happens to me all the time!! I find myself spending hours on instagram traveling the world! I totally get it!! but now lets talk about how gorgeous and hot you look!! Those curves!! SO BEAUTIFUL DANA!!
    loved the look babe and I wish I can wear a tight dress and look like you!
    Have a beautiful day love

    1. I think far too many girls underestimate how good they actually look.
      Like you have a bomb ass body babe and the booty to go along with it (I peeped that post) so don’t sell yourself short boo.
      We’re only getting older, afterall :p
      ❀ ❀ ❀

  10. *that awkward moment you click ‘like’ not realising you’ve already liked and commented on this post but just re-lived the awesomeness all over a-damn-gain*


      1. *sigh* I concur my dear…I concur..I am cool right? *sticks out tongue at the University bullies who thought otherwise* LOL!
        I kid I kid… not half as cool as you! COME VISIT!
        I actually have a friend who lives in Boston that I want to visit. If I make that happen, I’ll hit you up!

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