ECCO x IveGotCake II

Got me another pair of ECCO kicks people!

That’s right, ECCO hooked me up with another exclusive from their ECCO Intrinsic collection via their #PartOfMyWorld campaign and they are sweeeeeet.


I actually got these puppies a couple weeks ago and have worn them with everything from cocktail dresses to work attire because they’re so goddamn comfortable.

And somehow go with everything.


Although I haven’t tried them with a ballgown yet.

Sneaks and a ballgown?
I bet it would fucking work.

I’ll test that theory out in the Fall.


Thank you ECCO for the dope hookup.
You keep making shit like this and I’m all yours baby.
Boston_fashion_blogger boston_street_style Ecco_intrinsic_ivegotcake

Wearing ECCO Intrinsic shoes, F21 top and old ass leggings.

75 thoughts on “ECCO x IveGotCake II

  1. omg you look ridiculously amazing!! the background is super cool too – but not as much as you 😉
    instagram: the_ch1ara

  2. K….all this cake gotta stop ok?! Leave some for us! Nah im playing, you look BODALICIOUS! #bodaliciousbae Love the shoes! Im really digging this style, they go with everything. Where are you located btw?

  3. Work it Sporty Spice! I’m really into Stylish Sportswear and this look is flyyyyy!Lucky you with the sweet hookups with ECCO, you deserve it hon! I’m intrigued to know what the texture of the trainers are….anyhoo, its great when you find casual footwear you can dress up and down all the while being comfortable as F! X

  4. Uh…. holy sh*t, this post was about shoes?!?!?!?! LOL. Guurrrrrrrrrrlllllllllllll… Listen, you cannot wear what you have on and expect people to look at your shoes (which I’m sure are lovely… still haven’t seen them yet) when your body is SLAMMIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T-R-U-T-H. Whew… I feel a little flushed. May I suggest taking a picture of just your feet cause the hotness that is you is a wee bit distracting 🙂 I see you. And I ain’t mad at cha either!

  5. Look at you Danaaa!! Seriouslyyy I’m gna repeat what everybody said, whaat shoes??? I told you before, u make me wna go back home, just eat healthy and workout!! motivation! You look absolutely beautiful and HOT!!

  6. ‘You with all these curves and me with no brakes!’
    Like hell this post was about footwear!! I don’t see anything past your knees!! Ain’t nothing Past. Your. Kneeeeeesssss!
    Giving us diabetes out here! CAKE. FOR. DAYS.

  7. I missed this??! Why, Lord, why???
    It almost had me crying, how good you look. Like I’m late for work but i had to stop and FEEDBACK. Because you have slayed once again. Like my boss can be all, why are you late today, and I’ll just show her this post and we’ll weep tears of joy together…

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