Salmon Caesar Salad

Salmon Caesar Salad
You’ve heard of Blue Apron by now right?
The company that sends you farm fresh ingredients for a weeks worth of dinner meals, amounting to like $10/day?

My best friend Keegan turned me onto Blue Apron months ago when he first signed up for it because he was so impressed with the recipes.


He asked me if I’d like to sign up for it too because his subscription came with a free trial for a friend.
But I was on my high horse (#foodbloggerproblems) and kept politely declining.

I like the liberty of creating food versus following a recipe.


But Keegan kept gently prompting me, off and on, sending me scanned copies of the recipes from his favorite dishes, asking me what I thought about such and such and this and that.


“Dana! You have to try their Caesar Salmon Salad! It’s literally one of the best caesar salads I’ve ever had. Like, literally blew my mind.

Immediate eye roll.

But I peered at the recipe he scanned for me anyway, looking for what made it so special.
Nothing stood out per se…


So I told myself that I was going to re-create this Caesar Salmon Salad, and if it was indeed the shit, then I would go through with the free trial.


I didn’t change anything from the original recipe (here) except using vegan mayo and vegan parmesan cheese in place of the real deal and skipping the croutons because I’d rather drink those calories than eat them.

I thought it came out pretty damn delicious, people.


Like if you don’t normally cook or don’t really like to cook, I can see why this is mind blowing.

And while it’s not all that different from the way I typically make caesar salads, I still think it’s worth trying this blue apron thing out.

Free food for a week?
Every meal between 500 and 700 calories?
I’ll take it from here…







Salmon Caesar Salad


What I Used.

2 med Salmon Filet (or 1 large filet). 2 Hearts of Romaine Lettuce. 2 tbsp Butter. 1 Lemon. 1 tbsp White Wine Vinegar (substitute: dry white wine). ¼ cup Mayo. ¼ cup grated Parmesan Cheese. 1 cup Croutons (optional).

What I Did.

Make the caesar dressing first.

Mash the garlic down to form a sort of paste.
Using a grater, grate the lemon rind until you have about 2 tbsp worth of lemon zest, then cut the zested lemon into 4 wedges.

Add in the white wine vinegar, lemon zest, lemon juice & mayo.
Using a spoon or fork, mix well.

Season with salt & pepper.
Set aside.


Next, in a large pan, heat up 2 tbsp butter.
Season the salmon fillets with salt & pepper and place skin side down in the pan.

Cook, under med flame until the skin is golden brown and a little crispy.
About 6 or 7 mins.

Flip and cook the other side for about 3 mins. Salmon_caesar_salad
Remove from heat.


Transfer 1 piece of salmon to a cutting board and using a fork, gently break the salmon away the skin.
If you cooked 1 large filet in place of 2 med ones, then cut it in half, following the step above for one of the halves.

Separate the salmon from the skin in bite-sized pieces, tossing the skin out when you’re done.


Roughly chop the 2 hearts of lettuce and place in a large bowl.
Stir in the dressing & parmesan cheese, making sure the lettuce is not too heavily coated.
You don’t want to weigh it down with too much dressing.
Soggy lettuce fucking sucks.

Add in the flaked pieces of salmon & croutons, if you’re using any.
Give things a good mix and season to taste with salt & pepper.


Serve by placing the other piece of salmon on top of the salad, squeezing a wedge of lemon on top of it and sprinkling a little more parm cheese on top.
Ivegotcake_food_recipes Salmon Caesar Salad Simple_summer_salad_recipes

69 thoughts on “Salmon Caesar Salad

  1. This looks righteous! I’ve always wondered about Blue Apron… I think if I weren’t a blogger, I would like the no-brainer here’s what’s for supper. Almost like taking a pill.

    1. Right!?!
      But the food diva in us..I mean food blogger in us can’t help but turn up our nose a weee bit at Blue Apron…
      Like I don’t need your recipes…that’s what MINE are for hahaha!

  2. I’m sitting here laughing so hard rigt now! Glad you gave it a whirl and not only that, enjoyed it!! I’m not quite in your level but I won’t lie Blue Apron has had me curning out some cool stuff with the convenience of skipping the grocery store.

      1. Thanks boo! I’m good girl…counting down the days. I can’t wait to meet the little person that’s keeping me up EVERY NIGHT! How are you?

      2. Yes ma’am…the end of sept girl. You are getting a blog nephew though lol. I can’t wait to meet this little guy. I have 6 weeks to go and he already weighs over 5 lbs. I’m gonna give birth to a grown man 😩😩😩

  3. Long (and funny) story. There’s a tradeshow in vegas this week, and I met with my ecco rep today. At the end of our meeting i was like “ok so you guys partner with bloggers now and I follow one of them!” Pulled up your pic, and the guy who oversees all of that was like “oh yeah she’s one of them! Real cool, love her she straight up drops f bombs daily!” Hahahaha

  4. Yeah, I know what you mean. I prefer to create meals too, I see recipes as more of a guide 🙂
    I will say this meal looks delicious thou 🙂

    xo, jackie

  5. I like the liberty of having someone else cook my food (who likes having the liberty of creating food rather than following a recipe) versus if I cooked the food myself. Any takers? Anyone? 🙂 I have a soft spot for salmon. Seriously… anyone?

      I GOT you boo, it’s already handled.
      Including the jet to fly you up here.
      I’ve my assistant to co-ordinate with yours for a move date that works for you.
      Let me know if you run across any complications whatsoever alright?

      I’ll ask that the jet b on standby till we hear from you.

  6. Oh man I love Caesar salad but I’ve been shying away from it the last few years in favor of more “healthy” options and only recently have decided to just say fuck it because I love it too much and it’s like a CAESAR SALAD RENAISSANCE UP IN HERE! Loving it.

    Danika Maia

  7. I’m with you on not wanting to stick to a plan like this because I like being able to go with whatever whim or mood I’m in when making dinner, but I will say that this salad does look really tasty.

    You need to keep pumping your friend for Blue Apron recipes to see if it’s really worth signing up for in the long run!

  8. Sounds yum! I prefer to create my own recipes too though. I did try a similar service over here once and the meals were really good but I actually missed inventing my own ones.

  9. Save calories for drinks, chuckle. Except then I want to eat cake. In fact, I want to have my cake and eat it too, and have a glass of wine and chow down on this delicous looking salad as well. Yeah.

  10. Looks like a delicious recipe! I love Caesar salad but have never made the dressing from scratch. I bet it is so much better than store-bought. Also, I am glad to find out about Blue Apron.

      1. It’s good cuz I had been looking to put salmon on something else. I don’t really like how it tastes with spaghetti so I stopped buying it altogether. On a related note, I like to wipe down my fish (normally cod or haddock) with milk in order to get rid of that “fishy” taste. Do you do that too?

      2. Oh that’s interesting, I’ve never wiped down my fish that way before.
        But I also don’t mind the ‘fishy’ taste (loooooove oysters) so that’s new to me.
        Do you just splash milk over the fish or soak it in milk for a couple seconds?

      3. I pour a trickle of milk on both sides and then wipe it off with a paper towel. I also do this to make sure nothing from the wrapping is stuck to the filet.

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