Space Invaders

I’ve been finding these neat backgrounds to stand against lately yet I keep forgetting to write down their damn address.

Does that ever happen to you guys?


You’re driving around and around and around, looking for the right background and out of nowhere, BAM…
Just like that, you come across a dope ass background.


So you get out of the car and do your fashion blogger thing, you’re so freakin excited.
Then hop right back in and keep it moving.

Until you want that background again and now you can’t remember where the fuck you were.


Story of my life people until I got turned onto Google Locations.
You guys heard of this?

You go to this link from Google Maps, this one here, sign into your google account and ta-daaa.


Scary right?
Just wait till you need that alibi.
Wearing Shop Criss Zoe Dress (same here) and Calvin Klein heels.

101 thoughts on “Space Invaders

      1. Hmmm no actually I been wondering where you at! haha 🙂 but nothing in the spam, usually when they don’t show up it should say “your comment will be viewable after moderation” right? Does it say that or they just disappear?

      2. I have no idea..
        I do my whole write up, click ‘submit’, then thing churns for a little and the page refreshes…so far so good….then after the refresh – nothing.
        If there was a ‘wait for moderation’ bit, I must have missed it because I just see all the comments that were already there.

        This makes me sad…
        That’s like 4 posts worth of great comments (if I do say so myself), all gone…POOF!

      3. What am i doing wrong?
        What should I be doing differently?

        I’ve stopped commenting via my phone because I wasn’t sure if the hiccups were due to my connection.
        so I’ve only been commenting when i’m on a pc – yet still nothing….
        What’s a bitch to do D?

      1. I work tomorrow from 7 am till 3 pm and then I have no plans after work. Luckily I have Sunday off though 😉

        What are you getting into this weekend?

      2. Absolutely, especially since I start up law school again September 1st… Fuck me!
        Hey, one of us has to right? Lol at least you do it best! 🙂

        Sounds like a hell of a time. Is it at a lake or beach house?

      3. For a weekend of course! Boston is still the way to go without a doubt! It is nice to get away from the city once a while though.

      4. I bet! How’s your new job treating you?

        I doubt I will get some time away before then… It’s only a few days until I start.

      5. New job is everything!
        Largely because it’s just so empowering, you know?

        From my scope of work to having people that report to me. It’s interesting watching my leadership progression.
        It also helps to have a boss is not just on the same page with me, but we’re reading the same sentence.
        That’s kinda what I mean when I say empowering.

        The commute is lovely.
        I hop on the Redline at Porter and take it straight to S. Station.
        We’re right across from S. Station so… 😀 😀

        So life is pretty good at the new job. Haven’t had to flip out on anyone…just once.
        No biggie.
        *eyebrow wink*

        Do you work this weekend?
        If you can get a couple days in sequence off, you and the missus should take trip to NH or Maine. It’s a great re-setter.

      6. That’s what I love to hear! I’m so happy for you and not to mention proud as well! Lol I’m glad you’re enjoying your time at work. As for working this weekend, fortunately I do not! I have plans to go to CT on Saturday. I was going to go up to ME but I had a change of plans…

      7. Ok, that’s cool. At least you’re getting out of town for a little.
        And thank you for the love, I really appreciate that 🙂

        I can’t wait till you finish school and pass the bar – I’m missing a lawyer from my circle and I know I’ll need one…

      8. Seriously! Well deserved time out. You’re welcome! I can’t wait either. I’ll gladly fill that spot in your circle when I finish school and pass the bar 🙂

  1. So, once again… giving us life. I like the background and the way the purple and the pink of your dress act as their own accessory . Not like u need them with those curves ! Great post.

    P.S. obsessed with Criss Zoe’s line… perfect curve hugging feminine clothing ❤

  2. Holy shit–as a style blogger, you fucking GET IT. I know I’ve gushed over your photos in the past, but these feel so fucking fashion-y because you clearly have a great sense of personal style and you own it so these photos look so damn natural and amazing. I love the peach-sherbert-y dress against this wall, because it’s a nice balance of extravagance and restraint.

    Ahhhhhhhhh I can’t stand it. You’re awesome.

    1. Damn girl!
      i read this comment and had to go back and look at the pictures again like, wait a MINUTE…
      Thank you SO MUCH lady for such a dope compliment! It contained such great points of feedback, I could literally feel the love reading it.
      You just made my day beautiful, thank you!!
      ❤ ❤ <33333

  3. This dress is perfect for your a-ma-zing frame. I love this color with your skin tone. The heels…ugh! You know I’m dying over here right (my shoe challenge)? Ha!

    LOL @ the alibi comment. You’re too much! xx

    That’s it. That’s all I’ve got. Lol

    You, my dear, are a problem.
    Killin’ it in the kitchen and the runway (because let’s face it, the sidewalk may as well be your runway) ❤

    1. P.S. While the dress is undeniably amazing and popping on that background, am I the only one who’s noticed your hair? Err…it’s giving me cooperative life!

    2. Alright, alright, alright, I’m going back to baggy shit lol
      Girl, we were just driving around, listening to music, shooting the shit..
      Found this wall and the brakes went SCRRRREEEEEECCCH!!!

  5. I’m in LOVE with this look. That dress is amazing on you. I totally know the background issue, though. I keep trying to vary up my backdrops but finding good ones in the first place is [astoundingly] difficult. I’ve got actual lists of backgrounds I love saved on my phone but I dont know the addresses. It’s getting super problematic. hah!

  6. I don’t know how they do it (those other Houston bloggers) but I cannot, for the life of me find ANY cool backdrops here!! And these damn fingernails of mine are begging to be trimmed, it took me almost 10 minutes to type this. Hey gurl xoxo

  7. GOSH DANA! You are so beautiful!! This dress color is just perfect on you!
    Glad you found the location! It’s a very nice background..
    Have a beautiful weekend babe ♥.

  8. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

    I liked this post but didn’t comment as I could not find the proper words to express how I truly felt. As you can see from the statement above, problem solved LOL! 🙂

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