Peach Sandwiches

Peach Sandwiches
Over the weekend I had an insane sweet tooth, because it’s ‘that time’ right?

But I’m trying to treat my body right and for some reason, OD’ing on chocolate and cookies and cake and Butterfingers.
And Poptarts and doughnuts, oh my god doughnuts..

Somehow flushing it all down with a big ass Snickers smoothie just seemed a little excessive, you know?
Lil’ bit, lil’ bit?


And don’t get me wrong, I could work through all of that with no trouble at all.
But I’m not going to be that guy.

Someone holding my ankles because I can’t do a fucking sit up, I don’t want to be that guy.


You know what I was really feenin for though?
I really wanted an ice-cream sandwich.

But here we go again with the lactose thing.

Maaaan, I’m so fucking tired of my body letting me down.
Can’t handle even handle a goddamn ice cream cone, ugh.


So I just stood in the middle of my kitchen, pouting.
With my hands down the front of my pajama bottoms, looking at my cupboards in a slow circle.

I open the fridge.

Carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, small jars of sauces, radishes…
I opened my fridge to a random bunch of nothing.


What kind of fucking bum –

Just the squareness of it all.
Like it annoyed and depressed me at the same time.


I keep digging around and waaaay in the back back of my fridge, I found some peaches that were still good and a cup of soy yoghurt that wasn’t expired.

Health goals vs. my craving for a goddamn ice cream sandwich…









Peach Sandwiches

What I Used

1 Container Soy Yoghurt. 2-3 tbsp Blue Agave. 2 or 3 Fresh Med Peaches. Olive Oil.

What I Did

Pre-heat grill or broiler.

Halve the peaches and place them on a foil-lined baking sheet.
Drizzle them lightly with olive oil and grill or broil for about 5 mins, or until the cut side is golden brown.
dana_fashina_recipes healthy_dessert_recipes
Remove from oven and set aside to cool.


Add the yogurt to a med bowl and drizzle in the blue agave, stirring until well integrated.
You can also mix in nuts, granola – whatever else you want, just keep it healthy.
You’re too far gone, no point in cheating.


Create the sandwich by spooning the yogurt mix on top of one of the peach halves and topping it with the other halve.
And like a true Icecream sandwich, things got a little messy towards the end.
Peach Sandwiches

78 thoughts on “Peach Sandwiches

  1. Like… First and foremost I’m honored to be on the same flow as you… Lol … Second… Yasss ma’am now I have a heathy sweet tooth option as opposed to growling and sneering at ppl due to my lack. Thank you!

    1. Haahhahahaha!
      You think so?
      I was actually feeling so so about these pics. The light was weird and I felt I didn’t have enough color (not that i could do anything about it) on the plate.

      So thanks for making me feel all nice and warm inside, heehee
      😀 ❤ 😀

  2. Did this taste as good as a sweet treat / satisfy your craving? Because if so then I’m sold!
    They look really tasty though so I’m hoping you say they were scrum-diddly-umptious (a little Ned Flanders for you there… You know you love it)

    1. LMAOOO @ the Ned Flanders insertion.
      You’re right, I freakin love it!

      GIrl, I ain’t gonna lie, it calmed shit right down.
      Because broiling the peaches or any fruit for that matter releases a lot of their natural sugars and with the sweetened yogurt, that sealed the craving nicely.

      Haven’t forgotten I owe you measurements, I just haven’t caught up with my girl to do it for me and I’m waaaaay to lazy to do it myself.

      1. lol…no biggy re: measurements. When you’ve got them send them over (my designer is mad busy right now anyway so its cool).

        As for the peaches…thanks for the feedback. Think I may need to give this a go. Where was this recipe when I was vegan!? At least I know if I decide to go back to it!

      2. I think you get cooler with every comment – YES! to Family Guy and He-Man references lol. I think you should move to London… just a thought? :p

  3. This looks delicious and it photographed very well. When we discussed this I expected the worst and instead you put something together that has my stomach growling and eyes pleased. This is an excellent healthy solution to a sweet tooth. Bravo boo!

    1. Hahahaha!
      I’m dramatic like that because I’m super anal with this whole food blogging thing.
      Like in my head – this is about a 5/10 so when you caught me bitching and moaning about how awful these pictures would be, it’s because I really felt that lol

  4. Girl, that’s a damn shame… Lactose intolerance sucks hard, I would say I feel you but I really actually don’t… It’s not very common around here…

    Other than that your sweet spree seams epic. Beyond epic. Godlike. Yum. But sometimes I, too, have the desire and strength to eat healthily despite my monster cravings.

    But if it’s that time of the month, all is lost. I can’t help but cheer for your will power!!!

    1. Figures you guys can eat all the diary you want and we can’t.
      You know I tell ya..

      Those sugar and/or salt cravings are evil. You should have seen the mountain of desserts I was dreaming up in my head…

  5. Throw in some raspberries and mint and you have yourself a lactose-friendly version of Peach Melba! We too are on the same cycle and damn, now I could totally go for some…

      1. The peach episode of Good Eats is on either Hulu or Netflix right now so I’ve seen it a few times recently. The traditional recipe calls for poaching the peaches, but much like you Alton Brown prefers grilling them.

  6. Shakes fist at the lactose gods…this looks fab Cake and what a peachy idea. 😁 I am a huge fan of fruit desserts and this is now on my list of summer desserts (for when those insidious cravings hit.)

  7. I had some peaches today, and it was sweet…but I know for a fact that my little ‘ole peach had nothing on this peach sandwich. Yum! My sweet tooth is as bad as yours. I’ve managed to cut back though…hardest thing to do. *sigh*. I’ll have to make a peach sandwich soon! *licks mouth*

  8. Damn, you’re so inspiring! i was telling a mate of mine the other day that even though I’m trying to cook more, i’d never be that person, who opens their fridge/cupboard finds a few random things and then whips up a fab dish. Thats the DNA of a true cook/chef, i.e YOUUUUUUuuuuuUU! Looks healthy and yum! x

  9. Grilled peaches are the best! This looks ridiculously delicious. How do you find the that of soy yogurt? I have yet to find a non dairy yogurt that I like 😦
    I’m like you at ‘that time of the month’, my sweet tooth is ridiculous and I can never satisfied it 😋

    xo, jackie

    1. Mhmmm!!
      It was yummy yummy!
      And I think I figured out the thing with my comments not showingup on your page.
      Just remove the moderation.
      I think if you de-select moderating comments, it may free up whatever algorithm that keeps dumping my comments.

  10. I don’t even like peaches like that but I’m going through my time atm and I’ll have have a peach or 3 🙈. The cravings are too real.. Thank God I’m too lazy to drive, someone’s looking out for me..

  11. Babe lsn, i would do anything to get your curves! And everything you cook or make looks so delicious and good!! You make it sounds easyyy but its nottt!! i Love ice cream and any kind of dessert, but this is a genius idea and i would totally love to try itt.

    1. Hahaha!
      Thanks boo!!
      Cuz you’re right, it is NOT easy and one of these days, I’m gonna say fuck it and just eat whatever I want for a whole month!

      Hope you’re eating good out there in Italy babe!

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