Chinese Steamed Fish

Chinese Steamed Fish
I went to use the calculator on my phone the other day and I don’t know what button I hit but it kept fucking doubling any number I entered.
I kept hitting Clear but I could not get it to stop.

I finally just set the fucking thing down, went over and got a pen and paper and just worked it out the old fashioned way.

Because you know what, my brain and my hand will never be obsolete.


I don’t have to upgrade them.
Don’t have to get the new one…

You think in the future, when our body gets too old, stops working right, we can just get new shit?
You ever think about that?


Like how the starter on your car goes after a while and you gotta get a new starter.
Because a car will last forever if you just keep replacing the parts.
Why not have a system like that for the body?


Like what if in the future you can pick out different heads, what you wanna look like.
Just keep unscrewing and rescrewing a new fucking head.
Like a goddamn lightbulb.

Just keep trying out new heads till you find the one you want to put your brain in.
It’d be like getting a new car every couple years.
Who doesn’t want that??

Would you do it?
Or would you just ride out the one you have?


Is this getting too weird?


I mean they already grow ears in petri dishes.
They’ve been doing that for years.
Why wouldn’t they have figured out how to grow a head?

I think if they ever seriously figured out how to do that, we wouldn’t stand a fucking chance.


When you’re building heads…
When you’re at that level, you don’t have any morals left, it’s only about money.
And the temptation to sell that ‘technology’ to the masses would be too great.

But you know we wouldn’t get as good of fucking heads as they get.
They’d keep the topshelf shit to themselves.

And we would just get like, the Bud Light of heads.
Miller Lite hands.
Coors hearts…


And that would like be the goal of the future.

To make enough money that when you get your replacement head you can actually get a good one.
Like a decent looking one, you know?


Your parents give you a little money..

“Now don’t go out there and blow it all on a head! Save some for feet and hands in the future!”
But mom, if I get a better head, I can get a better girl!
“Ah you don’t need to do that, you just save up money and you buy the girl you’re with a better head!”
But mom!!!!!


Can you see that in the future?
I can.




This is just an example of the random shit I think about when I’m alone people.








Chinese Steamed Fish


What I Used

1 or 2 Whole Fish (gutted and scaled). 7-8 Green Onions. 1 Knob of Ginger. 1 Handful Cilantro. 2 Serrano Peppers. ½ cup Rice Wine Vinegar. 1 cup Soy Sauce. 1 tbsp Sugar. ½ cup Vegetable Oil. Salt. Pepper.

What I Did

Pre-heat your oven to 400F.
Fill a large baking tray with a couple inches of water and place a baking rack over it so it’s elevated above the water.

Rinse and pat-dry the fish.
Then with a sharp knife, make 3 – 4 diagonal slits along each side of the fish.
Try and cut deep enough because you want the seasoning to really penetrate the fish.

Using a pastry brush, brush the rice wine vinegar over the fish and into each slit.
Be sure to brush the inside too.
Then sprinkle an even mixture of salt and pepper over and inside the fish.
I skipped this part because the soy sauce dressing later applied seasoned it enough for me.


Separate the white stalk of the green onion from the leafy green part.
Set the leafy part aside and julienne the white stalk.
Peel the knob of ginger and julienne it as well.

Lay the leafy part of the green onion on the rack and place the fish on top of it.
easy_way_to_cook_a_whole_fish whole_fish_recipes
Fit a few strips of ginger inside a couple slits on the fish and a few more on the inside of the fish.
Cover the fish lightly with tinfoil and place in the oven.

Roast for about 15 mins or until the fish easily separates from the bone when tested with a fork.


When done, place the fish in a large plate or serving tray, discarding the leafy green pieces.
Roughly chop the cilantro and thinly slice the serrano peppers.
Place the fresh cilantro, remaining ginger strips, serrano peppers and the white stalk of the green onion on top of the fish.
Dana_fashina_recipes easy_whole_fish_recipes


In a small bowl, mix the sugar in the soy sauce.
Spoon the soy sauce mixture oven the fish and garnish.

Lastly, heat the vegetable oil in a small saucepan.
Right before it begins to smoke, remove from the flame and pour the hot oil over the fish.
You’ll hear a lovely crackling noise from the hot oil meeting the garnish.
Don’ be alarmed, it’s a wonderful thing.

Grab some friends and some chopsticks and dig in.
Chinese Steamed Fish Ivegotcake_recipes Boston_food_bloggers dana_fashina_recipes

63 thoughts on “Chinese Steamed Fish

    1. Very cool, although I didn’t try the Jamie Oliver trick, I’ll have to give that a try next time I do this!

      That’s one of the reason this dish works so well, it’s just so easy to prepare and it always comes out awesome.

      It’s always neat seeing that first post and comparing it to where you are now, isn’t it?
      Just seeing the progression over time, you know?

      Hope you have a great week,

      1. Hi Dana, thanks so much for your thoughtful comment. It’s great to hear from you! I definitely agree with you that steamed fish is not only delicious but perfectly simple to prepare.

        What I really enjoy about Jamie’s technique is that it saves so much cleaning time afterwards. I often rinse and dry the paper and recycle it to be eco friendly.

        It’s so true about looking back. It’s really funny to hear one’s writing voice and how much it changes over time. It’s fun because I can vividly remember putting that one together.

        Thanks very much and hope you lave a lovely week too. Keep smiling 🙂

  1. This looks and sounds delicious, I can almost smell it.
    Meanwhile, can we agree perhaps we should limit how much time you spend alone? And, if body parts are being handed out, can I put in an application for some new junk for my trunk? Ta

  2. A perfect example of why some people should never be alone. I wonder if there would be head shops where you could only see the ‘top shelf’ heads if you were mega rich? Anyhoo, the fish looks great, I dig Asian style whole fish. Looks delish. Photos are fab.

    1. Oooohhh1
      What if there WERE??
      Talk about people-watching and window-shopping…people would be plastered against windows everywhere.
      You think they’d have layaway?

      Stick with me on this, I think we’re onto something here..

  3. Dana, I believe you have a very valid and important point… and everyone needs to hear it. I agree. I’m all for making heads… as long as they are not fugly looking. Who wants that? I don’t and my eyeballs don’t either. Since I’m a very, very, very, VERY attractive individual and quite handsome, I would rather opt for my same head, but at a younger stage in life. Why mess with a good thing when you don’t really need to LOL! Oh and BTW, the food looks absolutely wonderful, can you imagine how much better it would look when the people eating it saved enough money to buy good looking heads? That’s a recipe for success I’ll say! 🙂

  4. First I read your little sci-fi story, Dana, and thought how can I think about recipes after this fantastic piece. I so loved what you had to say. This is right up my alley in thoughts. Really! But, I forced myself on even though I wanted to fixate on the story only to find more delights in this recipe. I bet this fish is amazing. I am thinking about making this if I can get my act together and buy all the ingredients. Have a fun day!

    xo, Bry


  5. I just love fish with Chinese flavours. I was planning to make a buttery capery type sauce this week with fish but now of course I’m feeling I should be a bit healthier instead!

  6. This is such an elegant dish…but I worry about what you mull over when you’re alone. You really could seriously write the next great sci-fi novel, for what it’s worth.

    1. My mind is like live wire but I can’t be the only one thinking these kinda thoughts though right?
      I refuse to believe that haha!

      For what it’s worth though, I agree – putting these thoughts and my dreams to paper would be like a great sci-fi thriller.
      I LOVE those kinds of movies…are there any out like that right now?

      Brb, let me see what’s playing..

  7. Thanks for sharing your personal musings Dana! Would I get a new head if I could, that reminds me of a Simpsons episode where Homer gets this wig and the wig is evil and takes control of Homer’s body….thats what I imagine would happen if I screwed on a new head, I’d be screwing on a new personality/thing that would take control of me and change me…I just want them to invent a body eime machine with different ages on it and you step in and choose with age button you want and Hey Presto! you are that age…
    I love anything chinesey so even though I dont do fish, I could be tempted with all that talk of soya sauce, ginger, garnish…. x

      1. Well the cooking lessons kinda stopped for money reasons BUT I actually was going to do a blog post showing some of the MEGA simple dishes, I’ve been making recently. But they are so basic…I was combing through Jamie Oliver’s veg recipes and tried some..will put the post up soooooon! Pinkie Promise, ha! x

  8. So every province in China has its own version of steamed fish, and most countries in South East Asia have their interpretations thereof. My personal fave is the Cantonese version (as in from the Canton province) mixed with a little of Sarawakian flavour since that’s where I’m from 🙂 I’ll put the recipe up on my blog over the weekend, give it go? Taste the difference?? xoxo

  9. Interesting… I usually don’t like my food to have eyes, but I’d try this.

    Your blog has exposed me to a lot. I used to think that I have a diverse palette and cook well… Now, I see that there are many, many levels to this shit.

    You’re awesome. Have a great holiday!

  10. YUUUUUUUUUUUM!!!! This is my jams. I prefer whole fish to filleted fish so much flavour and you’re forced to slow down and really enjoy every morsel. What kind of fish did you use? I don’t recognise it, I don’t think it’s one we get down here.

  11. Your trail of thought is a wonderful combination of weird as hell, creepy and delightfully creative. I LOVE IT! lol
    And I thought I was a little off beat….girl you take that crown!
    The fish looks delish ❤

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