Coin Toss

You know what you get from stalking Instagram?
These shoes.


Once again, I skulked around Instagram.
No account in particular, just hit the ‘search’ button and started scrolling.

I saw a picture of these shoes, tapped twice, opened Zara in a new tab, 2 days later… you know how it goes.

Their fall collection is awful, as usual, but these shoes?
Sexy as fuck.
Ive_got_cake_blog Black_fashion_bloggers brown_girl_bloggers_boston
Wearing Zara shoes (these) and an old Topshop dress.

85 thoughts on “Coin Toss

  1. I have had my eye on Zara shoes in the past but never pulled the trigger because I didn’t know if they would trash my feet–relatively speaking do you find them easy to wear?

    That dress is fantastic too!

    1. To be honest, they’re hit and miss.
      A TON of people wear (and swear by) Zara shoes but I think it’s just a popularity thing.
      In reality, at least in my experience, they’re really hit or miss.
      These and a few others I have happened to be a hit.
      Some ballet flats I bought from there a couple years ago – HOT ASS MESS OF A MISS.

      The good news is that regardless of it all, they accept in-store returns so….I mean there’s that lol

  2. I have the exact same sandals and you, dear D., are the living proof that they look waay much better when paired with a dress! Great pattern, great everything! ❤

  3. I do agree, Zara has some fab shoes. Scored 3 pairs from there recently. And I love the dress, so many people are all about the polka dots, but the lonely square gets no love….that is, until now! Oh to be a square on that dress….even if just for a day 🙂

    Hmmm…I wonder If I have a dress shirt with a square pattern… Yep. I’m gone jack your look, HA!

  4. Definitely true, thoooooose shoesss are AWESOME!!!! And that dress is awesomer! I hope Summer has been good to you, lots to catch up on etc etc… haha. How are you wonderful?

  5. Love the pattern on the dress! And the shoes look gorgeous on you! I can’t wait to grab myself a pair like these haha xx

  6. Bought these Zara shoes this past spring but they have an open-toe. They are the most fucking uncomfortable shoes on Earth…so yeah – typical Zara shoes. They are so cute though! The most painful part is the ankle part (rubs my skin raw), so I lined them with like, three layers of electrical tape. Boom! Comfy Zara shoes.

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