Free Summer
I’m smiling in these pictures but I can’t tell you how incredibly sad I am that summers ending.

I wish I’d of sat still for a solid minute this summer and actually planned to attend any of the absolutely incredible music festivals this summer.
There were so many of them too.

I swear I have no idea what I was doing that took up the whole summer because now I’m like WTF.
It’s over!?!

MAJOR frowny face.Dana_fashina Boston_street_style boston_fashion_bloggers
Wearing F21 top, Urban Outfitters bottoms, Jeffery Campbell ankle boots via NastyGalΒ (sold out) & H&M hat.

57 thoughts on “Free Summer

  1. Well, as That Person I always like to say that it’s still summer until September 23rd. With such a late Labor Day this year it doesn’t feel like that much more time, but I refuse to call this weather fall until it’s actually, technically, fall. After all, it’s still quite humid and it’s been HOT so it definitely still feels like summer.

    Boo on missing music festivals, though!

    1. True good point, I love you positive spin on things. And yes it does help that the weather doesn’t feel like fall.
      Which is actually even more confusing because I see all these girls in sweaters but its like 90 degrees out and humid.
      The fuck…?

  2. The summer did go by fast and the weather in Seattle was perfect. I’ll miss it, but I love fall fashion best and all the festivities.

    I love your hair and causal chic outfit. The booties are super cute!

  3. I feel the same…summer came and went so quickly…what did I do all summer??? But hopefully the fall will last the full three months..wouldn’t that be awesome! πŸ™‚ And I agree with Rachel – fall clothing is the bomb!

    1. It would be awesome, if all did actually last like a proper season.
      But the Farmers Almanac said last winter would be as bad as it was, and they were right. They’ve also said the same for this year. So you can understand my attitude about fall approaching.. πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

  4. I love your ankle boots. Actually, I think I love all ankle boots. It’s spring here and the wind is fierce.

    I love music festivals. I mean multi-day festivals. I like the mandatory holiday you have to take with people who appreciate the music and are dedicated to them vibe of a festival. I realise I don’t like concerts though. Actually, I hate concerts. Concerts tend to bring out the a-holes. You have a few hours of music, where half of that time is spent in the queue for the bar or the queue for the toilets. Plus I’m short so I’m often found under a sweaty armpit and I can never see a thing. Can I just do festivals for ever? …not back to back, just in place of concerts.


  5. Lovin’ your shorts! I can’t believe it’s almost the middle of September! There is still about a week of summer left, hope you get to enjoy it a little bit longer!

    xo, jackie

  6. Great outfit! Seriously though, where did summer go?! I love fall weather, but it feels like the summer months flew by.
    Have to admit though, I’m excited for layering and boots! Even though this week is going to be in the late 80’s all this week…

  7. Holy crap! It feels like fall already in some parts of the good ol’ USA?!? I totally can’t understand as I’m sweltering under 90 degree heat and humidity up to God knows where… What I wouldn’t give for a nice dry, cool, crisp day… but you look fab! Love ya πŸ™‚

  8. I know right…didn’t even get to wear all my outfit. Looking fab as always, I just saw your comment on my post and I don’t know what my finger hit but it just disappeared!

  9. You can come and visit me the U.A.E this time!! it’s the perfect weather right now, not so hot and its like spring/summer in your country!
    I love your casual look babe! Gorgeous as usual!

  10. You’ve got such an amazing figure, you look incredible in anything! Sorry about summer ending. I’ll try to remember how sad that can be if I ever feel tempted to complain about the heat here. lol

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