Predictable Ones.

These are a couple snapshots I took when I was running errands a couple weeks ago.
Before I switched up my ‘do.


Leggings, a crop top and comfortable shoes is almost always my weekend errand uniform.
I don’t have to worry about falling off balance the way I would with heels, I can bend with my knees to lift shit up…I can literally run my errands.

I know my friends think I’m so predictable but this is seriously the way to go people, especially if you have a lot of shit to do in a finite amount of time.
Ive Got Cake Blog Boston_fashion_bloggers boston_street_style
Wearing ASOS crop top & leggings and ECCO Intrinsic sneakers.Dana_fashina_style

64 thoughts on “Predictable Ones.

    1. Lol, thanks girl but you know there’s nothing too exciting when it comes to errands.
      Oh and, ‘switched up my ‘do’ means changed my hair style.
      A couple weeks ago I switched it up for something more wavy and less curly 😊

  1. You look way more put together than I do when running errands. In the summer it’s usually a tank top and tennis skirt and in the winter it’s yoga pants, a tee shirt, and depending on how cold it is usually a jacket or two.

  2. One, that look on you is totally about comfort and performance, very practical.

    Two, why haven’t we seen your upgraded ‘do already?

      1. Yes, I see the value in once you’ve suggested, and it definitely gave me some guidance. I was not able to implement everything right away… but I be like “What would Dana do… is this blogable… hmmm – goals…”

  3. Yay! Some teeth! I agree with the comment above, you should smile more.
    On another note… I want to know how passersby concentrate with you running around town with all that cake?!
    You’re selling me on the comfort and trainers thing though as you still look stylish – while I can run in heels, it’s not the wisest thing to do!

    1. Hahaha, don’t run in heels unless you’re catching a cab to give you a break from said heels 😀
      And thanks boo, I’ll work on my smiling.
      The problem is once I start smiling and getting silly, people feel like they can talk to me and offer an opinion on how I should be photographed.
      Like…bitch no…this is my shoot….no….

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