Turmeric & Apple Butter Popcorn

Let’s say your next door neighbor was a drug addict, ok, who had a dead mistress inside.
And for some reason, he blamed it on you.

You know what, nevermind.
The last time I went left you guys told me I shouldn’t be alone with my thoughts.

Here’s a different way to use turmeric.
Or apple butter.

Get your popcorn heeeeeere!!

Turmeric & Apple Butter Popcorn


What I Used

½ cup Popcorn Kernals. 3 tbsp Unsalted Butter. 2 tbsp Apple Butter. 2 tsp Turmeric Powder. Salt.

What I Did

Heat 3 tbsp unsalted butter in a large pot.
Drop ONE kernal in it.
Two at the most if you have an uneven pop/stove.
When the kernal pops – add the remaining ½ cup.

Place a lid on the pot and let the rest of the kernals pop, shaking the pot every so often.
When the pop-pop-pop starts to slow to a stop, turn off the flame and set it aside.


In separate, smaller pot, warm the apple butter until it forms a smooth liquid.
Remove from heat and pour the apple butter over the popcorn.

Lightly shake the turmeric and salt over the popcorn.
Cover with the lid and give the entire pot a real, real good shake.
Season to taste.

Serve in front of a sci-fi/horror movie or Real Housewives.
http://ivegotcake.comDana_fashina_recipes apple_butter_and_turmeric_popcorn
Don’t act like you don’t have a far worse guilty pleasure.
It’s probably Honey Boo Boo or some dumb shit like that but you don’t see me judging you…
Boston_food_bloggersDana_fashina_recipes tasty_popcorn_recipes

70 thoughts on “Turmeric & Apple Butter Popcorn

  1. Now I feel really dumb for not buying the popcorn I wanted earlier =/ Gonna get me some tomorrow for sure! These look bomb! Apple butter sounds interesting, gonna have to search online and see if I can get me some to try.

    1. Haha!
      girl, I will NEVER buy store popcorn again, it’s just waaaayyyyy to easy to make it at home and it cost like nothing.
      You can flavor it any way you like , use coconut oil instead of butter to keep it healthy…too many plus’s over the store bought shit.
      Go get you some 😉

  2. I too have a few guilty television pleasures. Right now it’s Below Deck (crazy “yachtees” serving drunk rich people on luxury yachts) and Ancient Aliens (that crazy-haired dude’s voice makes me soooo sleepy LOL). Pass the popcorn please! ❤

  3. If THAT’s your guilty pleasure, girl, you a saint.

    I was just about to ask what the hell apple butter is and is it easily done when not in the US, but beats me, when I checked the FoodNetwork recipe for apple butter – I’d be damned if this isn’t the thing we call apple confiture. And it’s GO-O-OD! No wonder you love it with your popcorn.

    What’s the turmeric doing in there though? Sweet and spicy, if I’m not mistaken?

    1. Nope – not spicy at all.
      I think the name Turmeric makes people think by default that it’s spicy but that’s so not true.
      Turmeric is hard to describe when it comes to taste.
      Maybe if you look it up in Wikipedia, they’ll have a better description of the taste profile.
      I’m too drained to copy and paste that shit.

      1. I’ve tried it on more than one occasion but never with apple butter. I never really thought what it actually tasted like… They describe it as savory and pungent.

  4. Apple butter and popcorn?! Why have I never thought about this before?? Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks I eat it at least once a week. Now I just need to get me some apple butter.
    Ummmm, can we talk about your neighbor??!!! OMG, you had me!!

    xo, Jackie

  5. Oh my! I’ve been keeping my turmeric in my bathroom just to use it for facials. What? don’t act like you don’t have any weird food items in your bathroom! lol guess I found a new use for it 😉 thanks for posting Girl!! xo

  6. Please finish that gruesome,drug addict story pleaseeee,im sure it’s pop corn worthy story,xoxo Bing.
    Will try this soon when I get the lazy bug off me,haha.

  7. (JAW DROP)….. Ok, so I bought popcorn still on the cob with the dried shucks from a local farmers market. The lady told me that I can either take it off the cob or leave it on, put it into a paper bag and place it in the microwave. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this recipe. I am a popcorn eater and I’ve been looking for more ways to include turmeric into my life since it praised as one of the healthiest spices. Wonder if I could paint the apple butter on with a brush….lol! LOVE THIS!

    1. Hahahaha!
      Who knew you were so into popcorn!
      And like you, I just wanted a chance to play with Turmeric more and it came out lovely.
      The turmeric is not overpowering at all, it actually comes out really light.
      Also – I wouldn’t paint the apple butter on. Just drizzle it on and shake things around really well. Drizzle more on if that’s not enough but no need to paint it on lol

    1. You know I’m random as fuk…
      I was gonna go Football with it and get into the Tom Brady scandal because I know Debbie is frothing at the mouth about it (even though she hasn’t said a peep) and we’re starting to settle firmly into the football season..
      Maybe I’ll finish the thought next week :p

      1. Lol. I was gonna but to your point, I don’t think there are that many people who read my blog that are into/exposed football.
        Im sure I’ll find another use of that sentence though, I’m certain of it 😋

    1. Hahahah!
      Apple butter is like a condensed/cook-down version of apples. It kinda carmerlizes at some point creating this thick, yummy paste.
      It can be used in place of jam/jelly/nutella….it’s so freakin delicious!

  8. Oh my goodness! So that’s how you can make popcorn on the stove. I never knew! But really this shouldn’t come as too much of a shock to you, since you basically/completely taught me how to make a fried egg…can’t wait to try it tonight! Fingers crossed I won’t burn it!! Ain’t nothing worse than the smell of burnt popcorn…

    1. God that is the fucking WORST.
      The worst smell everrrrrrr!

      Please don’t burn it girl.
      Just listen for the kernals to slow to a stop and if you’re not sure they’re done, turn it off anyway.

      How’d it go?

  9. … the Kardashians. I deserve to be judged, but their drama is so next level it make mine feel like child’s play. Very comforting lol. Amazing photography as always, and you make a great case for never talking to your neighbours lol

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