Dry-steamed Maine Mussels with Coconut Milk & Bacon



I just yelled that like the way your mom would yell at you down the street.
“Come to dinner!!”

Remember that shit?


When kids could play outside without adult supervision because people weren’t afraid that there was a predator behind every goddamn tree.


Your mom would come out with like a dinner bell.
And you and your 12 brothers and sisters would run up the fucking driveway like cattle and always right as the strretlights went on.

The day started…
Ok, here’s how the day would start:


Your mother would just open the door like, “Please, get the fuck outta here.”
Just get out.

“Go outside and play, come back for lunch.”
“And watch your little brother!”

They filled you up with sugary cereal and just sent you outside.


And then when you went outside, you ran around.
And you just ran into other kids.

And then somebody had a book of matches and you set the woods on fire.


That’s basically, I mean I’m fast forwarding through most of my childhood experience but that’s basically how it went.
That’s basically what you did.


If you’re a stay at home mother and you have 4 kids, you going out of your mind.
You’re going out of your fucking mind.

School’s out.
Everybody gets up and she’s like oh Jesus Christ.

She puts a bathrobe on, walks to the kitchen and starts making breakfast.

She’s got a hand on her hip, all her weight on the one leg, she hasn’t even had her coffee yet.
And she’s listening to all her maniac kids run around, screaming at each other.

And what do you get?

You get cereal for breakfast.
No wait, cho-co berry.

I don’t fucking know.

Whatever the fuck you had that turned the milk the color of the goddamn cereal.
You ate that shit.

She let you watch a couple of cartoons, she finished her coffee and then that’s it.

All right, go outside and play, go outside!

Nowadays you got to sit there and you got to watch these fuckers 24/7.
Make sure they don’t bump each other or anything.

They all have cell phones like they’re working on Wall Street or something.
As if they even remotely understand the responsibility of owning  a smart phone these days.

I’m so over todays kids.

Dry-steamed Maine Mussels with Coconut Milk & Bacon

What I Used

2 lbs Mussels. 1 cup Bacon (diced). 1 can Heavy Coconut Cream. 1 small Handful Basil. Β½ cup thinly sliced Peppers (assorted colors). 1 small Handful Basil (as garnish). Few slices Toasted Brioche (optional).

What I Did

Heat a large pot over med-high flame and add the chopped bacon.
Cook the bacon, stirring every now and again until the ends of the bacon begin to curl and it starts to crisp.
http://ivegotcake.com http://ivegotcake.com


Then add in the mussels.
Carefully release them into the pot on top of the bacon and cover with a lid.

Shake the pan once or twice until all the mussels open.
About 8 mins.
Dana Fashina Mussels_appetizer_recipes Dana_fashina_recipes


Transfer the opened mussels to a bowl and place the pot (still containing the mussel broth) back onto the heat.
When it begins to boil, reduce the heat to a simmer and add the coconut milk and the peppers.

Let the broth cook at a simmer for about 10 mins or until it starts to thicken a little bit.
Give things a taste, adjusting the seasoning as necessary.

Add the mussels back in, giving things  good, good stir.
How_to_dry_steam_mussels Seafood_appetizer_recipes



At this point, the mussels are ready to serve.

Julienne the basil leaves and sprinkle on top and serve in a large bowl.
Dana_fashina_recipes http://ivegotcake.com
Also consider toasting up a slice of brioche so you can sop up this ridiculous broth.
Appetizer_recipes Seafood_party_appetizers


87 thoughts on “Dry-steamed Maine Mussels with Coconut Milk & Bacon

  1. I donΒ΄t know how you do it, or what you do but gurlllllll, You make sea food look appealing to me. Even I want some Dry-steamed Maine Mussels even though I know factly, I wouldnΒ΄t actually eat them. I tried desperately before, I was trying to “reinvent” my taste buds. I would never mind just having a plate to look at because they look gorgeous and actually make me hungry.
    wishing you a deliciously wonderful start to the week chica, xo

    1. Aww poor baby!
      I forget you can’t eat these 😦

      No worries, from what I’ve seen on your blog, you’ve got all sorts of other cool recipes up your sleeve πŸ™‚

      Hope your week is going well too ❀

  2. Your train of thought it hilarious πŸ˜‚
    I wasn’t allowed to play outside unsupervised sadly so missed out on that experience!
    This post has made me crave mussels now.
    I thought making them was more complicated. Thanks for the recipe!

    1. Super duper easy.
      If you’ve got easy access to them, def try this.
      You can actually end it after the mussels open – you can skip the coconut milk part, they’re good to go with the broth they made from cooking with just the bacon πŸ˜€

      Looking forward to seeing that on your snapchat *eyebrow wink

  3. I really miss those days man ! Thank good I was not raised with an phone or tablet. The good days were when you could not wait to get out of school and go outside with your friends.
    Ps: this looks very delicious!😍

    1. Exactly!
      If you put kids outside without any electronics they always, almost 100% can’t last more than 5 mins without wailing about their device.
      Hope you had a nice weekend babe, I’m loving your Instagram!

      1. Ahah so true! Thank you yes I had.. I hope you too. I love your Instagram too always drooling o. Those food pictures😍

  4. The damn streetlights were always the cue – GET HOME NOW RUN!!!! Wouldn’t change it for a thing. Can’t imagine trying to raise a baby these days. Having to keep up with all the other spoiled kids in class – NOPE.
    Excellent mussels, my dear.

  5. I love it when you get on a roll!
    Not to mention kids are so caught up in video games that they could care less about anything else. According to Time.com I read that the attention span of today’s society is shorter than that of a goldfish a whopping 9 seconds. Think about when today’s kids grow up… I’m glad I’ll be to old to care by then…

  6. I feel like I was the last generation of enjoying those days you talked about – and at the end of high school everyone already had their cell phones. Sigh. The mussels look great though!!

  7. These damn mussels look so beautiful I swear they are dancing across my screen doing a fox trot and some Dancing With the Stars type shit –FABULOUS!

  8. Oh I get your train of thought, I’m raised just as quoted by you, and wouldn’t give a single second out of it!

    And speaking of, I really see why you don’t want to have kids. On the contrary, I’m gonna be some old school mom as I want some, and prohibited the tech shall be, at least until highschool! More playing with the kids, less tech, amen!

      1. True that. I’m so over today’s spoiled brats, too.

        But I see some light. Most of my friends have kids, and some of them are really well-behaving, not some clingy, winy little shits as most of the kids are these days. (As a parent to-be someday, I usually reassure myself that my kids would be good because I’m not gonna be that type of parent… or maybe I’m highly delusional.)

      2. Nah I think you’re pretty pragmatic so there’s hope for your kids.
        Just don’t let them grow up in America.
        They will become the most jaded, fucked up, useless lumps of shit-

  9. Oh my goodness! You took me back to my childhood. This was hilarious, yet sooooo true. Ha! The good ‘ole days! My parents wouldn’t let me stay out past a certain time (insert street light). I used to play it off by telling my friends my t.v. shows were on. Haha. Great post!

    I love mussels! This looks so good! Now I’m in the mood for some seafood. *sigh*

    1. Hahaha, look at you trying to be all cool for your friends!

      Did you ever get yelled at by your parents in front of your friends?
      That was the WORST!
      You tried to play it off all cool like whatever, but inside….oh the shaaaame!

      1. Hahaha. I sure did! I didn’t want them to know I couldn’t “hang”. Get yelled at in front of my friends? Nope. But I got slapped in high school in front of my classmates. Hahaha.

    1. Hahaha, you got thrown out!?!
      I can picture that so clearly lol,them putting your bike out like, figure it out kid!

      It reminds me of the time I fel out of a tree. Of course it had to be he tallest tree in the goddamn neighborhood but my brothers had a make-shift treehouse up there and I wanted to be in there.

      Cut to them yelling at my to climb up if I wanted in.
      So naturally that’s what I did and naturally I managed to climb high enough until I wound up on the weakest branch.

      I think I let out a small yelp and that was all she wrote.
      Crashed all the way down.
      My brothers didn’t even blink.

      They just kinda leaned out their little fort and yelled, “You alright?”

  10. Such a hilarious story, Dana! Your childhood sounds so free and fun. I loved the bumping into each other parts soooo funny! Your photography is amazing. The clarity in the photos is absolutely beautiful. And I am a coconut milk fanatic as you’ll see if you hang around my blog. The sauce looks delicious. Have a fun week!

    xo, Bry


    1. I’ve noticed you’ve been cooking quite a bit on your blog.
      I think I commented that I was bookmarking your curry recipe, it looked so delicious!

      Keep up the great work babe, I’m loving it all!

  11. Always enjoy a solid Cake Rant (And so it was…known forever more as a ‘Cake Rant.’ Well, at least by me anyways….) As one of four, our childhood was forever spent outside as well (inside when it rained and at night) but mostly outside. (The only difference was the lack of sugary cereal, damn my health food hippie mother…) I lurv a mussel and these look delicious. 😊

    1. cracking up @ “cake rant”!
      Good for you and your healthy mom.

      I didn’t learn about the health and fitness train until college aka until I could go to the clubs and burn calories πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  12. Very similar childhood memories. My mom always had a cigarette dangling off her lip and would inevitably make it into some of the food we ate… she swears this never happened. And instead of matches, we would find the biggest stick also known as a big fucking tree branch and try to swat at bee and hornets nests. We succeeded on occasion, and success meant getting stung. Idiot kids we were. Loved it! Thanks for sharing.

    Mussels look amazeballs. Sounds like a great combo with the coconut milk. Impressive.

    1. Hahahahaha!
      Don’t feel bad.
      I’m trying to think of something I haven’t eaten that a lot of other people have…

      Yeah, chitlins.

      And I only just had my first taste of grits 2 years ago. I’d only heard about it up until then so don’t feel bad babe πŸ˜›

  13. ‘Don’t come home until lunch’ – NO WAY!! We got “Don’t come home until dinner!!!” And we ALL survived LOL! I remember those days….

    The Mussels look AMAZING!! PINNED IT! πŸ™‚

    1. Aww thank you (for pinning) and reminding me to pin too πŸ˜€

      And you’re right, it was dinner. Dinnertime was the cut-off.

      We got let out after breakfast at like 8 in the morning, had to come back for lunch, got let out again after that and didn’t have to check in until she called for dinner.

      We’d easily kill a whole freakin day like that. Again and again.
      Just running around like a bunch of maniacs but always came home safely.

      1. Right!?!
        You just brought up the best part!
        They’d let you out, all day to turn around like animals and then when you came back in, never even asked where you were or what you did.

        This is how it went at dinner:
        Mom: Did you guys have a good day today?
        Us: Yessss .
        * I have 3 older brothers so yes was done in chorus*
        Mom: Did you boys take care of your sister?
        Brothers: Yessss
        Mom: Hey , hey , hey , hey!!!! WASH YOUR HANDS, what do you think you’re doing??

        Washed hands and dinner commenced.

  14. This looks amazing…..and girl you are bringing back great childhood memories of just running wild and free as a kid. Having the best time…without a care in the world!

  15. So damn delicious and the photos are so awesome. Don’t we all remember them days when we played and played and only dashed in for a drink of water or juice, then continued playing until someone yelled lunch was ready. Those were the days…..sigh!

  16. Lol! You have a beautiful mind. And damn those mussels. Only had them once but definitely not like these. I’m gonna be trying this. Thanks

  17. I am pretty much in love with this post. First, I couldn’t agree more. My mom did this crazy whistle, where she would use her fingers and her tongue and the damn thing could be heard half a mile down the road. That was our sign to high tail it home. Of course we weren’t 1/2 mile away, we were right next door, because back then people actually played with their neighbors.

    But, secondly, I love this post because I have discovered someone else who speaks like a sailor. There are times where I’ve thought… “Damn I just swore like 3 times within one sentence, I need to simmer down.” But you…. you’ve taught me to say “fuck it, who cares!”

    Totally following. Love it!

    1. Hahahaha!!!
      Ahhh thank you Nicky, your mom sounds like my kinda woman and then some:)

      We’re rare, you and I.
      Us ladies with terrible potty mouths.
      I try to tone it down, put out the flame for a while you know?
      But the fucking pilot is always lit.
      I can’t help it but I’m trying πŸ˜€

      And you know what’s funny, I I learned to write the way I speak after reading someone else’s blog.
      He was all over the fucking place and it was so ALIVE.
      Like REAL, you know?
      And it suddenly hit like a light went on and I was like, “fuck this nice nice shit, I’m gonna write exactly the way I speak and hopefully I can get enough words out for people to actually follow and understand whatever recipe I’m writing about. If not, we’ll figure it out when we get to that bridge but MEANWHILE…”

      So yes girl, do you.
      Always do you.
      ❀ ❀

      1. I’m gonna take this into serious consideration for my next blog post. I’ll start small of course, with a few “damn’s and hell no’s” … get my feet wet, and stop worrying about offending people.

  18. You just summed up my childhood to a T! We played outside until the street lights came on and only on Saturdays mornings did we get to sit in front of the t.v. and watch cartoons. So sad that kids today don’t do that or get to exercise their creativity with play. My cousin’s 2 year knows how to take a selfie! They really are the finger swipe generation.
    Mussels and bacon! Yummy πŸ™‚ You make mussels look so darn good girl!

    xo, jackie

  19. I do remember playing outside but we always had a curfew earlier than the other kids. My parents believed in a reasonable bedtime. I hated being in bed and having to listen to all the other assholes whose parent didn’t care what time they went to bed.
    These mussels look seriously good. I just opened a can of organic coconut milk for the roasted pumpkin soup I made for thanksgiving dinner tomorrow (it’s on Monday up here but we’re at the cottage do its on Saturday for us). I hope it lasts till we get back to the city so I can make these tasty mussels.

  20. Dude, were you in my neighbourhood when I was growing up?? My mum was the fucking queen of calling us for dinner from the other end of the street… and we ate cereal with 3 tablespoons of sugar on it… and I did get hold of a box of matches and set the block next door on fire… daaaamn.
    Oh, and you know I love these mussels right?
    We’ll talk sushi really soon homie… I promise x

    1. Hahahaha!
      I knew we shared something, how else did we get shaped in almost the same way?
      Except on different continents and assigned opposite genders.

      And take your time on the sushi…you know I like to talk shit but honestly, I’m scurrrrrred.

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