Me and Fanny

Lately it seems that whenever I go out, we always end up doing something or going somewhere that makes me regret carrying a purse.

Like why is that our lot in life, huh?
For us girls to be burdened by these awful weighted bags every goddamn where.

Even the shoulder ones suck after a while.


So since I can’t find anyone to carry this load for me, all the interns are back in school I guess, I’m gonna be fanny-packin it for a while.

You may laugh but watch my life get like 60% easier.
Dana_fashina_style Boston_fashion_bloggers Boston_street_style Dana_fashina_style
Wearing H&M crop top, Babes & Felines skirt, ECCO Intrinsic sneaks and a thrifted leather fannypack.

98 thoughts on “Me and Fanny

  1. The fanny pack should have never gone out of style. Just yesterday I asked my husband..”Why do these god damn pants not have any pockets!?!?!? Where am I supposed to put all my crap?” It’s a theme in women’s clothing. Throw me a bone here F21… Give me somewhere to at least put my phone.

    I am a firm fanny pack supporter. I rocked one to Disney, bc… it’s Disney World and they pretty much invented the fanny pack. Look it up on Wikipedia, I’m sure that’s a fact on there.

  2. Loving the fanny pack aka bum bag. I think the latter moniker may be more appropriate for you though *just saying*
    I wish the weather was still warm enough to pull off such a look – I’ve upgraded from my mac to a coat in the last few days! *sheds tear* send some warmth in the mail! Thank you in advance.

  3. Like this goes against all my standards since the 1990s and oddly you rocked this flawlessly. I don’t want to say fanny packs are cool but you are cool in one that has been made perfectly clear now.

    The pcoket thing isn’t just a women’s problem guys too are faced with having small pockets or not enough pocket space. When I’m dancing things fly out of my pockets left and right! A fanny on my fanny would probably be a great solution. You def have me wanting to see if this is something I can incorporate into my life.

  4. Thank you for making fanny packs rock!!! I have one from Japan and love rockin it (mine is grey with neon lettering tho), if feels good to know I’m not alone! I think I smell a trend coming👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

    1. Hahaha!
      And I agree.
      People have been giving me a lot of funny looks since I started wearing it, but like you said, I don’t really see what’s so wrong with it.
      So I just stare right back at them like, what’s the problem?

  5. On you it is gorgeous, useful and slightly ironic. On a woman who is into her forties however, methinks it would look like they were still clinging to the 80’s. And in a sad, ‘deer in the headlights’ kind of way. As in, ‘I love my bumbag, it fits my supply of scrunchies and neon lipsticks.’

    1. Hahahahaha!!!
      I totally get what you mean.

      What if you wore it as a contrast to a very modern outfit? That could kind of work right? I’m just throwing darts in the dark here but I think that could work…

  6. I agree that it is a pain to carry a purse all the time, especially when people you are with ask you to put their stuff in it( since they didn’t bring one). I like the idea of a fanny and like the look of the leather.

  7. I recently stumbled across a corner store near my apartment and inside by the canes they had fanny packs and I swear I was going to buy one but I had a specific list. It looks good though… don’t let anyone tell you different lol

  8. Given that I’m at a complete loss of words after viewing these photos, what better way to sum up my feelings than quoting one of the greatest living poets of all time… JOHNNY GILL:

    You got me saying
    My, my, my
    My, my, my,
    You sure look good tonight

    Yep. Whenever at a loss of words ALWAYS quote the wisdom that is Jonny Gill.
    Well I never thought I’d live to see the day when fanny packs made their triumphant return to the fashion spotlight with such a fabulous bang… you would’ve thought the trumpets had sounded, pigs had flown and an undetected asteroid was spiraling dangerously close to Earth on Halloween and… oh wait….

  9. Damn girl, I’ve got no bum for my fanny pack to rest on lol…you carry it so well! The effortlessness is crazy. Sometimes I forget you have a photography and I’m looking at your pics and be like, ‘Damn these paps need to let her be…’ hahahaha. That’s how much you ain’t even trying. #BornWithIt

    1. Thank you Lanies!
      And what’s worst as another commenter pointed out is that people are always trying to get you to store THEIR shit in your purse.
      It’s like, uh no muthafucker, NO YOU CANNOT STORE YOUR SHIT IN MY BAG.
      *sweet smile*

      Have a nice weekend babe!

  10. Woohooo! The 80s FannyPack are making a comeback! I wore fanny packs a lot when I was styling full time as it was a much convenient way to carry my bits and bobs…liking the eazy now vibe of the outfit. Have a fab wkend! x

  11. Love it, if anyone can rock a fanny-pack, you can (or bum-bag as we call them here, “fanny” is slang for vagina in Australia so I always can’t help but giggle a little when I hear bumbags called fannypacks.)

  12. I know – purses – right!? I hate carrying one! So, recently on my vaca to Europe I refused to lug one around with me all day…I put a couple things in my jacket pocket (euros/pounds, & lipstick) – everything else went into the safe for the day…what a RELIEF!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. AH such a great idea! I switched to a “backpack” style handbag which is the most amazing thing, since you also have your hands free! But it is too bulky for some occasions so I am definitely trying this! Although I highly doubt I could make it look anywhere near as good as you do! 🙂

  14. I’m going to be honest, the last thing I noticed was the bag.. cz gurllll, u look so FINEEE!! But back to the bag, I totally agree with u!! I always hate carrying a bag, most of the time I remember after finishing my shoots that i’m not wearing a bag! bcz I always end up carrying things that I need or actually don’t need! But this one here, i’m so going to get one too!! I just love itt

  15. Hahaha…..I wonder why us girls suffer so much. I wish I could get away with a fanny pack though. Lovely outfit as usual.
    Please help….how do you make all your images the same width? Been struggling with that on my blog. Thanks in advance.

    1. Aww thanks boo!
      And to make all the images the same, just make when you go to add images to a post, that they’re all at the same setting.
      So like when you select the image from your Media Library, at the bottom where it says Attachment Display Settings: make sure the size specified is the same for all your pics.


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