Ever Since I Left the City

I promised to show off my Halloween costume and here it is.

Let me FIRST SAY though…


That this post is gonna be all over the place and for a couple reasons.

One because I didn’t really have time to prep since my costume came in at THE last fucking minute. As a result, this post is primarily cell phone pics.

And then secondly because almost ALL of these pictures were taken with someone else’s phone, they’re pretty uncoordinated.
And a little blurry.
Couple drinks in, you start forgetting to the wipe the grease off the camera lens but at the time you swear they’re the shit – you know how it goes.


But let’s get into it, shall we?



We spent Halloween this year down in Ptown.
That’s Provincetown for everyone who doesn’t live in New England.

It’s basically a summer city that has some of the best beaches in Massachusetts and attracts a shit ton of gay guys which = some of the best parties everrrrr.

Fucking. Bananas.


We got here thanks to my best friend Keegans landlady.
I think it went something like this:

“Hey guys, listen sorry your water pipes broke last winter, that was my bad. So here – you guys can have my 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath, 1 sauna house in Ptown for a whole week any time you want after the summer season ends, cool?”

Something like that right?


So Keegan and his boyfriend Fabio, the couple upstairs, 2 other friends and I, loaded the fuck up and headed down to Ptown for Halloween.


Two days before we left, Keegan told me about this dope party happening during the day on Halloween.
This of couse meant we needed to find a second costume outside of our main event costume.

Can’t wear the same costume all day, it’s Halloween right?

So for outfit #1, we went as a ballerina trio.

Me, Fabio, Keegan

http://ivegotcake.com http://ivegotcake.comLeave it to Fabio to want to be different but for last min shopping, I think it works.
I like it.

Dana Fashina Halloween 2015

Gotta love Fabios ‘duck face’



Outfit #2, Halloween night, was the main event and I went as a Native American.

The genius in me knew that I wouldn’t have time to take pics when we got back so before we left for the day party, I tried on the costume out for the first time and took a couple pics with my tripod.http://ivegotcake.com Dana_fashina_halloween

This was a test trial which means I didn’t do my costume makeup but you get the picture right?

I sure hope you do because these were legit the only decent pictures I took all night.

This little test-trial also helped me figure out what adjustments needed to be made to my costume when we got back.


The rest of the pictures were taken at random points during the night.
http://ivegotcake.com http://ivegotcake.com


This is seriously about the only time I’m glad none of you except for maybe a couple follow me on Snapchat.

Watching my Snapchat story the next day was worse than the walk of shame.
So much fucking worse.

87 thoughts on “Ever Since I Left the City

  1. You’ve gotttttttta be kidding me. Me & my BFF went as Black Swan. Like Natalie Portman ballerinas. Same efffffing tutus. I cannot believe this. Rocked both outfits, my doll.

  2. OMG this is so wrong on so many levels, guess that makes it right? πŸ˜‰ Love the black ballerinas, all three of them! What a party that most have been. Oh, sorry, two parties!

  3. Dammit! Really wished I’d watched all of your snap story!!
    I LOVE that Native American costume on you. Looks so good.
    The ballerina trio was a great idea and you guys pulled it off well.
    Looks like you had a lot of fun and that house sounds amazing!
    I suppose it was worth the dodgy pipes…then again. Maybe not?

    1. I would say definitely worth it but I don’t live with them so I don’t know what kinds of hell they went through when that water pipe broke in that awful winter we had last year.
      But for meeee, it was absolutely worth it!

      And I’m kind of glad you didn’t watch the whole story, that means this halo can stay on 😈😈

      1. Uneventful thankfully…once I got done with all the Halloween articles, I “dropped the mic” and spent the rest of the day eating candy and binge-watching The Walking Dead. πŸ™‚

  4. You wore two outfits in one day- So Me, Ha! You make a cute ballerina, but I’m allllll about the Pocahontas costume, look at that tiny waist, fab FAB! I’m sure lots of fun was had that day, coz it sure looks like it! x

    1. We wore the ballerina outfits to the day party and the native american to the night one.
      For the night one, the boys went as bunnies. Fabio went as a black bunny, Keegan the white one.
      So freaking cute.

      1. Yep! she cancelled her tour…again!! I understand why (family). I’ve gotten tickets for her show twice before (years ago) and she cancelled. I’ve given up on her…but I will ALWAYS love her. Ha!

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