Ten Knots

Oooh weeee, I love me this dress!

I’ve always kinda had a crush on drop-waist dresses, as shapeless as they are.
They’re like a classy step up from sweatpants.

Wore this for a dinner date last weekend because it’s still warm enough to show a legΒ orΒ two.
Dana_fashina_style Dana_fashinaBoston_street_bloggers Dana_fashina_style http://ivegotcake.com
Dress by H&M (this) and Jeffery Campbell shoes (old).

93 thoughts on “Ten Knots

  1. I love that pop of yellow and it looks effortlessly stylish. I have a huge collection of shift dresses in many colors and different necklines. It is super comfortable and you can style it so many ways. Plus it is comforatable so it like wearing ‘classy sweatpants’ haha. Love your photos by the way.

      1. Sweety, if you’ve seen in recent weeks you’d have to call me the Sweatsuit Queen, no less. We’re in the middle of a reconstruction at our apartment and I’m always cleaning and running around about errands. No outfits, no dressing up, nothing. I literally am too tired to be myself. Shit gets real. But sweatpants are cozy as fuck, tho.

      2. I’m fearless, I don’t use hard hats! πŸ˜€ But I poke my nose around way too much, that one is true.

  2. Aww…I do love it when you smile / laugh!
    I personally am not a fan of loose fitting drop waist but that’s because they’d make me look way bigger so I hate you for making this damn dress look good.
    Your hair is on point too. I hope you had fun on your dinner date πŸ˜‰

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