Roasted Chicken with Bread Stuffing

That game last night though, with the Giants.
Oh my god…

You ever see like a whole bar, go in cardiac arrest?
Like all at the same time.


The bar that we were watching the game at had this bomb ass chicken dish which reminded me of this dope roasted chicken recipe I made last week that I’d been meaning to show you.

The chicken liver and prosciutto bread stuffing is like oh my god.

And since pretty much any recipe posted from November onwards can be considered a holiday recipe, now is as good of a time as any to share it, right?


So here’s another thanksgiving recipe, to add to the 40 million that’s already out there.


No but really.
Since everyone out here knows how to roast a goddamn bird, let’s talk about some dumb shit instead.

Did you guys hear about the controversy around the Starbucks holiday cups?

The ones that have the snowflakes and Santa Claus images all over them?


I don’t understand why people are fucking offended by that.
We’re talking about a coffee cup.

People were complaining about them because it’s like you’re throwing your Christianity in my face and I get that
But like if someone wished me Happy Hanukkah or Happy Kwanzaa, I wouldn’t be like, “Hey, shut the fuck up!”

We’re so politically correct that you can’t even have a reindeer on a goddamn coffee cup anymore and it’s like – what’s next?
Who’s the next group in line to be offended?


I don’t know why I brought this up, I don’t even drink coffee.


Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying it’s not delicious once you get over how bitter it is and you have to pour a pound of fucking sugar in it just to get past that.

I’m just saying the amount of times you see people standing in these lines at the airport or outside a Starbucks and it’s like, is Bruce Springsteen in there?

Is he playing that fucking coffee house?


Because that’s the only reason you can explain standing in a line that fucking long to be all, “let me get a frap, a freaking cocoa mocha…”
Whatever the hell you guys say right?


Whining about a coffee cup.


I wouldn’t even stand in a line like that for beer.
I’ve done it several times.









Roasted Chicken with Bread Stuffing


What I Used.

1 Whole Chicken. Β½ cup Milk. 1 Large Egg. Β½ cup Chicken Livers (roughly chopped). 1 cup Ground Pork (sub: 2 small fresh sausage links). 1 tbsp Minced Garlic. 2 tbsp Diced Shallots. 3 tbsp Chopped Parsley. 1 tsp Thyme Leaves. 2 knobs Butter. 1 tbsp Melted Butter. 2 cups Chicken Stock. Salt. Pepper. 

Equipment: Trussing needle and thread.


What I Did.

Preheat the oven to 400F.


Rinse & pat-dry the bird.
Cut off the wings and reserve for later.

Soak the bread in the milk until it’s fully saturated, then squeeze off any excess milk and place in a large bowl.
Add to the bowl, the egg (beaten separately), chicken livers, ground pork, garlic, shallots, parsley, thyme and the melted butter.
Season lightly with salt & pepper.
Mix well.


Season the inner cavity of the chicken with more salt & pepper, then fill it with the stuffing. chicken_liver_stuffing
Yummmm, I know.

Thread a trussing needle and working vertically or horizontally, sew the cavity shut.
I did’t have a trussing needle and wound up using a regular sewing needle and thread which did the job just fine.

When the opening is properly closed, season the outside of the bird with more salt & pepper.
Lift up the skin of the breast so you can stuff the 2 knobs of butter under each breast.

Place the wings in the roasting pan and place the chicken on top of them.


Roast for 1.5 hours or until the juices of the leg run clear and the stuffing has reached an internal temp of 150F.
Transfer the chicken to a platter and let it rest for at least 10 mins.


Meanwhile, place the roasting pan over high heat and add in the chicken stock.
You can also pour the juices from the roasting pan into a smaller pot and add the chicken stock to that.
Just make sure you scrape up the brown bits as much as possible – they’re gooooood.

Bring to a boil, then remove from heat.
Season to taste with salt & pepper then strain into a sauceboat.


Carve the chicken when you’re ready to eat and spoon the sauce over and around the slices and stuffing.
boston_foodie_blogs Boston_food_bloggersDana_fashina_recipes

Pass the extra sauce at the table.
top_10_holiday_recipes Dana_fashina_food#Paris

77 thoughts on “Roasted Chicken with Bread Stuffing

  1. That Patriots game tho — what a finally and I don’t even watch Football like that!

    This bird looks delicious and in general I don’t get the animosity over all the different holidays. I’m cool with anyone saying anything to me (minus Kwanza — cuz that sounds like a slick ass joke to me depending on who its coming from).

  2. The Starbucks cup…I feel you. I am addicted to coffee and I’m catholic and I thought that was a joke. Even my parents who are crazy devout thought that was a load of crap.

    In other news, your chicken makes me want to make someone who will eat meat that exact chicken. That’s one beautiful bird.

  3. Beautiful tied up bird, Dana!! I’m not sure about that stuffing… my cat doesn’t even like chicken livers (true story).
    I agree with everything you said about those coffee cups. Seems everybody wants to jump on a bandwagon just to bitch about things. This world is getting crazier by the minute…
    Funny, you sound like my mama. She always said if you have to put that much sugar and cream in something to make it taste good, then you you don’t need it!

  4. Ok, so now you can’t say Santa Claus without offending some ancient pagan culture (because Santa is practically St Nicholas to me, and St Nicholas is very much an Eastern-Ortodoxal saint as well). And the fucking reindeer have the names of a whole German bunch drinking lager at the Oktoberfest. Like so politically incorrect – are these people for real?!

    I’m pleasantly surprised to see the liver stuffing. And amazed, too. I thought the habit of using a huge part of every animal’s subproducts is a habit of Eastern Europe but now it’s like I know nothing. Do you use other animal subproducts in your recipes?

    1. Girl you said it!
      And yeah, we most def use animal by-products like liver in shit all the time here.
      Gizzards, kidneys, hearts, feet…
      I love all that shit..

      I’m surprised though that you’re so surprised. Liver is pretty much all that pate is made from and pate is HUUUUUUUGE around here.
      Too fatty for me but it’s def well loved.

      You need to just visit me. So we can turn all the way up πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      1. Oh I WISH that could happen some time… But who knows. Maybe I’ll really get around to it some day.

        And I was surprised because as I’m aware, most of the animal by-products are banned, or just frowned upon in the EU because of animal cruelty or too tight food safety regulations? I’m not sure. As far as I’ve come to it, they all consider the Scottish haggis obscenely barbaric. And we have something similar in our cuisine but it’s made from pork intestines instead of sheep. AND we use most of the by-products. For instance, marinaded and grilled pork ears are considered a delicacy, and I can really confirm they are divine (too fatty, though, as you stated).

      2. Uh-huh, count me in as well. I’m so on board about trying some new stuff that sound weird as hell but taste divine like heaven.

  5. This chicken looks good as hell, Dana.

    Oh and about that Starbucks bs, I’m not sure where I heard this quote from but it’s something like: “False outrage begets false outrage”. Seems like Americans are just looking for something to be upset about, no matter how insignificant or silly. I digress.

  6. This looks so good Dana! Nicely done!
    I’m with on the Starbucks controversy, it’s like you really have nothing better going on in your life?!? Seriously, there are far more important things going on in the world right now that they should be concerned about. Give me a break!

    xo, Jackie

  7. This is! I’ve always felt weird about stuffing birds, though… IDK why, but I need to get over it. Welp, this is another recipe to share with Momz because who else is going to stuff the bird…

    p.s.: you should have been a copywriter. I just love your writing.

  8. Looks unbelievably delectable! Thanks for sharing & saying that about a cup. I agree whole heartedly. Can’t really understand how that, of all things in the world, made the news… wtf? Anyhow, well done m’lady!

  9. That looks utterly amazing. As we are odd and raise our own chickens I usually scarf the liver and heart as soon as we have killed and gutted the bird (quickly pan-fried, deglaze pan with a bit of balsamic and add a spoonful of hedgerow jelly and eat from the pan or a bowl if I am feeling fancy). But we have done a few recently and there are are only so many livers I can eat in one go so I foze some. So now I can make this – hurray.

    I am with you about the queuing – I am not sure if anything is worth standing in a long queue for anymore ….

  10. Ha ha, I love reading your posts. By the way your chicken looks so moist, and juicy…yum! And,you stitched up that bird like a professional, you should see my attempts, they are a joke !

  11. Now that is a bird and a half. The lads and I love us a roast chook every now and then. I never queue unless it involves wine. Or food. Or nice shoes. Or proper coffee and (sorry, that doesn’t mean Starbucks. We have some awesome coffee over here, visit us and I will buy you one. You may change your mind…)

  12. Hahahaha finally I found someone like me!! I drink coffee, but I don’t know why people make it very important buying it only from Starbucks! Like there are many other coffee shops, I don’t need to be standing in lines to get a cup of coffee!
    Anyways, whats important now is this Chicken!!! It looks so delicious and CANT WAIT TO TRY IT!! We usually stuff it with rice but chicken livers sounds an amazing idea!
    Thanks for sharing Dana!

    1. Exactly!! Your Starbucks coffee is probably alright but is it really all THAT?
      Like I really don’t know – anyone is welcome to answer this question lol

      And you guys stuff it with rice and what else? I know there more…. πŸ˜€

      1. We have so many option: Egyptian rice with onion, normal rice with nuts (you can add some cinnamon), vegetables, we have something called Freekeh (my favorite) its like rice but a bit different. You should come and visit me one day and try our food!

  13. This is very, very similar to a roasted chicken recipe we recently made and holy shit is chicken liver stuffing delicious. My husband hates livers but he ate his fill of livers that night!

    Don’t even get me started on the Starbucks nonsense. I don’t really drink coffee either, but I do like the tea brand they sell (Tazo Zen is my go-to on Black Friday) and I really wish they would have an express line for simple orders like tea and basic coffee. But as for the cup nonsense, I seriously wanted to tell every person who was legitimately upset about it (and i actually saw people who were upset about it on Facebook!) to shut up and count their blessings if this is the worst thing going on in your world right now.

    1. Right!?! DO NOT sleep on chicken-liver stuffing.
      I’m making it again next week for the actual T Day.

      Wait – do you go shopping on Black Friday? Or do you mean you sip your zen tea while you shop online lol
      Cuz dude if I had to go out on Black Friday I don’t think tea would cut it.
      I’d need to actually have a Buddha travel with me that day.

      1. I go shopping in the largest mall in North America (in leasable retail space) and honestly, I go at the best time–it’s busy, but it’s not bedlam. When we leave it’s nuts, but for the most part we’re in a good spot because they open up Thanksgiving night.

  14. Chicken is my favourite meat so I’m loving these chicken recipes that seem to be flying from your blog! As for coffee, I had a sip when I was 16, hated it and I guess my taste buds never matured to understand/get/like the taste! X

    1. I know, I had to do it.
      Show you some love, especially since I know you don’t get down with seafood πŸ˜€

      I could never get into coffee either.
      And people’s BREATH after they drink it??!!?
      No words…

  15. Dana you always have something hilarious to say. I can always count on you for a good laugh. It’s just the pick me up I needed with the stormy weather here in Seattle.

    This dish looks great. Yum!

    1. Can’t hurt to give it a shot but you can most definitely still add the veggies in the stuffing.
      I mean it’s only stuffing…so long as that shit takes good, no one really gives a shit what’s in it πŸ˜€

  16. OMG. Liver in the stuffing sounds rich and amazing. I think I’d be happy just eating the stuffing.

    I think in this day and age, people are so comfortable and precious, they actually look for things to be offended by. They should watch the news. The actual atrocities of the world will put their Christmas cup horrors in perspective.

  17. Looking at the pics of your chicken make me want to buy you a plane ticket. Yeah I said it lol.

    As for coffee-cup-gate… What was with that?! I thought it was madness!

  18. This was brilliant. I never stuff chicken, but now things have changed ….. it has made me decide to hatch out more of the tasty Naked Necks so I can make it a lot next year – thank you

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