Leftover Turkey Soup

Alright look.
You know you’re gonna be a fat ass this week so just go ahead and pig out.
Get into that delicious turkey, the stuffing –
That bowl of mashed potatoes with so much buttah in it you could slide out of your goddamn chair.

Fucking go for it.


Because first off – you can’t have just one serving on Thanksgiving, like you honestly can not.
And everytime you try and pull back and ‘control yourself’, what happens?

You’re in the kitchen cleaning up and and your eyes fall onto the remaining slices of pie and immediately, you get weak in goddamn the knees.

They go to ask you to put the tupperware containers in the fridge and here you are reheating a second plate.


So set a reasonable limit for yourself and then just go on ahead and get it out of your system so we can get to the leftovers.
My favorite part.

Because besides picking at the carcass of the bird, what do you do with all that leftover meat?


Actually – I take that back.
There are a ton of fucking things you can do with pre-cooked meat, who am I kidding, but you know what I mean.

You put that leftover meat into something healthy like this and you’ll immediately start feeling better about yourself.
It practically wipes away the memory of the absolute animal you were on Thanksgiving and don’t even try and act like you weren’t because you were.

We all were.


If you have any leftover bones, turkey legs, breast bones…pretty much any leftover carcass, use them to make the broth for this soup.

Adding them to the chicken broth does a bomb ass job of integrating the flavors, giving it that nice and rich vibe.

You get the broth nice and flavorful the way you like it, then you strain that shit out, add in the kale & butternut squash.
Throw in the meat at the end to heat it through – you’ve got yourself a goddamn winner my friend.












Leftover Turkey Soup

What I Used

2 cups Squash (butternut or otherwise). 3 cup Roughly Chopped Kale. Leftover Chicken or Turkey Meat (bones separated). 7-8 cups Chicken Broth. Salt. Pepper. Red Pepper Flakes.

What I Did

Heat the broth in a med or large pot, adding in any leftover chicken or turkey bones (the big ones).
Bring to a boil then reduce the heat a little bit and cover.
If you don’t have any leftover bones – skip this step and go to the part where you add in the squash & kale.

Cook, covered for about 15 mins, just enough to integrate the flavors.
Then strain the broth into another pot and discard the bones.

Returned the now-strained broth back onto stove over a med flame.


Chop the kale and squash into bite-sized pieces and add to the broth.
Season to taste with salt & pepper, shaking in any additional spices you want.

When the squash can be easily penetrated by a fork, add in the leftover meat.
Reduce the flame to med-low and cook, stirring occasionally until the meat is heated through.
Check seasoning again and adjust accordingly.


recipes_for_thatnksgiving_leftovers Leftover Turkey Soup what_to_do_with_leftover_thanksgiving_food
Leave the bread out of it, this one is just you and this soup.

Post_thanksgiving_recipes winter_soup_recipes

61 thoughts on “Leftover Turkey Soup

  1. Unfortunately I don’t get to experience the pig-out of Thanksgiving. In fact the only thing I get to be involved in is being at work on Black Friday which the UK has now strangely adopted.

    I’ll have to wait until Boxing Day for this (but it looks well worth the wait!)

  2. Happy Thanksgiving lady! πŸ™‚ My FIL always makes soup as leftovers to be frank, this year we’re doing a Black Friday Sicilian dinner and I’m SO EXCITED for it.

    This does look like a nice, light counterbalance after the caloric excess of Thanksgiving.

  3. Diets fly out the window when November rolls in, and continue to do so with ferocious predictability until after New Year’s Eve LOL ah well. Thank you for this. It’s a lovely post-binge broth.

  4. That my dear looks like a winning recipe and some very guilt free eats post the fuk-up-all-the-healthy-shit-you-tried-to-glut-fest we call Thanksgiving! Thank goodness it’s only once a year lol

  5. YUM! We already had our traditional meal on Sunday, thanks to my dad who brought over a ton of what he had leftover. Sadly, that means WE had no leftovers. And I know what you mean about the overeating part. Why not just get into it and enjoy yourself. January is for working off all the holiday weight. (NOTE: I’ve already finished off an entire pumpkin pie BY MYSELF and I’m waiting for the cherry to come tonight lol). I don’t care, I lost 5 pounds before the holidays in order to have the room to “spread” myself out a bit. πŸ˜‰

  6. I can’t believe the ridiculous amount of flavour a roasted carcass releases, it’s so damn good! This is definitely my kind of soup, light, full of flavour and gorgeous!
    I am so behind on my blog reading/commenting, I do sincerely apologize.

  7. Bam. I don’t even like turkey but that is making me think about it… or maybe I’ll just stick to the mashed potatoes with so much butter I’ll slide straight outta my chair πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Nice work my friend!

  8. You need to open up a restaurant. Ha! This looks so good! This is a great way to get rid of the leftover turkey. There’s only so much turkey sandwiches and turkey salads a girl can eat. Ha! Thanks for sharing this idea! #YumYum

  9. Great great recipe – you added KALE!!! Being a Doc of Natural Health, using healthy veggies, especially the “less propular” one, adds extra brownie points for heaven. You cook with a “Style of Surprise” – and you have style. Love it.


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