Todo Negro

Dude I fucking ate my ass off yesterday and I both love and hate myself for it.Oh!
Before I forget, seriously thank you guys for hooking me up with some good thigh-high boot links!


You have no idea how grateful I am and how sad my bank account is about to be.
Just in time for Black Friday too πŸ˜€

I plan on using this wonderfully awful day to buy a couple Kurt Geiger boots that were recommended – their shit is giving me some serious shoe fever. Dana_fashina_style
Wearing a H&M turtleneck, Babes & Felines skirt & ECCO Intrinsic shoes.
Ivegotcake_blog Black_fashionDana_fashina_streetstyleDana_fashina

51 thoughts on “Todo Negro

  1. Looking gorgeous as always. I’ve learned to stop showing The Man your pictures. He’s threatened to leave me for you. πŸ˜‰ I ate my ass off yesterday too, and I’ve got 7 pounds of ham to cook and eat today, plus Mexican food leftovers and an entire apple pie with ice cream to shove in my mouth sometime this weekend. Stretchy pants are our friend.

  2. Strange winter mood. I haven’t worn all black everything for years now, maybe since I was in mid-highschool, and it wasn’t even my jam for the past 10 or 12 years.

    However, I’m bathing in black this autumn. Sometimes it just comes without asking, eh?

    Love the little white touch with the sneaks. But I guess maybe I would’ve passed them for burgundy-coloured shoes. You know, just to be more dramatic. πŸ˜€

  3. Nothing punctuates an all black ensemble better than white footwear, the icy white pops out and screams ‘Fools You Bitches’, hmmm, why are clothes, shoes et al always talking to me??? Ps Look forward to seeing the KG boots of choice! X

  4. I love all black. You look gorgeous in your fitted version. I wish I could say i ate my behind off but I didn’t. Not even a turkey. I spent all day building sets on Polyvore. LOL!

      1. TEACH ME!

        I’ve tried! I cannot twerk to save my life!
        I’m about ready to accept defeat – not enough jelly in my rear end. Damn you muscle!!!! lol

      2. SNAP IT!
        This I gotta see!
        And you’ve got gay besties….learn girl, LEARN!
        My GBF moved to the US after meeting the love of his life online otherwise I’d be getting tutorials as we speak lol. x

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