Wet Paint

This is one of those pants that I don’t wear often but everytime I do, I wish I had it in every fucking color.
But you know how Zara does.
It’s either black or white.
Sometimes blue.
Dark blue, of course.


Too bad you can’t change the color of clothes the way you can change the color of a wall.
Wouldn’t that be kinda awesome?

If you could just paint a dress a new color for the night?
An event comes up so you paint yourself a different color shoe to go with your outfit?

Switch it up a bit is all I’m saying…
black_fashionIve_got_cake_styleblack_streetstyle black_fashionistas
Wearing Forever 21 T shirt, Calvin Klein shoes (not that you can see ’em) and Zara pants.
boston_street_style dana_fashina_style what_to_wear_with_wide_leg_pants



87 thoughts on “Wet Paint

  1. Those pants were made for you! You look fantastic! Now having shoe’s to go with every outfit in the color I desire is a dream come true! Can you make that happen asap. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  2. You look lovely. I love a t-shirt on dress pants or skirt any day. You wish you can switch color I wish I can switch body for a day. Are you game? LOL!

  3. Been meaning to try high waisted, culotte-type pants! They’re perfect for any type of weather.

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  4. OMG I’ve been looking for trousers like these for my white blazer. Yeah, Zara has become so dull. I ain’t buying this new modern hippie image they trying to shove up in my face. The clothes don’t even look good on the models. like I have to buy and TRY it to actually know how I feel about the item. It’s never love at first site anymore. They need to switch it up all right.

      1. Right?! It would be so fun!

        Trouser buying is such a palaver for me. Totally just prefer to buy a dress or skirt and be done with it as I’m not a huge fan of looking like I have something between my legs (they ALWAYS bunch up cos I don’t have a thigh gap *sigh*)

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