Friendly Fire: Sushi

Sushi in December?

I know, I know, but hear me out.
I can explain.

See what had happened was…


About 100 years ago I used to do something on this blog called Friendly Fire.
The old timers probably remember it.
It was basically me challenging another food blogger (or vice versa) for their take on re-creating a classic dish.

The rules were pretty simple;

  • Select a classic or well-known dish.
  • Agree on a timeline to create it – 2 weeks, 3 weeks, whatever..
  • Publish our interpretations of said dish on the same day, at the same time.
  • Link our results to each others blog.


I cannot even begin to tell you how much fucking fun this was.

Just the amount of trash talking alone… 


Dana, I challenge you to Pork Tacos.
What!? You challenge me to Pork Tacos?
You think I don’t know how to make a goddamn taco??

That’s right. I think you have an idea of how to make a taco but I don’t think you really know….
Oh really it’s like that?
You’re goddamn right it is!

You realize I’m gonna kick your ass in this?
Nah, I don’t think so. I think I’m gonna own you on this.
Well challenge motherfucking accepted. Don’t come crying to me begging for more time either.
Girl please.


And the show would begin.

Sometimes the trash talking would start in the comments.
People just calling each other right out [RE: Pork Tacos].


Which brings me to this goddamn sushi.


I fucking challenged Graeme from FoodIsTheBestShitEver to make sushi waaaaayyyyyyy back when.
When the fucking snow was still melting from last winter.

We’d already done one of these challenges in the past and I had a moment of nostaglia and I suddently wanted to do it again.
Especailly because Graeme is so just much goddamn fun to play with.


You know it took reading his blog for me to find my blogging voice by the way.

I stumbled on this blog a couple years ago and he just did not give a fuck.
Like it was my first time witnessing what not giving a fuck looks like on a blog.


I remember him telling a story about an old prostitute and how he made a soup so good she quit ho’ing.


So I hit him up forever ago and asked him if he’d like to play Friendly Fire on sushi.

And he immediately replied, “Shit yes homie, let’s do it!”

Couple weeks later it went to, “Ummm, you know it’s still winter here…let me get back to you.”
He’s in Australia.
I think…?

(G, you’re in Oz right?)

Shit just kept getting pushed out and pushed out, till like 3 weeks ago where he’s all like, “Yo so when we making this sushi? I’m ready homie!”



Like I don’t even want sushi now…
Thanksgiving just ended, I’m over it.

But of course he’s ready to do it – it’s summertime now where he’s at, right?

I’m over here trying to figure out how I can smoke a fucking pork shoulder and he’s ready to make sushi.


I mean, not only is it something I’ve never even fucking made before (so this was a challenge with the pun intended for me), but what’s worse – I have to fucking BRING IT!

Like I can’t half-ass this thing because see I don’t know if you guys have ever been to Graeme’s blog before but jesus christ..


The man is a professional chef.

I think he even opened up his own goddamn restaurant.


So I spent last week watching youtube video after youtube video so I can fucking kick his ass in something I don’t even wanna make anymore.
And when I told him this, he just calmly pointed out that sushi was my idea.

I could literally feel his smirk.


So Graeme baby, I just want you to know I was cursing you every step of the way making this.

From having to head all the way across town to that asian supermarket so I could get the goddamn bamboo mat to realizing I’d used the wrong type of rice, after the fact.
Cursing you the fuck out, sweetheart.


But it’s weird though – because as much as I was cursing Graeme out, looking at the results during editing going, “this stinks, that stinks, what the fuck is that?..”

As painful as this was, I’m pretty fucking proud of myself for doing it, you know?
Like ‘pat yourself on the back’ type happy.

Because that’s the point of thing things right?
Of challenging yourself?

To get out of your comfort zone, test yourself at something you don’t think you can do and prove that you can still come out on top.


There’s no better feeling, I’m telling you.
Go challenge yourself.

Then go HERE to see how his shit came out.











Sushi Rolls & Salmon Sashimi


What I Used

1 cup short-grain Japanese White Rice. sushi-grade Salmon. 1 Large Cucumber. 2 Large Avocados. 3-4 Toasted Nori Sheets. 1 cup Lump Crab Meat. ½ cup Salmon Roe. Spicy Mayo (1 part Sriracha + 1 part Mayo). ½ cup Low Sodium Soy Sauce. Wasabi (optional). Pickled Ginger (optional).

Equipment: Bamboo Mat.

What I Did

Look – first of all, don’t take sushi advice from me.
I held my breath throughout the entire process ok, so please – go find someone who does this shit on the regular.


Cook the rice according to its package directions then empty into a medium sized bowl.
Pour in 1 tbsp rice vinegar and a small pinch of salt and mix with a large spoon.
Set aside to cool.


In this whole process the rice is gonna stick to your hand so to prevent this;
In a smaller bowl, mix 1 cup water with ½ cup rice vinegar.

Every time the rice gets too sticky or shit in general just starts sticking to your hands, dip your hands in this solution.


Salmon Roll

Prep the filler by thinly slicing the cucumber, salmon and avocado.
Feel free to add whatever else you want just remember – it’s sushi, not a goddamn burrito alright?

Lay a sushi mat on a flat counter top and cover with a large slip of plastic wrap.
Place the nori on the wrap, shiny side down, with the perforated lines running vertical.

Scoop some of the rice onto the nori, enough to cover it without gaps in the rice, leaving the top 1/4 empty.
Place another piece of plastic wrap over the rice and ever so carefully, flip it over.
You may want to place something flat on top of the rice to help with this.


Remove the plastic wrap on top of the nori sheet and discard.
Then lay the cucumber, salmon and avocado horizontally across the center of the nori sheet.

Using the mat, roll it up as tightly as you can giving it a firm squeeze  as you do.
Look – just go Youtube this part.


When things are nice and tightly rolled, gently lift the bamboo mat and plastic wrap from the sushi roll.

Top the roll with thin slices of avocado, then place another strip of plastic wrap over it.
Lay the bamboo mat on top of the plastic wrap and give things another good squeeze.
This is just to help flatten the avocado to the roll.


Remove the bamboo wrap and then using a sharp knife, slice through the plastic wrap into the roll, in 1″ increments.
After each slice, wipe the blade of the knife on a wet towel.
This will help ensure you get nice clean slices.

Gently remove the plastic wrap from the sushi and top with small spoonfuls of the salmon roe.

Place the sushi on a plate and serve with soy sauce, wasabi and pickled ginger.
Dana_fashina_food http://ivegotcake.comDana_fashina_recipes



Crab, Avocado & Caviar Roll

Prep the filler by thinly slicing the cucumber and avocado.

Lay a sushi mat on a flat counter top and cover with a large slip of plastic wrap.
Place the nori on the wrap, shiny side down, with the perforated lines running vertical.

Scoop some of the rice onto the nori, enough to cover it without gaps in the rice, leaving the top 1/4 empty.
Lay the cucumber, avocado, crab & caviar horizontally across the center of the nori sheet. Dana_fashina_foods
Then using the mat, roll it up as tightly as you can giving it a firm squeeze  as you do.

When things are nice and tightly rolled, gently lift the bamboo mat from the sushi roll.
Then using a sharp knife, slice through the plastic wrap into the roll, in 1″ increments.

After each slice, wipe the blade of the knife on a wet towel.
This will help ensure you get nice clean slices.


Gently remove the plastic wrap from the sushi.
Place the sushi on a plate and serve with soy sauce and/or spicy mayo.
first_time_making_sushi Dana_fashina_sushi


Salmon Sashimi

Cut the fillet of salmon angling the knife slightly horizontally.
Please, for the love of god make sure you have a sharp knife.

Cut the salmon into ½” thick slices.
Thinly slice the habenero pepper and lay a slice on top of the salmon pieces.
Then using a caviar spoon, gently place a little spoonful of the salmon roe on top of the habenero slices. Dana_fashina_recipes
Lightly sprinkle the black sesame seeds on top.
Serve with soy sauce and wasabi or whatever else you’d like.
Ive got cake food blog

Graeme – In all seriousness, I had so much fun making this.

Thank you for inviting me to challenge you (and myself).
I love you infinitely more homeboy. Dana_fashina_sushi http://ivegotcake.comsalmon_roe_recipes
So what’s the verdict people?

Check his take on sushi HERE.
Did he kick my ass too badly?
Dana_fashina_food_blog http://ivegotcake.comdana_fashina_food_blogger
Anyone else up for a challenge?

Oh, and you can see the past challenges by typing in ‘Friendly Fire’ in the search box below.
Ive got cake food bloghttp://ivegotcake.com

90 thoughts on “Friendly Fire: Sushi

  1. You mentioned not wanting to eat sushi after Thanksgiving, but I think It would be so cool to do one holiday sushi meal. That would be so refreshing. No matter how full you get on sushi, it’s never that fall-into-a-food-coma-because-I’m-on-the-verge-of-vomiting full, like how you get after American-style meals.

    Anyway, thanks for the recipe. Will try it out one of these evenings.

  2. Firstly, wow! This looks so good. I am always in the mood for a good sushi dish because it is so fishing and light. Your sushi looks so bright and delicious. Props to those rolling skills… thats for the tips on how to use the mat… Def a step I would need.

    Feeling inspired girl! and as always… your such a fire cracker. Your blog voice and personality is so dope!

  3. Dana, I just have to say I am in Australia, I did just open a restaurant and I fucking truly love you. This is awesome. I’m so glad you actually showed the peeps how to do this shit because I had nary a minute in the day to be bothered with that!!! You are a fucking legend x

  4. You two crack me up. Cake, these photos are good on the level of another dimension good. The colour of that salmon is eye popping and a delight to my eyeballs. Having read Food’s contribution, I am in love with his inventiveness, pork sushi??…and brown rice…love…and the shark story, tickled my fancy and is possibly the real explanation of so many recent shark attacks. In my mind, it’s a tie. But then, I ain’t the judge. Just an innocent yet highly amused bystander.

  5. Looks fabulous (food and photos) – I want sushi – right now. Sometimes I make it here on Christmas Eve (we live in the middle of nowhere and there is zero chance of being able to go anywhere to buy it) – now I am going to just have to make again this year as this has made me want it so much. Mine will not look as good as yours though … I can tell you this much.

  6. I bet Graeme’s pulled pork sushi was delicious but yours wins it for me, it looks beautiful! I even lied to myself for just a moment and pretended I was considering making it myself, but I’m so far from a sushi snob I’m happy with a £2 packet from the supermarket 😉

  7. You are the bomb ! Yours is so much better, It looks so appetizing it is scary ! You win the challenge hands down.
    Flip girl, you have skills 🙂 Well done.
    I have never ever attempted to make Sushi, for me it just looks so fiddly, but who knows, one day I might just attempt it.

  8. You win! Although e’s is definitely more creative (sorry Hun) yours takes the cake (pun intended) on looks. But even more importantly, you’ve inspired me to make this treat for Christmas Eve when we visit a house for pre dinner drinks, the next house for dinner and a third for dessert (dessert sushi?)

  9. I bow down to you, sushi queen! These look amazing! You rocked the challenge.
    I love the idea of your friendly fire challenge, such a great way to push yourself forward!

    xo, Jackie

    1. Thank you lady!
      This tested me in so many ways but like knowing that you were competing with someone who was probably in the same boat made it hard to give up.
      I love playing with other bloggers like that, haha

  10. Damn Dana! This looks insanely delicious! There is never a bad season to est sushi. If I had to vote for a winner I give you the crown boo (even though I have to give homeboy credit for not stealing shark food and using pork, which is wildly creative and interesting). Can you please make some more variants of sushi in the near future? Please? Thanks!

  11. Dana – I think you got this one – hands down!!! Your sushi is beautiful – his looks very good too – but yours is definitely ‘the shit’! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. I’m just sitting over here drooling and judging anyone who thinks there’s ever a time when sushi’s inappropriate…

  13. Ok I know I’m gonna lose but I want to fully challenge you I think this sounds so fun!!

    I think the challenge should be… I dunno, Vegan Comfort Food for those new year resolutions? I’m totally not vegan but every time I see a new documentary about one thing or another I decide I’m gonna try to do that one thing “more often” but never really commit to it.


    Danika Maia

  14. OHHHH em G. This is so impressive. The sheer amount and quality of the step by step photos and your ode to foodisthebestshitever who I am a HUGE fan of. Unbelievable. I’m always afraid i’ll poison myself with sushi. What a beautiful job you did here. That sashimi is such a great combo with the jalapenos and black sesame. I seriously need to eat at your place. xoxo

  15. I eat sushi all day, every day. Seriously. Went to sushi for both LUNCH and DINNER today… It’s December. Months of the year do not dictate the types of foods/cuisines I eat, that’s for sure. My stomach does! LOL!

    PS: I am licking my computer screen over that salmon sashimi

  16. Damnit, I wish saw this before my crash and burn experience with the sushi kit that was languishing in my cabinet. As a writer, even I don’t have words for how bad it turned out.

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