Start A Fire

I think I found my NYE outfit, people.

I’m not normally into jumpsuits but this Nasty Gal piece was on sale and turned out to be the absolute shit.

It hugs and fits the way it should without tailoring AND is long enough that if I decide to quit my high heels at any point in the night, no one would notice.

A goddamn team player if there ever was one.


The only thing tricky about it is the deep V neckline.
I tried to twerk in the mirror and a titty popped out.



So I’m on the hunt for an appropriate bralet to go underneath it but I just wore a bikini top for this shoot because it was Christmas morning and I had places to be.


Hope you and yours had a lovely Christmas as well. Dana_fashinaNew_years_eve_inspirationhttp://ivegotcake.comBackless_jumpsuitDana_fashinaBoston_fashion_bloggersNYE_outfit_inspiration


76 thoughts on “Start A Fire

  1. Yessss!!! You are my fashion inspiration!!! I love love love this look on you!! Hope you have a wonderful new years and this next year is even more amazing for you that the last!
    Can’t wait to start blogging again next year this is total inspo for me !!

  2. Twerking & a titty popped out. #StoryOfMyLife
    Hahahaha love the look! Like LOVE LOVE LOVE!! We probably had too Merry a Christmas (if such a thing is possible), but folks don’t need to know all the details of that. Also, the velvet blue pants from XMas dinner… Please bring em to a post sooooooooon! I need to see more of them!

    Luv ya biggest Fan!

  3. 🔥Hot damn girl! You are going to kill it on NYE! Sexy and fierce as hell! Just use some body tape to avoid any nip slips 🙂
    Hope you had a great Christmas! And all the best to you in 2016💫

    xo, jackie

  4. lol @tried to twerk and a titty popped out. had me in tears!!! I love how you wore it with a bikini bra as I have the same trouble. Can never seem to find any appropriate bras in a DD for plunging styles like this…sigh! You look amazing though. It’s been fun reading all your posts this year.
    happy new year boo x

  5. What an amazing jumpsuit!! Its just perfect for the New Years party! You look so sexy and stylish! The necklace is just the perfect touch for this outfit ♥ Wishing you the happiest new year my lovely Dana ♥ I’m very grateful I got to know you here and cant wait to meet you one day in person!

  6. Listen! This jumpsuit is exquisite! I have the same issue with jumpsuits in general, I love them but can never find one to fit me right so I just said f it and I’m making one lol. Happy New Year dear!

  7. HAAAAAAAAAAAAA! As I always say, “its not authentic twerking UNTIL a titty pops out”. But, to quote my greatest and most accomplished fashion mentor of all time (Ms. Edna Mode from The Incredibles), “luck favors the prepared”. And prepared you were! I always recommend trying on an ensemble for a customary “practice run”. You know, take the outfit out for a little test drive before the real deal. I must say, I’ve avoided many a wardrobe malfunctions as a result. The more you know indeed.

    You look fabulous by the way 🙂

    1. You know today is the first day I heard of this word (I won’t even begin to spell it but I know you know what I’m referring to) and now it’s all over the damn place.
      It always happens that way, doesn’t it?

      They need to find an athlecocktail-wear-ish-thing….

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