Side Effects

These a few, I guess you call them BTS pics.
They were taken a couple months ago when I tried to make Molten Chocolate Souffle and failed.
By failed I mean fucked it up three times.
I was later caught pacing around my apt, fuming and googling.


Like everyone, I don’t really care what I wear when I cook.
I’m either in shit that’s too raggedy to be seen out in public in or I just add to the shit that’s already on me.

This time around I was trying out this American Apparel swimsuit, trying to keep the bottom half from slipping into my ass crack because it was NOT a thong, when I got the brilliant idea to make souffle.

I figured I could do it.
Why not, right?


This is me in that and the jeans I put on over it before I started on the souffle.
That motherfucker.

Kept the swimsuit though.
behind_the_scenes_ive_got_cake Dana_fashina Dana_fashina_boston
Swimsuit from American Apparel (white sold out – other colors here), jeans by H&M (here).


Also, I’m starting to realize my blog sucks at revealing that I’m on Instagram because I’ve recently been getting a lot of comments from people either asking if I have IG or remarking with great surprise when they find me on it.

My bad.
I am on IG.

My thing is:@jusbstill

I think @IveGotCake was taken at the time I signed up, I know it is on Twitter, but then again I don’t fuck with Twitter – I’m far too lazy for all that.
See you on Instajizzle.

52 thoughts on “Side Effects

  1. That body though!! I didn’t notice it was a swimsuit at the beginning! Looks amazing!! I’m glad you shared these photos with us babe.
    Wishing you a wonderful day

    1. You see I have ZERO makeup on right?
      THAT’S brave, hahaha! Chocolate can wash out, under eye bags – no.

      And yes, mad , mad props to you for your travel posts!
      I never even attempt it but you are doing it like a goddamn pro!

  2. Can you just place a linky-do to instajizzle somewhere in your header? Glad to see its still not too cold for swimsuits, because I plan to rock tanktops all fuk’n year in defiance to this damn New England cold!

    Often times our failures are just hidden opportunities for success. Much luv Cuz²!

    1. I don’t fucking know…I’ll figure this shit out.
      Some of these themes are pretty limited although this is a premium theme so…

      Anywhooo de whoo, we need to have a dress up night. I’m getting bored of being in tight pants and crop tops.

  3. Looking good Dana! 🔥🔥🔥

    I follow you on Instagram, I always need my Dana fix! I’m not really using my personal insta any more. If you want to follow my blog I’m @laceandpearlsblog on Instagram.

    P.s. I would include social icons on your blog if you don’t already and social links at the end of every post. That’s what I do. Good luck!

  4. Ha! I cook in crap clothes too. But sometimes I have to pull out the frilly apron when I’m…ahem…nekkid. Can’t fry when you’re a la nude without getting tiny little oil burns everywhere. The Man doesn’t seem to mind though. And what were you thinking?!? A fucking souffle?!? You’ve got guts, woman. :: bow down ::

    1. Shit! You cook naked girl!?
      See now THAT is ballsy!

      Because I would spill something on a nipple and it’d be all over after that lol. A goddamn wrap.
      So kudos and props to you, great call on the apron, my hero you!

  5. As always you look super cool, ….even in the kitchen. Bummer about the souffle, but these things happen.
    If you only saw what I cook in, you would shocked. Put it this way….I pray no-one comes to my front door !!! and I avoid all mirrors !!!! xxx

    1. I still have my half-apron, you know the one that ties around the waist and goes the floor?
      Yeah – from my college days when I was bartending.
      As if I can’t get shit on me from the waist up. I’m a dreamer, you see..

      😀 😀

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