Hands Up

I took these pics the day after #blizzard2016 becauseΒ some of the sidewalks were still slushy and the grip on the bottoms of these shoes is fucking ridiculous. Ridiculous.


God, you know that’s how you can tell I’m a child of the 80s.
Because I’m running around in Timberlands and even though tims are from the 90s/early 2000s, I still got ’em.

We used to wear that shit out.
Fuck I miss the 90s..



dana_fashina_style boston_style_bloggers http://ivegotcake.com black_style_bloggers
Wearing all H&M and old ass Timberlands.
boston_fashonistas Dana_fashinahttp://ivegotcake.com


70 thoughts on “Hands Up

  1. I love when things are made well and you can wear them for many years to come. They don’t make things like that anymore. Girl keep rocking those boots they look good on you.

  2. Yes indeed, children of the 90’s, when everyone in Boston wore Timberlands or Doc Martens. Built to last. I still like the Timberland store at the outlet mall out here in Chicago, though I don’t get there often enough. Nice jeans, too.

      1. Back in the 90’s, oh who even knows. I was a teenage boy back then, so I would get one pair and then completely wear it out until I had to get another 9 months later. Today there’s a Timberland outlet near me, so that can be a treat.

  3. I always look forward to your posts! I feel like I know you in person, like the way you express yourself in the post is entertaining! Idk what I’m saying .

  4. The fit of those jeans are pure perfection! I am a 90s Biatch for life, in fact I went out last night and went crazy when they played Kris Kross will make ya JUMP JUMP!! I see Tms on girls and think of SWV, Brownstone, Jade….you know the rest I’m sure! ( :

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