Poached Salmon with Cilantro Cream Sauce

I woke up this morning ba-do-doo-doo-dooop –


Nah, I woke up this morning and I had the dumbest song stuck in my head and I’d love nothing more than to sing it to you so that it can be stuck in your head too.


That’s such a vengeful thing to do, isn’t it?
I’m going down so I’m taking you with me, that’s such a piece of shit thing to do, right?


Well this song is stuck in my head and I’m sorry to say it’s going to be stuck in your head too.

And now I have given you a good…probably a good 18 seconds… to get out of this and that’s plenty of time but you choose not to.
YOU chose to keep reading, just remember that.


“Girl you’re worth iiiiit…..*finger snap*………
The way you work iiiiit….*finger snap*……..
And you deserve iiiiiit…..*finger snap*……..

Girl you earrrrrrned……ER EAAARNED IT!!!


That song Earned It by The Weeknd, from 50 Shades of Gray which I did NOT watch by the way.


I did not watch it and I have no fucking intention of ever watching that movie but that fucking song is stuck in my head.

Is that even how they spell his name, The Weeknd with no ‘e’ after the ‘k’?

I don’t know I don’t know…all I know is I woke up with that fucking song stuck in my head and nothing I do will shake it off.
It’s like a goddamn curse.


It’s like…remember those guys in Star Trek, the old school one where they stuck the worms in the two guys ears, remember that?

They were never the same.

That’s what having this fucking song stuck in my head feels like.



But now that you’re suffering right along with me, let’s try and plow ahead here.


Oh by the way, I’ve been meaning to tell you I saw The Hateful Eight, did you get to see that yet??

I can’t remember if I already talked about it but I saw it in 70mm at the Somerville Theater a couple weeks ago and it was everythinggggggg.

We actually had an intermission, where like the curtains close and the lights come on, you go freshen up and get another cocktail – we like had a full intermission.


It had a full overture in the beginning, it wasn’t crowded up by coming attractions and movie trailers, none of that fucking bullshit.
Because let’s be real here…who the fuck is gonna shoot that shit in 70mm?


It was such an experience, from start to finish Tarantino was like I don’t give a fuck.

He was like this is the movie I am going to make, the movie is this long, it’s going to be bloody as a motherfucker and you can either settle the fuck in or leave –

That movie is the shit.

















Poached Salmon with Cilantro Cream Sauce


What I Used

2 Salmon Fillets. 4 cups Cilantro (stems removed). 1 cup Clam Juice. 1 cup Coconut Cream. Salt. Pepper. Half a Lime.

What I Did

Let me just say that poaching the salmon likes this gives it such an incredibly rich, buttery texture.
I swear to god, just re-reading this post has my mouth watering all over again.


Begin by tearing the cilantro leaves apart from their stems and place in a blender or large bowl.
Add in the coconut milk, lime juice and clam juice and using an immersion blender or regular blender, puree until smooth.
http://ivegotcake.com http://ivegotcake.comhttp://ivegotcake.com

Adjust seasoning with salt and pepper then pour the mixture through a fine mesh sieve, straining the ground herb apart from the liquid.
how_to_make_cilantro_cream_sauce http://ivegotcake.com
Empty the sieve in the trash, preserving the sauce left in the bowl.
Set aside.


Rinse & pat-dry the salmon and season with salt & pepper.
Place in a large pot and fill the pot with just enough water to almost cover the salmon and place on the stove under med-high heat.
Bring to a boil and then lower heat to a simmer.

Simmer for 3 mins or until the top of the salmon, the part uncovered with water, is barely pink.


Re-heat the cilantro sauce.
Serve the salmon on top of rice or with a rich salad, spooning the cilantro sauce on top and around it.

And now I chose to keep the skin on but I mean, skin on skin off, this shit is amazing.
ive_got_cake_recipes healthy_salmon_recipessalmon_and_herbs_recipe
Another win for healthy eating because #ThisWeekendTho….


72 thoughts on “Poached Salmon with Cilantro Cream Sauce

  1. The ear worm things from the Wrath of Khan, noooooo! That part is so icky! Sorry that’s how that song made you feel lol. On the other hand, this dish looks great–looks decadent but you know it’s healthy. So, win-win!

  2. I’ve got more than a machine in my head and it’s SUCKS! I liked that song. Now, not so much.
    That salmon looks amazing, I love cilantro and coconut so I know I would love this dish. Nicely done my friend.

  3. Mmm that looks really good. I’m jealous of your Hateful Eight experience, I NEVER go to the cinema any more because what a God damn rip-off, I haven’t been for two or three years, but I decided this film was worthy and went to the little independent cinema that screens all the foreign language films in the hopes that they’d do the intermission etc, but nope, trailers and those stupid adverts that are split into several repetitive parts so you’re like “didn’t we JUST see this one?!” Gah. I still loved the film though, and I feel better after that little rant 😉

    1. Hahaha, there you go!
      It’s good to get a little rant off your chest every now and again, haha!
      You are right though – it is a damn rip off so I only go see the ‘really good’ ones.
      This was one of them and boy oh boy!

      1. By the way I was just looking at this again because bf is going to make it for me (yessssss (yeah I’m well kept, but he likes cooking and I do the dishes and laundry so it’s fair 😉 )) and I was looking at the instructions thinking “this is going to be one fishy mofo with no lime juice” and then I noticed there is lime juice in the method but not in the instructions. So heads up 🙂

  4. Great now that song is playing in my head. Ugh, they play The Weeknd out here all the time because he’s Canadian, so needless to say they overkill it 😦
    This salmon looks super delicious! I love anything with cilantro 🙂

    xo, jackie

  5. This salmon looks delish. Well done.
    I can’t think of the song Earned It by the Weeknd. I know I’ve heard it before, I will have to look it up.
    I didn’t see Hateful Eight, but my husband did. He is a big Tarantino fan.

  6. Looks gorgeous and I love me some cilantro… not to mention salmon. Well done m’lady!

    Haven’t seen the movie yet, really want to though. Summer is prolly when it’ll happen, school has me tied up. Whew!

  7. “That song Earned It by The Weeknd, from 50 Shades of Gray which I did NOT watch by the way”
    Hahahaha Dana, hear hear!.

    Now I’m off to buy some salmon because that looks so damn good and I happen to have a weakness for cilantro (or as we call it, coriander).

  8. I’ve never come across clam juice before but the sauce looks lovely. Somehow I never think to poach fish but it looks amazing! I’ll be poaching some soon.

    1. I know right?
      I never think to poach fish either but man oh man, I’m all about it now.
      As for clam juice, if you can’t find it bottled already just go get the real deal and make your own.
      Go buy some fresh clams, dry steam them so the release their own juice and bottle that shit up.

      Clam juice = underrated

  9. Urgh! Here I am craving some tasty salmon and then I stumble on this!
    Why are you doing this to me woman!
    I’ll arrive shortly for me portion….thanks!

    P.S. I agree with the comment above – quite the potty mouthed comedienne aren’t you? lol.. oh so entertaining with awesome clothes, an even better palette and a backside that just won’t quit! Is that even fair?! LIFE!

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