I’m on glasses duty for the next couple days because I have a few tears in my left cornea.
Freaky, right?

Trust me, I know.


I have no idea how the fuck it happened or why it’s only my left cornea not my right… no fucking idea.

When I asked my ophthalmologist if I was going to go blind (you know how your mind immediately maps to the worst scenario), he just patted my cheek and equated it to falling off a bike and bruising your knee.

He really did pat my cheek.


Basically my eyes need some TLC and since I can’t wrap them up in a band-aid like a bruised knee, I have to squirt these prescriptive drops in my eyes every 4 hours for a week and only wear glasses.

I hate wearing my glasses.

It always feels like there’s some kind of deformity on my face so halfway through this shoot I just took the fucking things off.


But this dress.
Nice right?
How_to_style_a_deep_v_dressboston_fashion_bloggers dana_fashina dana_ive_got_cake
Wearing an Asos dress (this – but out of stock), F21 Choker (old) and ECCO Intrinsic shoes.

92 thoughts on “Whiplash

  1. Ravishing – as always, but I’m going to need you to get start insulting glasses, immediately. My nearsightedness has stricken me with glasses and thusly I have 8 or is it 9 pair?

    But – anyway if I can’t see I figure I’d better be stylish and coordinate it with my ties while I’m at it.

    In short – glasses are your friend. Love them, hug them, kiss them!

    1. *throws MAJOR tantrum after reading this*
      I don’t wanna like themmmm!!

      They get dirty so easily, when it rains I have to clean them every 2 freaking seconds, they don’t change colors when the sun comes out so there goes my ability to wear sunglasses…. glasses stink!

      1. I’m doing that now.
        Somewhere in all this hoopla, I get new glasses and a new contact prescription.
        I really just wanna get lasik but I need my prescription to stabilize before that can happen.

        Woe is me, first world problems, I know.

  2. Hope you feel better soon! Eye stuff always sucks. In the meantime you just gotta rock that librarian chic. Do you happen to have any unused tweed ensembles lying around? I’m sure you’d make it work 😉

  3. Hope your eyes get better. But you still look great with glasses. Sorry you have such a condescending ophthalmologist, though. I hate it when people pat my head and my cheek for no reason.

  4. Girl, better take care of those pretty eyeballs of yours. You’ve only got two and ya kind of need them! I hate wearing glasses too! I usually am content being in my on little 5-foot radius world until I go outside… I love the dress and that is my favorite color to wear. There is nothing wrong with you in glasses. Kinda hot! ❤

  5. I feel naked without my glasses, but I think I may get some contacts to switch it up on ’em…

    This dress is HOT! And, so are the glasses. Maybe we can convert you over to the other side.

  6. My left eye is always teary too.. I do wear glasses too but I’ve never thought of the teary eye as an issue..I figured it was normal. LOL

    Your dress is stunning girl and you always slay in the most basic outfits..less is really more ❤❤💋💋

    1. Thank you so much! Less is all I know lol

      The teary-ness what pretty much the only symptom I had.
      That and occasionally feeling that something was in my eye. Not saying that’s the case for you but it can’t hurt for you to check yours out, you know?

  7. I must say I did a double take when I saw your first post, I was like erm,’Dana, could that be you?!’, then I was going to write- Heey welcome to my world!!’ as I wear glasses too, but then I see that glasses are not your capatcha(cup of tea)….but heeeey, calling my babies deformities, not cooool!!! So lets focus on the dress, looove that royal blue colour, this looks like a fab dress to put on for your man on V day. I mean you would be really giving his eye balls something to play with- boob action, thigh thrills… (((((( :

  8. That’s awful, I’m so sorry. I’ve a many scratches on my cornea but never a rear. Is it painful? Tears are excruciating.
    The dress is gorgeous and you really look glamourous in it.

    1. Thanks Eva! I’m diggin this dress too 😀

      No pain, it just felt like something was in my eye every now and then. Like a thin hair.
      But these drops are doing the damn thing so at long as they keep working, I’ll keep shoving these glasses behind my ear 😀

  9. I was laughing reading this but only because I completely understand your absolute hatred of wearing your glasses. I hate mine, too! They never EVER stay where they are put, and 20 minutes into wearing them I start thinking of how I could just make it through my day half blind…I just need to be able to differentiate colour, not shapes, for driving, right?

    For real though, that SUCKS! Hope your eye heals soon!

    1. Ughhhh, thank YOU for getting me on this.
      Not to mention having to wipe them down every 7 fucking mins because it’s inevitable something will get on them or you’ll accidentally cause a smear because you’re trying to straighten them, uggghhhh!!

  10. I hope you feel better soon babe! That sound both freaky and scary.
    But you’re killing it in that dress, and those slits 🔥🔥are fierce.

    xo, jackie

  11. Dude – sorry about your eyeball! That sucks. My mother has just developed cataracts. Her opthamologist said that there would be a whole lot less cataracts in the world if people wore better quality sunglasses more frequently. Needless to say, I marched my ass to Dior and splurged.

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