Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey Wings

This lady cut me off while I was driving today, as in almost caused me to have an accident and just the fucking thoughts that were running through my head.

Every one I had ended with me in jail.

I was thinking of pulling up next to her if I had a paint gun.


Her sticking her face out the window to give me the finger, like they all do, right?
And just fucking blasting her in the face, right in the middle of her forehead and watching the botox shoot out on either side of her face.

But then the light turned green, she took a right and I kept going straight and never thought about her again, until right now.


Oh jesus, I probably just got put on some sort of a watch list so with that….



I had a craving for some wings last week and since I had some Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey laying around (Thursday night turn up), figured I would deplete the rest of it on these wings.

Sort of an alcoholic rendition of sweet & spicy wings.













Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey Wings


What I Used

3lbs Chicken Wings (or 12 wings). 1 tbsp Minced Garlic. 1 tbsp Ginger Paste. ¾ cup Soy Sauce. ½ cup Sriracha Sauce. ¾ cup Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey. 2 tbsp. Sesame Seeds.

What I Did

Season the wings with salt & pepper and set aside for at least an hour.


Pre-heat the oven to 395F.
Line a baking tray with tin foil and spay it down with cooking oil.
Arrange the chicken wings in a single layer on the baking tray and bake for 35 mins.
The cooking time may vary by oven so start checking shit around the 30 min mark.


Meanwhile, in a small pot, mix together the ginger paste, minced garlic, sriracha sauce, soy sauce and Jack Daniels.
If you want more of a ‘sticky’ feel to your wings – bring to a boil and reduce heat until the sauce slightly thickens.
I don’t really like my wings that sticky so I skipped thickening the sauce.

Adjust seasoning if needed.
Remove from heat.


When the wings are ready, remove them from a baking tray and place them in a large bowl.
Pour the Jack Daniels sauce over the wings.
Toss the wings in the sauce, thoroughly coating both sides.
Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey Wings

Sprinkle sesame seeds on top and serve immediately.


Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey WingsJack Daniels Honey Whiskey WingsJack_daniels_wing_recipeswhiskey_wings
And the crazy thing is I’m not even really like Jack Daniels like that.
Cooking with it on the other hand…
party_wing_recipeseasy_spicy_wings_recipessummer_bq_wing_recipesThese aren’t the sticky type yet they are soooooo good.
Editing these pictures made me hungry all over again.

72 thoughts on “Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey Wings

  1. Sending this recipe to my hubs for him to make himself. Sowwy you got cut off – I feel like you’d do really well as a character in Grand Theft Auto. Can we contact the creators & make this happen?? LOL

      1. You’re welcome! I bet! They look like they were 😏

        I’m doing good, finally feeling better. I was sick as fuck last week and I’m slowly beginning to feel better. How’s everything with you? Loving your new job still (I hope)?

      2. I don’t know what the hell I had but I’m glad it’s somewhat gone. Lmao, that’s always interesting! I’m glad you still love it though 🙂

      3. Yeah it’s not a problem though. As long as I get to do what I do, nothing’s that big of a deal.

        I’m real glad you feel better though, being down like that for that long is scary shit bruh

      4. Build surgical robots.
        There’s a lot more to it but that’s it in a nutshell.
        And yeah, glad you overcame that BS too! I haven’t been sick in a while *crosses fingers and toes

  2. Girl I hate when people cut me off or speed in front of me to go one car ahead I’m like really did that 5 feet really make a difference and no they are slamming on the breaks because the person in front of them can’t drive. Haha I have the same thoughts or I like to pretend I have magic powers and levitate the car just enough to freak them out no harm intended 🙂

      1. Oh man, I used to live in Boston but did NOT drive there. It was all about the T. I’m getting a panic attack just thinking about driving there! My weekend was great, thanks, I hope yours was too! xo

  3. These look amazing! Love wings. I hate it when people cut me off whilst driving , the red mist descends and I have had similar thoughts to what you and I often use the horn, flash lights and show my unhappiness at someone else’s dangerous driving. Common sense some how kicks in, and I become scarily calm, then I go home and rant at my hubbie!

  4. Congratulations, I know kind of want to get a bottle of this whiskey just to make these wings, even though I don’t like Jack Daniel’s all that much. These look SO FREAKING GOOD! I’m also digging the dark photography–is this a new aesthetic turn or just a nod to the dark and blue wintertime aesthetic?

    1. It’s the latter because I inherently like light, bright pictures but thank you for noticing. Very astute of you!
      And if you end up with it, just make sure you have someone around to help you through the rest of the bottle. It’s painfully sweet.

  5. Haha Dana in jail coz of road rage! I’ve never had alcohol flavoured chicken before, but I love that poultry so much, I’m willing to try anything….ps I konw JD Whiskey but aint never heard of JD Honey Whiskey before, tsigh, I’m so country…. ( :

  6. Thank goodness you’re ok! I can’t have you going to jail because then who would make me laugh while serving up some delicious eats! lol So the next time this happens let me know and I’ll take care of them with super human powers! 😈

    xo, Jackie

  7. There’s something about your creations and photography that makes me want to climb right into the screen and devour everything like no one’s watching.
    This both unnerves and excites me.
    I hate you.
    Ok, I don’t hate you but yeah….this power you have… ensure to use it only for good.
    Pretty please.

    P.S. Don’t even get me started on rubbish drivers who have little regard for the personal safety of others! I’d rather not end up on that watch list with you! lol

      1. Sooo….easy to please!
        This is both good and bad in equal measure.
        As for your camera skills – teach me!!
        My food always looks like a dogs dinner when I attempt to take pictures. Having said that, taking pictures on my phone in poor lighting may well be the reason for the terrible images.

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