Bananas & Peanut Buttah

I got lazy over the weekend and didn’t cook shit even though I promised that if the sun came out I would.
*Kanye shrug*
Sometimes you just wanna be a bum, whatever right?

So I decided to bum around with my friend, flipping channels and whatnot, until this random documentary with Meryl Streep comes on.


Me and my friend, Keyana, we’re having a good time, everything’s going great, we’re just chilling and bullshitting, what could go wrong?

If you can imagine like, the beginning of a horror movie where they show the perfect family…


Everybody’s happy, people are wearing white linen, smiling at each other, the whole deal, right?

Then all of a sudden they pan the camera to the bushes, POV of like Mike Myers.
That is basically what happened.


So we’re watching this old documentary of Meryl Streep because it was randomnly on so why not, right?
And she’s being interviewed by the typical old white dude who you know smells like an old person.
You just know it.

Some old people don’t smell like old people but he looks like he smells like an old person, you know?
Smells of like cigars and ashtrays, bengay … couple world wars, maybe a date rape.


So he’s interviewing Meryl Streep, the great Meryl Streep, and they’re reviewing all her past roles, going through the whole thing, and the old guy there, who smells of prescription meds, goes, “You know whenever they talk about the roles you play, they always say you play independant minded women, very strong women.”

And she’s like, “I know! That’s what they say…I mean, when a guy takes a role, they never say to him you play a strong willed character, yada yada yada – ”

And I nodded, she had a point there.


Then they showed her giving a speech to a group of women, young women, after she played Margaret Thatcher and she’s trying to inspire them.

So she takes a quote from her character and goes, “You know if you want a bunch of people to stand around and talk about doing something, you gotta talk to men. But if you want it to actually get done, you gotta get a woman.”

And all the chicks go, woooooooooo!!
Flipping out, right?

I start laughing and I’m like, yaaaay, reverse sexism.

And my friend pressed pause and looked at me like, what do you mean?



Like my whole fucking theory is that everyone is a piece of shit, you just don’t always have the power to act out what the fuck you want to do.

Because that right there, if you flipped that around…as a guy…

If you’re running for president, it’s fucking OVER.


You can’t like just be like,

“….and I’l tell you whuuut, after I get you jobs and after I fix this economy….ok…because I’m the man to do it and I’ll tell you right now… if you’re looking for someone to stand around and talk about doing somethin’, you get a woman, you wanna get it done – you gotta get a man.

Here are my nuts, right here on the podium. Vote for me Novemeber 4th.”


You did that, your presidential campaign is over.
She does that and it’s fucking adorable.


And it’s just as fucking ignorant.

Am I nuts?


So whatever, so I made that little comment and she got pissed at me.
Like maddd.

But am I really an asshole for saying that?

I was making a point and she made a big deal about it but it felt good playing devils advocate for a little but all I’m really looking for is someone to agree with me.


Here’s a quick snack I make sometimes when I need something filling that’s not food food.
It’s healthy and shit too.

And yes I’m going back to bright backgrounds.
I was just testing the waters.












Banana, Honey & Peanut Butter


What I Used

1 Banana. 1 tbsp Honey (sub maple syrup). 1 tbsp Peanut Butter. 1 tbsp Coconut Oil.

What I Did

Slice the nanas in 1/2 in pieces.
The bananas, not your grandma.

Heat 1 tbsp coconut oil in a skillet and gently saute both sides of the banana slices until golden brown.
Remove from heat and place on a paper towel to drain any excess oil.

Serve by drizzling honey or syrup on top with a spoon of peanut butter on the side.


This is strangely addictive.

62 thoughts on “Bananas & Peanut Buttah

  1. Oh how I’ve missed your random and oh so comical story-telling!!
    I love that yours is the first blog I came to now that I’ve stopped being MIA!
    Those bananas look yummy too 🙂 making me peckish as hell…

  2. God bless it I am right there with you. CANNOT stand all of the hypocritical reverse sexism in our society. I could literally write 8 blog posts about it, but I think I’d lose every follower except you. 😉 Like Madeleine Albright telling a crowd that there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t support each other, aka women who don’t vote for H are burning for eternity… UMM BUH BYE.

    ANYWAYS love this lil snack & you – MWAH!

  3. This looks so good! I love the dark background it really gives this snack some attitude in the pictures. UGH don’t get me started on this reverse sexism it’s too much sometimes and many people don’t see it or want to acknowledge it. Oh well the world keeps going!

  4. Hey there – just reading a book you might like, regarding your reverse sexism comments – it’s called “Men Explain Things to me” by Rebecca Solnit. Small book, but powerful. Enjoy and thanks for making me hungry every time I read your stuff.

  5. I think you made a really good point! We focus on gender inequality, racism, sexism and while focusing on one side we fail to look at the issue as a whole which is what you did *bows down. These look amazing I’m making these tonight. I love your camera and background! 1. How did you take these shots what camera/lense do you use 2. Please start a YouTube Channel. 🙂

  6. Playing devil’s advocate is probably one of my favorite things to do, and it leads to me getting into debates (more like arguments) almost daily. I find it hilarious when you poke logical holes in someone’s reasoning to the point where they get angry. I guess that’s the cost of being an open-minded person that doesn’t tolerate ignorance.

  7. I agree in principle, but lets not forget that for every such “reverse sexism” we still have 99 real hard core sexist comments made by men about women. I think we can give Streep a slack and see it as a reversed anger issue, rather than feel so sorry for the oppressed men…;)

    Lovely snack and photos! 🙂

  8. Ugh, do’t even get me started on reverse sexism. I find these conversations never end well, especially when you can poke holes in someone’s theory. I mean, we all don’t always have to agree on things but why can’t we talk about like mature adults?!!
    I feel like this recipe was meant for us peanut butter lovers! Seriously! I mean is there anything better than peanut butter and bananas?! I can never get enough of pb!
    By the way I like the black background, it’s sexy…In a food kinda way!lol

    xo, jackie

  9. You had me LOL at ‘maybe a date rape’. You never fail us, but onto your point – I totally get it. The fact is there is such a fine line there and I have yet to hear someone tread it correctly. It’s honestly just hard to do 100% IMO. PS I laughed out loud again at ‘not your grandma’ 😆

  10. I get it, I totally agree with you. In fact I have this conversation with people more than I should. Good for standing your ground

    (p.s this may be my favourite foodie post of yours. I could eat this for every meal for the rest of time)

  11. You Ms. Dana, are the coolest creature overseas (or at least west of Paris, which is where I’m writing you from) …
    I’m a blogger too (very recent, less than 1 year ago) and I’m going to make your “dope” & quick & simple recipe (i’ll modify it a bit, cuz that’s how I am) and i’d like to blog it, just so I can mention/credit U and what U do (with a direct link to your site “bien sûr”, that’s french for “of course”) ! Enjoy your day 🙂

    g-tsak (who wishes he was as witty as U are)

      1. Hahaha!! I’m tickled pink that you found me, I really am!
        Your blog is dope on so many levels and the photography is *hold up hands so that the fingers on each hand meet, then shakes hands* perfection!

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