You’re No Rose

I think I’ve officially overcome my fear of wearing white.
I literally want to wear all the time so of course I don’t have enough of it in my closet.

I’m probably just catching a heavy case of spring fever.


This coat is the yin to the brown coats yang.
I think I bought both of them from the same thrift store actually.

Probably at the same time.
long_coat_styles how_to_style_a_long_wool_coat Dana_fashina_style
Wearing ASOS bodycon dress, Zara shoes (these) and thrifted coat.

64 thoughts on “You’re No Rose

      1. Absolutely! I was trying to get some very early this morning too lol didn’t quite work out though…

  1. Well aren’t you the pic of Effortless EleganzA! Lay it on me Biatch! I love white but it doesnt love me so there we are…great timeless dress and I love that jacket, I get all my miaxi jackets from a vintage store in Berlin for peanuts and snigger when I see maxi coat price tags in stores, suckers! Erm….have a gd wkend hon! ( :

  2. This is a good transitional white dress–it’s not too summery and it looks fantastic with that coat. I’m with you on the spring fever–I’m so mad that the best weather we’re having this week will NOT be on the weekend! I’m tired of schlepping around the harbor in anything but sandals!

    1. Why thank you girlfriend 😀
      And I hear you.
      Winter is probably going to give us one last, final screw before it leaves us and I get the feeling it’s gonna be a hard one.
      No lube, nothing.

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